Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Heavy Stuff

“In one or two photos, it looked as if u are expecting, is that correct?

This is an extract from a mail that one of my aunts who saw recent snaps of Ayaan and me. It’s not very polite but I think I needed it. I really need to get serious about the extra weight that I have been carrying around since Ayaan was born (mostly on my tummy and hence the comment).

There have been some attempts but none that have met with any success:

  • I had great plans of exercising when I was in Jaipur at my mom’s place for a couple of months. But Ayaan’s refusal to nap during the day coupled with his difficult feeding habits just sapped every ounce of my energy and I went for exactly two walks in the entire period that I was there. And since Ayaan refused to take to the pram, even strolls in the park on this pretext were ruled out.
  • I joined Gold’s Gym in November last year. With great enthusiasm and optimism, I paid up for an annual membership. So far, I have been there all of 10 days. Not only have I flushed perfectly good money down the drain, I have also given my husband something to hold over me for the rest of my life! (The latter being a far more upsetting thought than the former)
  • I tried to cut down on the food intake. But I had to contend with the huge appetite I developed while I was breastfeeding and which refuses to go away. I still feel so hungry all the time.

So anyway, the abovementioned comment had galvanised me into a creating a fresh action plan. This is how it goes:

Step One
When Jai and I take Ayaan to the park, I leave them with each other and take a brisk 15-minute walk around the park. I know it's not much but atleast it's a start.

Step Two
I am going on the GM diet this weekend. I am not very confident about the sustainable weight loss that this diet can effect but I am still doing it the following reasons:

  • It’s only for 7 days and I think I can muster up a week’s worth of staying power.
  • I am spending the week at my mom’s place so I can leave the responsibility of procuring and preparing the necessary food to her.
  • Also, a week’s stay at Jaipur always adds a couple of kgs and by swearing off all the yummy food, I will atleast not pack on any more of the dreaded pounds.
  • I am hoping for some initial weight loss (however small and unsustainable) to prod me into further efforts at getting back my erstwhile slim body.
  • It seems that the GM diet helps you detoxify and get rid of the impurities accumulated in your system. And I have been feeling a bit bloated lately.

Step Three
This is the toughest and most important part of the plan. I am not the kind of person who can diet (hence the choice of a 7-day diet) – I love food too much. So exercise is the long-term way for me to lose the weight and keep it from coming back. So Step Three will mean going back to make use of whatever is left of my gym membership. Since my husband gyms as well, we have agreed to go on alterative days so that one of us can stay at home and take care of Ayaan’s morning rituals.

So there it is. Wish me luck with kick-starting this ambitious plan with the GM diet. And hopefully one day, I can look like one of these celebrity moms (I especially crave the flat tummies they are sporting):


  1. ah! the battle of the bulge. unites all of us women, except those stupid celebs with their personal trainers and magical metabolisms.

    listen, i'd really advise you to stay clear of the GM diet. it works for sure but the second you get back to regular eating all the weight comes back on.

    i think you look fine. happy and blissful with your litte boy. the walks sound like a good idea. have fun and happy weight losing.

    p.s. if you chance upon some magical formula to lose weight without much effort, do drop in a line!

  2. join an aerobics class.. ive already gotten a dip in my weight....its fun and keeps you active!! plus you get to make friends!! and you get to laugh a lot.. mostly at how ridiculous people look while doing the wierd dance routines...

    its fun! you should go...oh and it does take your mind off food... eat one and a halfhours before you work out... so when you come back. you dont empty the fridge and neither do you feel like throwing up.

  3. Can start with 10 situps just before going to sleep and right after you wake up and then increase once you feel comfortable - take stairs instead of the lift etc. Can do squats and pushups as well once you really get going :) Gym is well and good if you can keep it up regularly otherwise all the muscle you gained melts away and the fat comes back (disclaimer - you look fine in the pics, don't let your aunts get to you - it's probably wishfun thinking on their part; other disclaimer - I can never be a regular at the gym, I always wind up stopping for some reason or the other).
    Recently I saw a guy cycling around with 2 children in a little rickshaw type contraption behind him... for picture click here. Wonder if that would be a more fun way of getting excercise :)

  4. Hey! Forget what the aunt says - she would probably say you look like you are starving if you were slimmer. These types always have to say something to sound like their perceived "know-all" personnas. And one can never be perfect in their eyes. (Gee, was that too harsh?? :D)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the kind words. It was nice to know that some people sincerely wish me well, even though they don't know me. That's moving.

    Pics from Ayaan's b'day party are great! You know, until she was about 2 and a half years old, my daughter preferred to play with gift bags and wrapping paper and boxes too? Isn't this a cute stage? I miss those days, now that she is older and more mature.

  5. came across your blog after you commented on my sis-in-law's blog. love reading about your journey as a mom. my boy is 6 months old - amazing how they become your life. anyways- good luck with the diet & exercise plan and happy birthday to your boy. may he have many more-

  6. [That Girl in Pink] Hi. I don't really have any weight loss expectations from the GM diet. I've been really lazy about getting off my ass and I am just hoping that this will atleast get me motivated and started. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula so I guess exercise it is!

    [Grafx] Aerobics is my favourite way to exercise too. But with work and Ayaan, I only have time to exercise either before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. and most of the classes here are in the early evening.

    [Mosilager] Thanks for the tips and the diclaimer. I too have a problem sticking with the gym - it's soooo boring. The rickshaw contraption looks like fun but unfortunately I live in Mumbai and where's the place???

    [Gettingthere]Not harsh at all. Aunts and their comments! You are right about this stage being cute - it's such fun to watch them learn to do something new almost every day.

    [Mamo] Hi. I love it when I get a 'mommy' visitor. They are the only ones who can really get how you can keep up an entire blog just based on your kid and your life with him...

  7. Well GM diet does work. You will definitely lose some weight. But the problem is you will regain everything in just about two weeks. Since you are not having any fats during the diet period, as soon as you go back to your normal diet the body starts accumulating it back. So you can't realistically lose weight just by diet alone. Some tips which I can give you:
    1) break your 3 meals a day into 6-7 meals a day.
    2) Have more fruits and vegetables.
    3) Reduce the intake of rice and chappatis.
    4) Have your dinner atleast 3 hrs before you sleep.
    5) start taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalators.
    6) Instead of going to the gymn why don't you try some fun activity like swimming.

    There you go

  8. Here is one more

  9. hey rohini, i too got the exact same comment just about a month ago from my school principal. she asked me if i was pregnant again - and karan hasn't even turned one yet. i dont know why people are so nasty! but the fact of the matter is that sometimes you wonder if its a wake up call and whether you now have to get back to being slim again (actually to be honest i wasn't slim even before i had K but my tummy wasn't so big!). dont know about all these funny diets, (i too am a huge foodie!) but i'm sure exercise is good, if you can manage to find time (i never do!).

    and if none of it works, dont worry. think of the extra fat on the stomach as a tummy which your kid will enjoy cuddling. i sure enjoyed cuddling my mom when i was small, and i wouldn't have wanted her any other way!

  10. I just remembered a diet that worked for me last year - ate fruit for breakfast (either banana or apple), normal lunch stuff and then fruit or vegetable salad for dinner. That diet itself worked wonders along with walking Ginga and BooBoo.

  11. [Ideasgalore] Thanks for all the tips. I know lifestyle changes in eating and exercising are on the cards and I fully intend to make them. The diet is just intended to kickstart the same and get me out of the rut.

    [Lawyermama] I think "Are you pregnant?" is one of the rudest questions to ask a woman. There's a good chance she may just have a paunch and even if she was pregnant, if she wanted to tell you she would have!

    [Mosilager] That sounds like a good diet. How long did you do it for and did the weight loss sustain? Also, please tell me how you put links in the comments sections.

  12. I had sent my comment but seems to have got lost in transit!! I agree with the views of the That Girl in Pink. Just go with the flow. Regular form of exercise is the best and no better place than the Gym. Climbing the stairs is also a good idea.

  13. Baby or no baby, the tummy is everyone's problem i think!!! I promise myself I'll do sit ups and tummy crunches everyday and start off with must gusto... usually doesnt go beyond day 3!!!

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