Friday, March 24, 2006

The Moment of Reckoning

Yesterday was the day of the doctor’s visit. As I have mentioned before, this is always something that I go for with great apprehension. Since he was a month old, Ayaan’s weight gain chart has always given me cause for worry and each visit felt like another exam that I had failed if his weight was less than what it was supposed to be. And over the last two visits, even his height gain was less than satisfactory. To add to that, he has been suffering from an endless cold for over two months now which we have not been able to banish. And last but not least, there are the dreaded vaccinations, which make Ayaan, cry so much!

But this time was different. It could not have been more perfect…
  • There are no vaccinations scheduled for the 10-month visit.
  • The cold has miraculously vanished in the last one week.
  • He has gained more than 800 grams. Usually this is more in the 300g vicinity.
  • He is 2 cm taller and his head circumference is up by 0.5 cm too.
  • The funny marks on his toes are because those are his pressure points that keep scraping the ground when he crawls and will go away once he done with crawling.
  • The doctor says we need not worry if he’s having less milk. It is not a problem.

Why can’t all visits to the doctor be like this?!


  1. hello.

    A mom blog. New to me. I will read with interest. I read a self help book about motherhood once.. i dont know why, but i did :)

    I can't seem to see anything about a husband? maybe i haven't looked carefully enough, but is that intentional?


  2. The unfortunate husband tends to get ignored a bit since I am so busy with being a mother, working woman and and overall conrol freak. But he's very much there. He even wrote on the blog in a post titled "Daddy Says So".

    Impressed (and confused) at your having read a motherhood book. Got any tips?

  3. I liked the Daddy says so post. Encore, encore

  4. oh i saw it now. cool.

    tips ~ Take him outdoors, to a forest somewhere, and teach him about stars.

    When he's 13, teach him to drive.

    When he's 16, buy him a bike.


  5. So Mama Big Worryhead enjoyed her visit to the Dr. after a long time. Just relax. Ayaan knows what he is doing. I can see that you are getting to enjoy him. I wish I was there with you to be part of all this fun.