Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank You Mama

They say that you really learn to appreciate your own mother once you become a mother yourself. That is so true. It's only when you have to do it yourself that you realise how downright difficult it is to bring up a child. And this is me speaking after just a year of motherhood - my mother's been in the business for over thirty years!

Given that I am less than a fortnight away from being a 1-year old mom and that today is Mother’s Day, what better day to thank my own mother. So here are some of the reasons why I think she's the best. Thanks Mama:
  • For creating me. For bringing me into this world. And for teaching me how to live in it. For having the biggest influence in making me who I am.
  • For always putting us first, above your career and more importantly above your own happiness.
  • For reading bedtime stories to me every night – I am sure I wouldn’t have loved reading half as much if you hadn’t done that.
  • For teaching me to love animals. For showing how much richer life can be when you let pets into your home.
  • For putting up with all my tantrums and tempers. And for loving me inspite of them.
  • For always giving without expecting anything back in return. I don’t think I would be where I am today if you hadn’t taken those two months off before my board exams and nagged lazy me all day long to study. I hated you for it then but thank God you didn’t let a small thing like teenage resentment discourage you.
  • For eating into your meagre savings so that we could get to see Europe with you.
  • For making sure all my favourite food gets cooked when I come home. Even if it means that I always leave a little (or a lot depending on the length of my stay) fatter than when I arrived.
  • For accepting Jai even though he did not fit the mould of what the family thought was right for me. For trusting in my choice and my judgement.
  • For the lovely wedding that you put together for me. Even though the money was tight and you only had my brother to help you out, it could not have been grander or more perfect.
  • For coming to Mumbai both times I moved house to help me to cope with the madness of moving.
  • For seeing me through the first few months after Ayaan was born. For teaching me how to tie his nappy. For teaching me how to bathe him. For teaching me the ‘rock-him-to-sleep-on-your-knees’ technique that gave some much needed respite to my aching back and arm muscles.
  • For taking my dogs when I couldn’t keep them any more and giving them a loving, happy home.
  • For becoming more and more of a friend and less of a mother as the years go by.
  • For listening patiently to my daily (and sometimes boring) updates and discussions about Ayaan. For always having a reassuring word of advice when I hit a roadblock.
  • For being a mother that I can model myself on. If Ayaan grows up half as healthy and well adjusted as I did, I will consider myself a successful mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. And thank you for everything.

Mother’s Day wishes also going out to Mint, Talena, Gettingthere and Rachana.

Edit: It has come to my notice from various sources that I kind of messed up on the dates. It turns out Mother's Day is actually on the 14th . Well, I guess this is my first one so I can be forgiven for getting my dates mixed up. And it's the thought that counts, right?


  1. I am so touched. There is only one correction. The credit for the finacial management of the Europe trip goes entirely to your father. I shall always be there for you. After all you are the Sunshine of my life. Thank you again, Baby Girl, for these lovely words.

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I can only imagine the joy your Mama feels when reading this, like everything had been so 'worth-it'. Glad for her and for you and for this lovely relationship you share.

  3. thanks for ur wishes..

  4. Thanks for your wishes, Rohini! We will celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 15th here in the US. Wish you a very happy Mother's day too.

    Its true we truly appreciate the efforts our parents put in for us after we have kids of our own. I now realize what a pain in the b--- I must have been for my parents - my daughter is an angel. Never gave me any trouble (I am sitting with my fingers crossed for the coming years :P) and when I compare her to what I was, I realize how lucky I have been to have such understanding parents :D

  5. [Patti] I didn't say you planned it just that your precious savings went into it too!

    [Quack quack] Nice to hear from you after so long.

    [Gettingthere] I know! I was a hateful and rebellious teenager. I hope my son is a little better but it would be poetic justice if he wasn't...

  6. Aren't mother's the best? I sure think so of mine! and am sure you're son will think that of you.
    Happy Mother's day... It's still a week away here.

  7. Now I understand why you wished me a happy Mom's day on my blog! Thanks so much, and for the well-wishes here, too! Happy Mother's Day to you, too--still a newbie in the club, but definitely have your feet wet, right?

    What a wonderful tribute to your mother. Bless you!


  8. [J] Thanks. And it's a few days away here as well. I got my dates mixed up

    [Talena] Thanks :)

  9. Hey rohini,
    Lovely post!
    Couldnt have said it better!
    Indeed sometimes we wonder--how would we be and what would we be without our mom's in our lives!!
    Mothers are probably the only indispensible people in our lives and will remain that way!

  10. Hmm... this time next year and all that!

    Happy First Mother's Day to you, Rohini!

    You know what, cos I was ill Ma's landing up in town next week, whether I want her or not. I secretly do though, and am contemplating running to stay with her for a couple of days while she's here.

  11. Hey Rohini,
    First time on your blog thru the wife(Ekta's) post and loved it!
    Its everything that I would have wanted to say to my mom...!
    All the little things we take for granted and never even bother to thank them for!

  12. [Ekta] Thanks :) And I sure hope so the indispensible part lasts past Ayaan's teenage years and adulthood.

    [Sue] Thanks. My mom comes next week for Ayaan's birthday too. Moms! What can I say? Can't live with them, can't live without them!

    [Anand] Hi and thanks for visiting. One is always bickering and being nagged by one's mother. Sometimes, it good to take a time out and look at the larger picture.

  13. Rohini,
    Beautiful post - makes me think of my mother and all the things there are to thank her for and how I can never find all the words.

    Came to your blog today and have read the entire archive section (whilst I am meant to be working!). Will have you on my blogroll very very soon as this is an adventure worth following!

  14. Came here from Mint's blog. Lovely post.

  15. [30 in 2005] Thanks from 30in2006 :)

    [Suemamma] Thank you :)