Monday, March 06, 2006

Ayaan is a Social Animal

Ever since he was born, Ayaan has been extremely wary and cranky around strangers. But this weekend, we got to see a new and wonderful side to him.

Ro had us over for lunch on Sunday and since that is also the maid’s day off, Ayaan had to be invited too. I was a bit worried about him being a handful and ruining the lunch not just for me but for all the other guests too. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. Ayaan behaved like an angel.

He played on the floor almost all of the time and didn’t cling to me or demand to be picked up. The cricket match on the television especially fascinated him. It was placed at a low level so he went right up to the screen and ‘interacted’ with the players. He even tried to kiss the TV! Of course, he was interested in a lot of other objects lying on low-lying tables so they had to be removed quickly before he could inflict any damage on them and on himself.

He was also in an extremely social and friendly mood and openly interacted with all the adults in the room and even allowed them to carry him – truly a first as far as he is concerned.

He has also recently gained a huge interest in the food we eat and demands to be given a taste of it. Since South Indian food was on the menu, he got a taste of vadas and idlis. He especially loved the idlis and finished almost a quarter of an idli!

My little baby is becoming a little boy!!!


  1. After all whose Grandson is he?!! I am so proud of him. Wish I was there to show how much I love him. Please send latest photographs. Give him a big hug and lots of poochy-poochy kisses to show him how proud his Patti is of him.

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  4. Yeh! Ayaan! Soooooo proud of you!! Hmmm eating idlis? Seems like a genetic taste from his father!!! Yeah, Ro - your little baby is becoming a little boy!!Big hug to him! So nice to know all his 'firsts' as they happen!!