Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Caught on Camera

Yesterday we took Ayaan for his first passport photograph. I didn’t realise how seriously they take this at the photo shop.

First of all, the man looked at me very disapprovingly and asked me to comb Ayaan’s hair. After that, getting Ayaan into position was a major challenge. I had to make him stand but far enough from me so that none of my body parts came into the frame yet close enough to be able to support him. My hands needed to support him but could not be seen. We finally solved this by me putting my hands underneath his T-shirt!

That’s not all. The next challenge was getting Ayaan to look in the right direction (he had chosen this moment to develop an ardent interest in the floor mosaic. So Jai was called upon to stand behind the photographer with a big, colourful rattle (readily available with the photographer I might add) and try and get Ayaan to look at it. He was admonished a couple of times by the photographer before he managed to hold it just at the right spot.

So all set but couldn’t have been this easy. So, Ayaan suddenly got an overriding urge to stuff all his fingers into his mouth. And to remove them, I had to get my hands out from under his T-shirt. So much for our carefully choreographed position that had to be recreated from scratch!

Finally, back to the correct position, rattle in position and cheese!! The flash went off and really pissed off Ayaan who started bawling like something had smacked him in the face. Thankfully the photographer was satisfied with the results so we just paid and got out of there!!

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