Monday, February 13, 2006

Milestone Moments

Last week was really busy. I even ended up working on Thursday, which was actually a holiday. And on 3 of the 5 days, I came home only after seven in the evening. I think Ayaan now notices the days when I spend very little time with him and makes his displeasure quite apparent.

On Wednesday, I reached home only at 8.oo p.m. To start with Ayaan was really cranky and clingy and did not want me to put him down even for a minute. Then he did not want to go to sleep. While he still refuses to get fully sleep trained, he normally goes to sleep after 2-3 minutes of protesting. But on Wednesday night, he bawled lustily for 15 minutes. Then I went in and rocked him till he calmed down (which took about 5 minutes) but then he cried again for 5 minutes after I put him down before finally going to sleep. Poor baby!

But on a more positive note, I find him getting more confident and independent by the week. On Sunday, we went to visit Nafisa (Ayaan’s self-proclaimed 50% Mom). Ayaan was really good through the visit. He largely entertained himself for close to 20 minutes. Of course, he had to be closely supervised throughout as his current version of entertainment includes pulling himself up on things and pulling down things that are kept on tables, etc. But other than the occasional dive to save him for hurting himself or destroying something, he played on his own and didn’t demand attention or cuddling. I think that is a huge milestone.
Talking of milestones, he started cruising yesterday. For the uninitiated, ‘cruising’ refers to walking sideways while holding on to the furniture for balance. Also, if you hold him steady, he tries to put one foot forward. He is also starting to get brave and letting go of whatever he is supporting himself with – the result is that he manages to stay standing for a split second before plopping down on his bum. It looks a bit like those old Disney cartoons where the cartoon character runs off the edge of the cliff and is hanging in the air for a moment till he realises that he is suspended in thin air and then proceeds to plunge down!!!


  1. Great going. Ayaan sure is showing his independant streak very early in life. Will become quite an enjoyable handful as time goes by.
    It is good you are able to understand him and give into his mood as per his need,e.g picking him up to put him to sleep.

  2. I think you should treat yourself to something good. Sounds very difficult and I would definitely want a chocolate ice cream after such a difficult week. (At least)