Friday, May 26, 2006

The Birthday Party

On Saturday, Ayaan turned one and we celebrated it with a small little birthday party. My mother came down to Mumbai for the occasion and we called a bunch of friends over. Only one of these friends has a kid and they didn’t bring him since he was down with the flu. So Ayaan’s first birthday party was completely devoid of any kids. The birthday man himself was a little disoriented by the sudden influx of strangers into the house but he behaved quite well overall.

Now for some party pics…

Ayaan's two birthday cards - the one on the right from his great-grandmother and the other one from a friend of ours. Getting a card is so much nicer than a call, SMS or e-mail, which is how most other people sent in their wishes.

Ayaan got LOTS of gifts:
- Baby-sized plastic bat and ball set
- Plastic skittles with a bowling ball
- Pull-along ducky with detachable ducklings
- Pull-along, rotating turtle
- Swimming tube
- Tent
- Very loud and noisy musical truck
- Set of clothes and shoes
- Musical piggy bank
- 3 books

But what he most enjoyed playing with was all the boxes and wrapping paper that the gifts came in.

The party was nice and relaxed. Ayaan got to taste some beer from his grandmother's glass. It seems he liked it and demanded some more. Here you can see him trying to taste my wine.

That's our living room in the picture. We had moved most of the furnture out in our attempts at baby-proofing. So we had to get in the futon mattress and some dining table chairs to ensure that there was enough place to sit.

The birthday cake!

The lady who made this is really famous for the 'novelty' cakes that she makes for bachelor and bachelorette parties. But she seems to be pretty good at doing baby cakes as well.

She asked us what animal Ayaan likes. The choice was between crows and doggies. But since the thought of an all-black crow cake was not very appetising, we decided to stick to the doggy.

And the grand finale - the cake cutting. The actual cake cutting never got photographed and because of so much movement, many of the pictures of this part of the afternoon came out all blurred.

Even though there were no kids, we decided to make it like a kid's birthday party. So we slaved over balloons and streamers. And even made everyone wear party hats.

I was a bit worried about the party since I had called two groups of friends (college friends and work friends) and I was worried about whether they would get along. But it worked out fine. Alcohol really is the best social lubricant – not only did everyone seem to get along, I was tipsy enough to not really care… It’s good my mom was there since I had a LOT of wine and went into a deep slumber after the party. So she and Jai took care of Ayaan while I had the best nap I have had since Ayaan was born. It was a good way to celebrate ‘Surviving One Year’ day – getting high and then sleeping it off.


  1. Ayan behaved like an angel. He thoroughly enjoyed roaming all over the place. He showed that he is becoming a big boy. Soon it shall be all laughter and sunshine with crankiness having flown out of the window. You both are also great parents.

  2. wooo!!! well i should wish YOU a great first aniversary then eh? what say?! Good Job mommy!!

    OI!! easy on the alchy!! the kid is gonna start drinking young i tell ya!!

    *runs away fast before Ayaan's mommy can hot Grafx with a Broom*

  3. **err that was "HIT"* typoism will be the death of me.

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time. I like the way you put's more like celebrating "survivng one year".

    Those unexpected, deep, naps are THE BEST.

    Happy Birthday Ayaan!

  5. Happy birthday to Ayaan. Nice cake!!
    Any plans on getting him a brother or a sister as a present for his next birthday?

  6. [Patti] The laughter and sunshine parts of the day are getting longer every day.

    [Grafx] With a grandmom who gave him his first sip of beer at the ripe age of one and a mom who got drunk on his birthday party, what do you expect? :)

    [Mint] Thanks. Only another mom can get the feeling of well being that comes with an unexpected nap

    [Sameer] Thanks. Don't you think it's time someone else in the family took their turn in furthering the De Costa clan. ;)

  7. Pictures! So nice to put faces to names!

    Glad you guys had a good time at Ayaan's party. I've hosted a few child-less birthday parties due to the guests getting sick, but my kids still enjoyed themselves.

  8. [Talena] I almost didn't. Maybe it's just me but putting up pictures on the blog is so hard. First it took AGES to upload and then I kept deleting the pictures by mistake while editing. And the final post and layout looks nothing like the preview they show you so I had to go back and edit quite a few times...phew!

  9. Birthday wishes for Ayaan. Nice pics. Yes, it does take time uploading pics,e specially in the evenings I think.

  10. Nice pics Rohini Jai and Ayaan. The pics alignment is a problem in blogger, it never comes out like it says it will so I've taken to putting them one after the other using the center alignment.

  11. [Suemamma] Thanks. Next step is getting a video up a la your blog.

  12. [Mosilager] Thanks for the tip

  13. Nice photos Rohini! And glad you had a great time :)

  14. Yah, I've had to revamp a few, too. I'll often use the center-it trick when I just don't have energy to fiddle with it.

    Are you on dial-up or high-speed?

  15. [Pearl] Thanks. Why are only team members allowed to comment on your blog though?

    [Talena] Dial up unfortunately. The connection at work is supposedly hi-speed but it's as bad as the one at home.

  16. No Rohini, I'm only still figuring out how this thing works! I have changed that. Only recently I found out it was set to 'team members'! The best part is there are no team members too :))

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  18. Happy birthday Ayaan!! Hope you're feeling more rested Ro, after the nap and the sense of joy and satisfaction at 'surving one year'!

  19. [Ankan] Thanks. I think so too ;)

    [Maverick] Could not follow your link

    [Quack quack] Ayaan says thanks you. The 'rested' feeling hjas long since passed...

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  21. Can you please give me the contact details of the person, from whom you got the cake?

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