Monday, March 27, 2006

Over the Hill

I turned 30 yesterday. I am old. I am over the hill. I am middle-aged.

The way I spent my birthday totally symbolises this transition from the twenties to the thirties.

Saturday Night – Still 29…

Went to Zenzi with some girlfriends.

Saw John Abraham at the restaurant and made two (unnecessary) trips to the loo to get a closer look (he's cute...)

Had an entire bottle of wine

Came home to find husband waiting with a surprise midnight birthday cake

Ate Maggi for dinner at 2 in the morning

Slept at 3 a.m.

Sunday and my birthday – 30 plus

Went to the Marriot for a super-expensive and super-relaxing massage (birthday gift from husband)

Had to fill a form prior to massage – and mention my new age

Sunday is the maid’s afternoon off so came home and fed and generally tended to my son

Went to Jogger’s Park with husband and son and interacted with other kids and their parents

Came home and put Ayaan to bed

Cooked dinner with husband (our new definition of a romantic dinner)

Watched Desperate Housewives

Went to sleep at 11 p.m.


  1. belated happy birthday to u!!!!
    wishing a fabulous year ahead with ayaan..
    if u wish to pop into some upcmoing ques from ayan,read "innocent brains and cute logics" on my blog.

  2. It's best to be over the hill than under it, no?

  3. Happy Birthday Rohini!

    You know, I'm expecting a kid later this year, and it was rather nice to read about your son. Reassuring, if you know what I mean.

  4. Rachana - thanks for your wishes and the heads upyour article gave me on challenges still ahead

    Mosilager - Thanks

    Mint - You have a point. And once you are over the hill, you don't have to climb any more - which has to be good

  5. Seem to have had a great time. What better birthday treat than to have yr Ayaan with you to celebrate this year.

  6. Sue - thanks for visiting. Best of luck with your pregnancy and delivery. It's really tough but also really great.

  7. Linked to your blog in my latest post. Hope it's ok by you.

  8. "I turned 30 yesterday. I am old. I am over the hill. I am middle-aged."

    Thank you. SO reassuring as I approach the NEXT Big One.

    These children!


  9. Hey,
    Belated happy bday!
    But well times change-but hey u seemed to have had a grt bday!...I mean would love to have a romantic dinner cookign session with hubby on bday!:-))....
    and nope am not 30 yet..but getting there!;-)

  10. J.A.P. - Sorry to depress you so but I do feel old. I have gone from being didi to aunty in one fell swoop...

    Ekta - My idea of a romantic dinner has someone else doing the cooking - preferably the chef of a 5-star restaurant!

  11. Hey happy birthday. 30 is a good age. You've now wisened.

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  13. Hey Rohini,
    Me again!
    Just realised that I know your husband qutie well...we were all in the same trekking gang in bangalore!
    In fact we even met once at urmila's wedding I think!
    couldnt resist writing this comment--was really thrilled when I came to know!

  14. It sure is a small world!!! I was at Urmilla's wedding too so we must have met.