Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My First Two Babies

Before Ayaan came along, we were already ‘Mama’ and ‘Daddy’ to two little bundles of joy – Buddy and Beanz. They were our two miniature dachshunds and all those who cannot fathom how I can compare dogs with children, stop reading now! This post is about our life with them before we had to give them away to my mother (a sad story that I will reserve for a separate post).

After a couple of years in Mumbai, I began to really miss having a canine companion. Having gotten used to the loving welcomes of the dogs we had at home in Delhi, the house seemed kind of empty without one. If you have ever been greeted by a dog, you will know what I mean. The delight and enthusiasm with which they greet you after even a twenty-minute separation is so gratifying. So, after much discussion on whether our lifestyles and our flat were ready to take on a dog, we finally decided to bite the bullet and get one.

The first to arrive was Beanz. My mom and brother gave him to me as a birthday present and my mom brought him over from Ajmer in a little blue basket with a red bow tied on it. Check out how tiny he was when he came to us – all of three months old…

With Beanz, our lives changed completely. We had to get a full-time maid to care for him while we were away at work, out-of-town travel required detailed planning and late mornings became a rarity as he would get up bright and early and demand that we did too – making it impossible for us to continue sleeping with his incessant licking and barking!

Soon we started worrying about Beanz getting lonely and began to scout around for a companion for him. We heard that a pup from the same litter had been returned and didn’t have a home. I went over to Ajmer to have a look and met Buddy. It was love at first sight. He came running to me and tried to jump onto my lap. Being rather vertically challenged (as most dachshunds are, especially of the miniature variety), he managed to just about get his front paws on to my thighs. But he hung in mid-air and looked at me with the cutest expression on his face and I knew he was coming home with me. Here’s a picture of him when he first arrived – that naughty puppy glint in his eyes is there to this day!

Buddy and Beanz lived with us for almost three years and grew into lovely, handsome dogs:

Beanz with his classic dachshund colouring and features:

And Buddy with his rare and beautiful red coat:

Some fond memories:

They figured out the sound of our car horn and knew we were home the minute we drove through the building gates. So we could hear sniffing and whining at the door even before we rang the bell. After that, they would welcome us furiously with leaps and licks. Wow! What a way to come home…

There is something so nice about waking up with your dogs in your bed - their warm, toasty bodies and little wet noses cuddled up into yours. Initially, we tried very hard to get them to sleep in their own baskets. But we gave it up for a lost cause as they would always find their way back into our bed during the night and we realized we actually liked it. The baskets became mere chew toys and whatever was left of them was eventually thrown away.

We tried to discipline them somewhat but were a complete failure at this. They did exactly as they pleased, slept wherever they wanted, ran out of the door the second it was opened and were far rowdier than you would expect for dogs of their size. In fact, if they represent my disciplining skills, Ayaan is going to be one spoilt, misbehaved kid…

They added so much colour and character to our home. Dogs have so much personality and this is really obvious when you have two of them with diametrically opposite ones. Beanz was snappy and wary around strangers while Buddy would have welcomed a burglar into the house in exchange for a pat and a tummy tickle. Beanz followed me from room to room, but Buddy was clearly my husband’s dog and would drop me like a hot potato the minute he entered the house. Actually, a friend who stayed with us for a while and got to know them pretty well has beautifully expressed this. Do check out her post on Beanz and Buddy.

I miss my babies…


  1. Yes! A dog post. Those are some really pretty doggies. That's so sad that they are not with you any more. But I suppose you can visit them at any time. I'll link this on the dog blog.

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  4. Sorry I was on a Macintosh and it decided i wanted to post the same comment 3 times instead of just once. I don't know if it is me or if it is the mac operating system but every time I get close to one it messes up. Somebody should shout at the person who invented that piece of junk. Aside from that, I've linked to your post here.

  5. Hmm... I prefer Dalmatians myself. Used to have one a long time ago. Actually, we had a Dobermann, A great Dane, a Boxer and the Dalmatian together, so our place was rather famous. After the last one died, my parents refused to have any more dogs. Am still trying though :-)

  6. I am sure if Beanz and Buddy could write thay would be able to pen down beautiful memories of their life in Mumbai. In their small little heads somewhere they must be still mising you both. I still refer to you both as Daddy and Mama when I talk to them about you. They have also been given a talkig to regarding how they should behave with Ayaan. I am looking forward to their interactions when they meet up this weekend.

  7. I miss them like hell too. At least you have Ayaan to make up for their absence. I am stuck in silly Bangalore with no beanz, no buddy, no Ayaan. &^%&^$%@#%@$#%#$%#%%$&
    And found a really friendly Daschund near my house who used to get excited whenever he saw me and give me an enthusiastic welcome, but now his owners keep him inside the house only and i rarely see him.

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  9. Mosilager - Thanks for the encouragement to write the post. It felt good to remember then and scan through all their pics.

    Sue - I think even among dog people, there are big-dog people and small-dog people. I am a small-dog person myself. I like the way they are small enough to cuddle into your lap

    Patti - The weekend sure was fun though a little tense what with Beanz being less than friendly towards Ayaan

    Entropy - Come back to Bombay super soon

  10. what happened to the dogs though? did you have to give them away?

  11. eM - Unfortunately had to give them away. They are with my mom and are very happy though. I do plan a follow-up post on this.

  12. Missed this post of yours. Get them back for Ayaan and Tarana.. or get another one for them. :-)