Friday, May 12, 2006

What's the Good Word?

Here’s a list of the words Ayaan seems to understand and respond to these days:

Fan: He absolutely loves fans of all shapes and sizes, especially when you just put them on and he can see them gathering speed. So if you say 'fan' out loud to him, he will point to the fan.

Doggy: He has a soft toy dog that is his favouritest toy. And he knows that it is called Doggy. So every time you say “Ayaan, where’s the doggy?”, he goes and finds it and brings it to you.

Kauwa: For those who are not familiar with Hindi, this word means crow. We have a huge mango tree outside our living room window, which is frequented by crows all through the day. So if you say 'kauwa', he looks towards the tree outside the window to try and locate a crow amongst its leaves.

No: I think he understands this word but is conveniently trying to pretend that he doesn’t. Sometimes, he will stop whatever it is he is doing when I say ‘No’. At other times, he acts as if it was never said. And sometimes (especially if the ‘No’is said in a loud and mean way), he screws his face up and starts crying. So the jury is still out on whether he gets the word.

Give: He seems to get the basic concept of this word. So if you stand in front of him and hold your palm out and say it, he will usually place whatever object he is holding into in your palm. But if it is a very exciting thing, he will touch your palm with it, take it back and toddle off in the opposite direction! Smart kid.

Dancy-dancy: This only works if his music (nursery rhymes) is playing and he is in a very good mood. When you say this, he does a funny motion that I can describe best as “humping the air”.

Clap, clap: This one started yesterday. So if you say “Clap, clap” and clap your hands together, he claps his hands together too. This is turning out to be a good distraction for diaper-change times.

In other developments:
  • He has learnt to climb. It’s fun to watch him pull himself up onto the bed but this is also a bit tense, as you have to hover around and ensure that he doesn’t topple off.
  • He loves helping me with the laundry. So when I am sorting the dirty laundry, he plays with the clothes, moving them from one side to another. And then he also puts a couple of them into the machine. Though after a while, he gets bored and tries to pull out the clothes that are already in and then it becomes a challenge to get the whole job done!
  • His pointing has got really specific now. He doesn’t point at all and sundry now but only at things that he wants or things that excite or fascinate him.
  • He is now eating normal, adult food for dinner. So he eats whatever we are eating, only it’s removed from the pan before the chillies are added and then broken or mashed into baby-friendly pieces. I am trying to get him to feed himself by putting some food on his tray but most of the time, he just plays with it, with just the occasional titbit making it to his mouth.
  • He also started saying 'Mama' a couple of days ago. As of now, I think it's just a new sound and not directed towards me.

It’s so hard to imagine that a little less than a year ago, all he could do was cry and flail his arms and legs in the air. He sure is growing up fast…


  1. As days go by, the problems you had with him in the initial months will fade into oblivion. You are going to enjoy every step he takes henceforth in his path of life.I wish I could be with him but perhaps as a grandmother I will get to enjoy him much better if I see him after brief intervals. More, important he will enjoy me better and not look at me as the old fuddy duddy and nagging Patti!!!

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  3. Ayaan's Patti - Grannies are allowed to nag. That's the difference between them and mothers, na?

    Rohini - There was a jungle crow that used to come by the verandah in my parents' house in Madras around breakfast-time. It soon learnt that my mother was the source of tidbits and that my father called her by something that roughly translates to a Bong equivalent of 'aji sunte ho'. So the next time my dad sat down for his breakfast, the crow called my mother before he did!

  4. [Patti] Yes you can be the one who spoils him and I can be the nagging, evil dictator mom

    [Sue] Wow! I didn't know crows could talk. I thought that was parrots and such-like

  5. we had a crow once....fell out of a tree when it was a baby...when our neighbors brought their new born baby home...our "Strepsil" ( yeah.. we called him that coz my dad says crows sound like they have apermanent sore throat!) went over to say hello i guess and cawed right into the baby's face...

    well..after many shooo-ings and yellings...i guess the crow got quite fixated onto the baby and when we left it was still there.."watching" over it.. :D

    Ayaan is a smart kid.. he already has selective memory!!!

  6. [Grafx] Based on what you and Sue say, crows seems to be far more intelligent than I have given them credit for. I feel they are evil and they freak me out just a little bit.

  7. Awww...that's a very sweet post. I guess that's what 'bundle of joy' is supposed to mean (if you remove the crying and flaying arms in the air bit) :)

  8. [ps] Less bundle and more joy now. They say this is th best time for the next couple of years and after that they start becoming independent and growing away from you.