Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Forbidden Fruit

Ayaan seems to have a real affinity for all things unhygienic and dangerous. You may ask how he knows these things fall into either or both of those of categories. The answer is pretty simple really. These are things that cause the word ‘No’ to come out of Mama’s mouth. And in Ayaan’s limited vocabulary the word ‘No’ translates to ‘must do more of’. And since Mama never says no when he touches any of his toys, scores of expensive toys lie ignore and untouched most of the time. Instead, it’s much more fun to play with some of these:

  1. Shoes and slippers
    Heaven forbid that any footwear is left casually lying around the house. The moment Ayaan spies these delightful objects, he lets out a great squeal and makes a beeline for them. It must be something to do with the exotic smells and flavours that emanate from them.
  2. Dustbins
    All dustbins are approached numerous times every day. And if not caught in time, Ayaan proceeds to empty them out and examine all the wonderful contents, trying to decide which is the best candidate to put into his mouth.
  3. Alarm clock
    This has been one of his enduring passions. He has loved the alarm clock for over 4 months now. Preferred mode of playing with this marvel of technology is to bang it on the floor…hard!
  4. The light switch
    We have (or I should say had) a light switch hanging over our bed. Ayaan showed such a great desire to maul the poor object that we had to stick it up much higher on the wall – where it is not only out of his reach but ours as well!
  5. Drawers
    This game involves pulling out drawers and emptying their contents. Not really dangerous when you think about it but pretty irritating for the person who has to put everything back…


  1. Hi Rohini,

    Thanks for checking out BooBoo and Ginga. You have a great blog too. I'll link it.


    शुक्रिया रोहिणी, मैं आपके चिट्ठे को लिंक कर रहा हूँ।


  2. Actually I remember the same issues with my baby sister who is 16 years younger than me :) It was probably fun for her to withstand 4 people telling her what to do.


  3. These are traits and behaviours which have come straight from the genes of his father!!!! If we are to go by these signs...then get ready to listen to some HEAVY METAL by the time he gets to college! And high pitched screams if he is asked to do the dishes!! :))

  4. Frog, Ayaan sounds more like Beanz and Buddy than like either you or Jai - what with loving shoes and rooting about in the dustbin !

  5. Hey Ro! Lovely following Tum Tum's progress!!Can imagine him like an energetic little insect making a beeline for the dustbin, the drawers and the slippers!!
    Quack! Quack!