Monday, January 23, 2006

Crawling Frenzy

Ayaan is completely consumed with moving and standing. It’s as if he has to keep practising or he fears the ability might desert him. It is now a real task to get him to do anything that requires him to stay in one place for more than 30 seconds.

Nappy change times have become an exercise in frustration. This is one activity that is only possible to perform when Ayaan is flat on his back – which as far as he is concerned is a position for losers. So one has to struggle to make him get into and stay in that position. If you are lucky, you may be able to interest him in some object (a toy, the fan, the baby wipes packet….) for long enough to keep him down. But this is rare as the only things that are really interesting these days are objects that can be used as a crutch to stand up. So most of the time, two people are needed to change him. One to hold him down (while he protests rather loudly and violently) while the other quickly does the deed.

Even feeding times have become quite a task. So far, we were feeding him in his bouncie chair. But Ayaan has now learnt how to twist himself around and climb out of the chair. So after every few bites, that’s what he must do. Then he crawls around, does a few pull-ups on the nearby chair and then comes back for more. But here is one area that I absolutely refuse to give in. So when he comes back for more, he is told, “only in the chair” and popped back into the bouncie. But not for long, 5-6 bites and he is off again. The chair comes with a belt but being tied down to the chair is a sure recipe for an extended crying fit. And I read somewhere that a battle over food is pretty one-sided. The kid will always win as he controls whether he will open his mouth and swallow or clamp his jaws shut or even worse spew forth whatever food is put into his mouth. So a lot of time and patience goes into putting him back into the chair repeatedly and feeding him. But I think he is starting to get the message on this one as he is now finishing atleast half his meal before he makes his first foray out of the chair. If only I could similarly solve the diaper problem.

At all other times, he needs 100% supervision and following around so when I am home I have all but abandoned furniture for sitting on the ground and crawling around with Ayaan. This is imperative as he attracted to all sorts of unhygienic things like dustbins and shoes. Also, he tends to pull himself on the flimsiest of things so one has to be hovering around to ensure that he doesn’t fall.

But it sure is fun to see him developing and doing new things almost every day. And following him around on the floor definitely beats carrying him around.

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