Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Five Minutes in the Life of an 11-Month Old

Most-Important-Person is carrying me around. I hope this lasts forever…

If only – it looks like she is going to put me down on the hard-thing-that’s-everywhere. Maybe I can convince her to keep carrying me if I hold on real tight. Nope, I am down on the hard-thing.

I make another attempt to get back up by making my about-to-cry face and letting out my about-to-cry sound. But to no avail. Most-Important-Person responds by waving something in front of my face. Hmmm… that looks interesting. Let me grab it.

I turn the thing over in my hands to see if anything happens. Nothing. Maybe if I bang it on the hard-thing? Still nothing. Let’s see what it tastes like. It’s boring. I throw it as far as I can and pick up another thing. No taste here either. But it sure makes a lot of noise. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. Ok, this is getting old.

I look around to see where Most-Important-Person went. Ah! There she is. What’s that thing hanging down her back? Let’s see what happens when I give it a hard yank. Ooh that’s a sound I never heard before. I come around to the other side of Most-Important-Person to check out this strange sound and she doesn’t look too happy. Let me try that again just to be sure. Hey it is moving from side to side. Giggle! That’s funny. Let’s see if I can catch it…

Ooh wait a minute - what’s that thing on the hard-thing? Maybe I should put that into my mouth. Another strange sound from Most-Important-Person as she grabs it before I do. Ok, what next?

I see Person-Who-Throws-Me-Up. I go over to him and ask him to do what he is best at. He doesn’t seem to get the message and hands me something. Ooh what’s this? I know - it’s the thing that goes up and down when I throw it. I throw it at Most-Important-Person. She throws it back. I throw it back, she throws it back. Ok, I am bored. Now what?

I head towards Most-Important-Person, arms outstretched – telling her I want to be picked up. She puts her arms out and pulls me to herself but still no picking up. I am beginning to wonder if these two are stupid. I tell them what I want in no uncertain terms and they just don’t seem to get it.

I go across to the high thing and try to get my hands on the interesting thing near the edge. Person-Who-Throws-Me-Up sees me and pushes it away. Damn! That was close!

I walk over to the big-black-thing-that-makes-nice-sounds and point at it. Person-Who-Throws-Me-Up figures out what I want (finally!) and comes and starts the nice sound. I shake myself around a bit. I don’t know why I do this but the nice sounds seem to demand it of me. Most-Important-Person bangs her hands together and shows me her teeth. I show her mine in return.

Now, Most-Important-Person and Person-Who-Throws-Me-Up seem to be making sounds at each other. Hello, People! I make loud, shouting-type noises to get their attention back where it belongs – on Glorious-Fabulous-Me. There they go showing their teeth again. I reciprocate. I wonder why we do this…

Enough of this. I want Most-Important-Person to pick me up and I want it NOW! I go over to her, catch her leg and make the-sound-that-always-gets-me-what-I-want. I am picked up and she’s making the same noises as the black-box only it’s so much nicer when she does it. I put my head on her shoulder, turn my face into her neck and take a deep breath. Heaven!


  1. good stuff rohini! right out of the humour manual.

  2. That was great! What a great giggle to end my day. Thank you!

  3. Very well put. I hope I also start figuring in his life as an important thing! I am impressed with the manner you are covering Ayaan in your life with such interesting stories.

  4. Thank you all *preens a bit and takes a bow*

    Just realised I had wrongly titled the post '5 Months...'. Changed it to 5 minutes.

  5. Huh, almost made me want to be a baby again. But I don't want to live in a giant's world all over again, so I guess I'll stick to being 23 and 5 and 1/2 feet tall and 56 kgs heavy.

    Wouldn't mind being carried around all the same :-)

  6. Brillianto !!!
    Fire yourself take up the pen full time. An average writer will reach out to more blokes than an outstanding brand manager.

  7. Neat. But a tad too "cute".

    Oh OK, I give in. More please.

    (Mine is just two years old now, and we do a lot of eye contact when she sprawls in my lap with her juice-bottle and sort of paws my arm in contented fashion. As for the "indispensable" bit, wait till you get home and you can hear her shouting fro you even before the door is opened. Feels good.)


  8. [Sue] I know just what you mean. I so want to be the baby instead og the mother!

    [Push] Thanks - though I am not quite sure if that was a compliment

    [JAP] Yes but try and beat the indispensibility of being the primary food source!

  9. cute! very cute!

    Looks like you are really enjoying momhood.

  10. [Ankan] Hi and thanks. And as for motherhood, it has its highs and lows but overall I am enjoying it and there are certainly no regrets.