Friday, February 24, 2006

The Ghost Maid

It seems there is an invisible presence of the supernatural kind living in my house these days. I call her my ghost maid. She is the person who does all the damage that the other maids refuse to take the blame for.

Having three maids is turning out to be quite a challenge - it is almost impossible to hold them accountable for anything as they simply pass the buck in a never-ending game of ‘Passing The Parcel’ .

Just today, I found some of Ayaan’s clothes soaked in a bucket that is actually only meant for soaking dirty nappies. On questioning, all three queens denied having anything to do with it. So there was not much I could do other than make a snide comment about how Ayaan seems to be developing so fast that he walks over to the bucket, removes the lid and drops his clothes in all by himself!

So far the ever-expanding job description of this ghost maid includes the following:
  • Forgetting to put clips on the clothes so that wind blows them away: just yesterday I found Ayaan’s bib on the window edge but of course none of the three had any idea how it got there…
  • Putting Ayaan’s clothes in the wrong bucket
  • Eating the missing chocolates from the chocolate box
  • Forgetting to tell me that the groceries are running out
  • Breaking stuff – Last week, I found the head of one of the porcelain dolls lying severed from the body and tucked away in a corner of the kitchen. As usual, it is the ghost maid to the blame though this one had me worried about her state of mind. She must be somewhat menatally disturbed if she is getting pleasure from decapitating poor little porcelain figurines....


  1. Hi Ro! Could've been rough with the colds and coughs! Hope the jerks are a less now and that the ghost maid has less of presence around!!
    Hugs to Tum Tum!

  2. Well, these are matters you will have to put up with. The maids[ not the Ghost One]] should do their allotted work properly and more important look after Baba Boy well.