Thursday, January 12, 2006

Baby’s Day Out

Yesterday, Ayaan met another baby. Baby Veer is two and half months older and while Ayaan and Veer have met before, this was the first time they showed any degree of interest in each other.

They first met in the park while being carried around by their moms. At this point, they couldn’t have cared less about each other – mom and garden being far more interesting.

Later, we went up to Veer’s room and opened up Veer’s toy bag. Then they both spent some time banging the toys around on the floor and throwing them around, some of these hurled dangerously close to each other. At this point, Veer suddenly really noticed Ayaan for the first time and wanted to play but being bigger and stronger letting them at each other seemed like a bad idea. So then mom-controlled discovery of each other happened with some general swatting and touching. They then discovered a whole bunch of old newspapers and proceeded to make them unworthy of being read.

Overall, I think Veer was a bit disappointed in Ayaan’s overall developmental levels. He clearly wanted him to stand up next to him and insisted on grabbing Ayaan’s overalls and trying to hoist him up.

But clearly, they are both not yet ready to play with each other. I wonder when kids reach the age when they can play with each other safely and productively. And when that heaven of an age will arrive when they can actually be left alone in a room to entertain each other, while the mothers sit in the other room and sip margaritas!!!

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  1. Going through your archives--this comment on "Baby's Day Out"--

    I don't know when that age is, but it's sometime after 3! (Or even 4, as my 3-year-old plays with a lot of slightly older kids.)