Monday, March 20, 2006

Growing Skills

Until recently, the only way that Ayaan could communicate his needs and wants to us was by crying. And then we would try to figure out what he wanted by doing whatever it took (food, water, carrying, sleep) to get him to stop his wailing.

Now, Ayaan is starting to figure out other ways to tell us what he wants. Some of the ways he does this:

  • He can now tell us when he wants to be picked up. He sits up in a kneeling position and raises his arms upwards. He also does this if he wants you to hold his hands so that he can walk.
  • He has started pointing with his index finger. So now he just gestures in the direction of something he wants. This one is really cute. If someone else is carrying him and he sees me, he points towards me till I take him. Yesterday, he also pointed to the balloons being sold outside Jogger’s Park. I wonder if he’s old enough to have a balloon…

Other new things he has learnt recently:

  • We have started putting small pieces of food (bread, fruit, cheese) on his tray during his meals and he picks them up and tries to put them in his mouth. He is only partly successful and most of the stuff ends up on the floor and on his clothes but his aim is getting better every day. But he chews the ones that make it to his mouth nicely with his gums (no teeth yet) before swallowing.
  • He has started letting go when he is standing up and manages to support himself for a couple of seconds before plopping down on his behind.
  • He has now figured out that some things are to be put inside others. In the mornings, we play a little game. I hand him my car keys and stand him near my handbag and say “Ayaan, put the keys in Mama’s bag” and he does! And when I am putting clothes into the dryer and hand him a sock, he puts it in too.
  • He is learning to play his part in the hide and seek game. He goes and ferrets himself away into a corner and waits for you to come around and say peek-a-boo. And then he giggles.
  • He is beginning to remember stuff now. So he starts squirming at the second line of ‘This Little Piggy’, much before I actually tickle him.


  1. Awww. How old is he ?

  2. He is growing up well. Wait a while before letting him handle balloons. It is very dangerous if he swallows anything and moreover he may get scared when the balloon bursts. He needs however to get used to the sound of barking dogs!!

  3. Sooooooo looking forward to seeing him!! See him pointing and eating from tray and playing hide and seek...vow!!

    I think patti is right about the balloons too!! May be good to wait till he is older!

  4. Hey, Ayaan sounds really cute now. wish i was in bombay. why don't you take some snaps of him pointing etc and put it up on your blog ?
    p.s. Typo : you have written 'sanding' instead of 'standing' in one sentence about how long he manages to stand up before plopping down.
    p.p.s who is quack-quack ?

  5. Ayaan is a little over 10 months old.

    Guess I will wait on the balloons.

    I am still trying to decide how much I want to reveal about myself on this public space - that's why I haven't yet put up photos. Anyway, I do send photos once every few months to those who want to see...

    And quack quack is Ayaan's aunt who makes him smile everytime she says.... you guessed it quack quack