Monday, April 03, 2006

An Exciting Weekend

Ayaan hit one of the BIG milestones this weekend. On Saturday, he took his first step. Actually, he took his first three steps all together before falling down. And it wasn’t a one-off either. He did it atleast 5-6 times over the weekend. It’s really cute to watch him do it. He first lets go of whatever he is holding on to and then walks in three or four very quick steps before either falling down or finding another surface to support himself on.

Ayaan got to see a really small baby for the first time yesterday. One of our classmates had a baby last week so we went across for a visit and took him along. Ayaan was really fascinated and excited. He kept pointing to the baby’s cradle and wanted to go and touch the baby. For me, it was almost surreal to see such a small baby – I could not believe that Ayaan was ever that small and delicate!!

We also took him along with us to Pizza Hut for lunch. We were quite worried as he is not a child who likes to sit in one place for long. And memories of his earlier days still haunted us – when he was 3-4 months old, taking him to a restaurant meant that one person had to constantly walk him up and down as he would refuse to sit quietly in his car seat. So we were understandably tense about this experiment of ours. We asked them to give us the high chair at our table and plonked Ayaan down on it. We moved all the crockery and cutlery out of his reach and put some of his toys in front of him. He kept throwing his toys down on the floor, demanded a taste of the pizza (we gave him small pieces of the cheese and the crust) and managed to get his hands covered with ketchup. But all things considered, he behaved much better than expected and stayed put in the chair in the entire time that it took us to order the pizza and eat it.

In non-Ayaan news, we also cooked a lot this weekend. On Saturday night, we cooked our favourite dish of all time – chicken in red wine sauce. And last night we made a spicy, dahi-based potato curry and some Kashmiri rajma.

And of course, no weekend can be truly exciting without some heavy-duty shopping. This weekend’s shopping truly spanned all categories:

For Ayaan: A friend wanted to buy us a delayed gift for Ayaan’s birth. She asked me what I wanted/ needed and we went to the baby shop and chose a travelling baby cot. It is really cool and folds up into a bag the size of a golf bag (much heavier though). I am really excited about this as we can now travel with Ayaan without having to worry about where he will sleep.

For me: AND (a clothes store in Mumbai) sent me a birthday voucher for a 20% discount. So I went there yesterday and bought a lot of stuff – a pair of jeans, a pair of formal black trousers, two skirts and two tops.

For the new house: We finally picked out the bathroom tiles for the new house. I really love the ones we picked out for Ayaan’s loo. It’s pale green and white with cute little fishes on the border.

Phew! Busy, busy weekend.


  1. This post taken in conjunction with the last one - would you have weekends if you worked from home?


  2. My kinda weekend!

    And JAP, yes, one would. I accept that working from home entails more erratic hours, but even demanding clients take time off occasionally, and that's when one gets one's breaks. I really miss working from home.

  3. Great going. Ayaan is going great guns. Give a huge hug and lots of smoochy kisses from my side.

  4. Hey wow!
    Must have been quite an experience to see him walk!--finally the first feeling of him growing up!
    Hope uv captured his first steps in a snap or videocam!

  5. before you know it, he'll be skipping classes, staying overnight at friends, borrowing the car, taking off on road trips... that sort of thing... its good to be a kid that can't sit still :)

  6. JAP - If i worked from home, I could have a bit of this everyday instead of cramming it all into the weekend...

    Sue - Would love to hear more about your working-at-home experience. Maybe you could do a post on it.

    Patti - Hugs and kisses delivered

    4wd - The mind boggles at the thought of what a restless teenager can do!

  7. Ekta - Thanks. Yes, have got him on video for posterity

  8. oh my my...I'm on your blogroll. So, which means people actually read me! YAYAYAYAY!!! *doin a li'l jig there*

    Ohhh thank u thank u ....!

  9. being as self-centred as ever, my only comment is a wail, 'but what colour are the tiles in aunty zen's room?' no one asked me what colour i wanted. sighhhh. think i will complain to beanz and buddy.

  10. quite irritated that i am not in bombay or at least travelling there every month. missing out on ayaan totally. hope i get there soon and hope you have another brat while i am there.