Friday, April 21, 2006


There is just something about going home to your mother’s place that makes your body and soul go aaaahhhhhh… Suddenly, you feel relaxed and all the stress just vanishes in an instant. I have been thinking about why that is.

At a very basic level, there is complete freedom from all domestic chores and worries of any sort. You just put the clothes in the laundry basket and they come back all clean and ironed. Buying groceries is not your problem and your input into the meal preparation processes is limited to showing up at the table when called and stuffing your face.

Also, this is a place where you can just be. There are no expectations, no plans, no hassles. Before I had Ayaan, my visits home just consisted of eating, reading, watching TV and sleeping all day long. You don’t even have to talk to your parents that much. They are happy enough with your presence in the house even if said presence is uncommunicatively mesmerised by the television.

This time was different because there was clingy, possessive Ayaan to look after so I didn’t really get the usual break. But I could just be. For months now, I have been losing out on atleast an hour of sleep everyday and not feeling the pinch. But the minute I reached Jaipur, I suddenly felt completely and utterly exhausted. It was as if I finally felt it was okay to not be the indefatigable super-mom and admit that I was tired as hell. And then I came back to Bombay and suddenly I don’t feel so tired any more – even though I went for a friend’s wedding and was up past midnight on two consecutive days. So I guess I back in my role as never-say-die wife and mom…

Other news from the trip:
  • Ayaan is finally sprouting a tooth. Both his lower front teeth seem to be on their way out. So far, teething has not been accompanied by more-than-usual crankiness (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood as I write this).
  • I absolutely love Ayaan’s new travel cot. He slept so well in it and I didn’t have to worry about him falling out or anything
  • I realised what an asset my high chair is after a few days of trying to feed a mobile Ayaan. Each meal lasted a frustrating half hour and I got a backache from following and bending with every spoonful.
  • The dogs met Ayaan. Beanz hated him and kept growling menacingly every time he toddled towards him. Buddy loved him and tried on many occasions to show his affection by attempting to lick his face clean.
  • For the first time, I let someone else (my mom) put Ayaan to bed (while I was at the wedding) and he went down without much of a protest. This is a big milestone as it means I can now think about nights out and nights away from home.
  • Ayaan started wearing shoes (actually sandals). He completely rejected them at first. But I put them on at the airport (which was a fascinating place for him) and he was so pre-occupied that he toddled around with them and then didn’t give any trouble after that.
  • The two air trips were a nightmare as Ayaan alternated between hyperactive and cranky. I honestly do not understand how people do long haul flights with their babies. Before I became a mom, I used to look at travelling moms and wonder why they couldn’t control and discipline their babies, especially in public places…I guess this is what they call poetic justice.

    Good to be back home…


  1. The home also becomes alive when the children come and spend time there. The impact of the joy, happiness and sunshine that accompany such visits remain an everlasting tonic for the mother.Now the added attraction is ofcourse Ayaan. As he is growing older he is able to interact much more.

  2. hello there!
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    yeah i love being with my parents too... they always make me feel like a princess!

  3. Patti - thanks for a lovely (if not quite) relaxing trip. The crowning moment was when you put Ayaan to sleep all by ourself!

    Grafxgurl - hi and thanks for dropping by