Monday, March 13, 2006

Ayaan @ Jogger’s Park

This week, we were brave enough to venture into the Mumbai traffic and make our way across to Jogger’s Park both on Saturday as well as on Sunday.

On Saturday, Ayaan’s feet were introduced to grass for the first time. At first, he was very wary and suspicious of this new sensation under his feet and refused to put more than the tips of his toes down. But then he warmed up to it and really started liking it. Towards the end, he even sat down and played with the grass with his hands. Then he tried to eat some too!

On the way back, Sam and Anisha spotted us on the road and took us off to a coffee shop. This is actually the first time that we have taken Ayaan out to a restaurant in Mumbai. He really enjoyed it. I just set him down on the wooden floor and gave him a teaspoon and he spent many happy minutes banging the spoon on the floor, leaving me free to finish my chilli bun. He even made friends with the old lady at the next table by flashing her a huge, toothless smile.

On Sunday, there was a big surprise for us when we woke up - Mama had come to town. It was a good surprise for me but Ayaan took some time to warm up to this new presence in the house (rather fickle of him, since she has been around for almost a third of his life). So in the evening, all of us shipped off to Jogger’s Park again. Ayaan met Mr. Grass again and rubbed his hands on the ground till they were quite filthy. Then just out of the blue, a young boy came and started playing with Ayaan. He would come running up to Ayaan and then back off and Ayaan actually chased him. They played at this game for almost five whole minutes with Ayaan crawling round and round on the grass. I really wish I had takenmy camera. It was utterly cute and a great advertisement for having more than one kid!

After that, I decided I will brave the traffic more often and try to make it to the park atleast 2-3 times a week. I think the fresh air, green grass and interaction with other children is good for Ayaan.


  1. a toddler playing in grass and enjoying..makes the best site of the world!!

  2. Yes, it waw great seeing Ayaan enjoy his outing. He loves his car drives and visits to open places. On 15th he enjoyed watching the sea at Jogger's park. Good idea to take him as often as you can