Monday, February 20, 2006

A Weekend of Worry

When it rains, it pours. Both Ayaan and Jai caught the flu this weekend. So I was the one holding the fort (though now it looks like one of them has passed it on to me as well).

Ayaan has had a cold for a while now. He has not been cold free for almost a month, other than a gap of 2 days after some medications. Since it was pretty mild, I stopped medicating him, as the syrups didn’t seem to be working anyway. Anyway, on Thursday the cold went from mild to miserable and Ayaan also woke up with a fever of 100.4. So we hauled him off the doctor in the evening and the doctor prescribed a whole host of medicines (an antibiotic, an antihistamine and a decongestant). I was a bit uncomfortable with so many of them but after much discussion with Jai, we decided that we had to trust the doctor and he has not really tended to over-medicate in the past.

On Saturday evening, I noticed that Ayaan was doing this occasional jerking thing. It was the kind of thing we do when we are taken aback by something or get a small shock. He was kind of jerking his head and shoulders back every now and then. I got worried and called the doctor but he was busy and could not talk. I checked in with the paediatrician I visited when we were in Jaipur and he advised us to stop the decongestant. Even my uncle who is a doctor was surprised that both the antihistamine and the decongestant were prescribed to be given together. So we cut down the medicine cocktail by stopping the decongestant.

I have been watching him closely. The jerking continued yesterday. It’s still there today but at a somewhat lower frequency. I finally spoke to him this morning and he said I should watch him for another couple of days and see if it increases or decreases and then give him a call.

I am wondering whether it was the combination of medicines that caused it. I am a bit worried about that as it means that I have to re-evaluate what I think about my current paediatrician and wonder whether I have to change him… especially since he wasn't willing to speak to me on Saturday when I was really worried.


  1. Well, these are ups and downs of life. U anyway have the strength to bear all this. Ayaan in all probs had found something interesting to do with his head. Anyhow need to have a second line of defence. So let's work towards that.

  2. I hope he's better now, and that you find another doctor. Don't forget your chocolate ice cream!