Monday, January 09, 2006

A Time of Many Firsts

This is the first time for me as a mom. It is also the first time that I have written a blog so forgive if it rambles a bit.

The mom experience has been completely overwhelming and has taken over my life in ways I never thought possible. My son is an extremely demanding child. For the first 5 months, he wanted to be carried ALL the time. He rejected the sling and would complain lustily even if I sat down while carrying him. So it meant hours and days of walking and carrying - my knees and back almost didn't survive it.

Thankfully he has started crawling now and does not want to be carried so much but that has not brought any respite. Since he refuses to be confined to a playpen, he has to be followed around all day. Last week, my attention wandered for a minute and he managed to reach a pail of water and empty it onto himself!!! Add this to the fact that he thinks that napping is a bad thing; it means a very long and tiring day.

But it is also getting to be so much fun now. He babbles, coos and smiles a lot. I look forward to the moment when I go home everyday and see his face light up when he sees me. It’s so nice to be loved like that – because of yourself, inspite of yourself. It is so amazing to know that you are the very centre of someone else’s existence.

That’s when I think. I should really appreciate this clingy, needy phase of his. Because a few years down the line, Mama will be someone he will be embarrassed to introduce to his friends!!

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  1. It’s so nice to be loved like that – because of yourself, inspite of yourself.

    Loved it :)