Monday, February 20, 2006

Ayaan is Nine Months Old!

Ayaan turns nine months old today.

Jai and I were just talking about this the other day and it’s amazing how differently we felt about the time gone by. For me, it seems as if he was a small baby only yesterday and I wonder where all the time has gone – it seems more like six months than nine. For Jai, it’s the other way around – he was saying that to him it seems as if it has been atleast a year or even longer. I wonder why that is…


  1. To me it feels he was just born. This maybe because I do not see him so often. As for Jai, I think he has started enjoying Ayyan after he was older and so looks on him as a older baby. He was less involved with Ayaan in the earlier months.

  2. Here's a line that I paraphrased from one of my favourite tv shows:

    how do you measure time spent with ones you love? What would make sense? milliseconds, aeons? I personally think I've been with Steve since the middle ages. How long is the rest of my life?