Friday, January 13, 2006

Retail Therapy

Finally, my genes seem to be kicking in with Ayaan. The kid loves shopping. Taking him to a shop can dispel even the crankiest of moods. It’s like magic - a really upset child gets transformed into a contented and fascinated one.

Yesterday, we took him to Shopper’s Stop. The minute we walked in, the crying stopped. First we went to the leather section and Ayaan wanted to get down on the floor and play with the shoes. We distracted him from this by taking him to a huge mirror nearby. That kept him entertained for 10 minutes while Daddy tried on belts. He talked to his image, smiled at mine and looked open-jawed at the store as depicted in the looking glass.

Next was a visit to the book section. While Daddy browsed, Ayaan tried to destroy by pulling books off the shelf and flinging them on the floor. An embarrassed Mama then hurried out of there and walked around the rest of the floor. The highlight here was the lingerie section. Something about the bras just totally fascinated Ayaan. Maybe he associated them with milk or maybe he’s already thinking ahead to the future!

The next visit was to the kiddie section and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually have a play area for kids with building blocks and the like. The things one never knew existed before having a kid! So Ayaan and I spend a happy 15 minutes there watching some older kids building with Lego. Ayaan stood holding the table and tried to get a piece of the action but the older boys were not having any of this and took back the Lego blocks with a stern ‘No’. This didn’t seem to bother Ayaan, who kept cheering on their efforts by banging his hands on the table.

So the drive through evening traffic was well worth the effect. An hour passed peaceably and pleasantly. And maybe I can look forward to finally having a willing shopping companion!

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