Friday, June 23, 2006

Before and After

Now, a fun look at our Jaipur trip. The big event was Ayaan’s ‘mundan’. For the uninitiated, the ‘mundan’ is when you shave all the hair off the baby’s head. It’s an age-old tradition and supposedly causes the hair to grow back thicker and stronger.

My grandmother was rather keen that we do this for Ayaan. She was a bit disappointed with me since Ayaan had already crossed the one-year barrier by a couple of weeks (you are supposed to do the mundan either before the child turns a year old or else wait till after he's three). To add to that, you are supposed to leave the baby’s hair completely untouched from birth to this day and I had happily given Ayaan atleast 5 haircuts! So after a bit of nagging on that, we went ahead with it anyway. Here are some before-after pictures:

Here's Ayaan with a full head of hair...

Ayaan being prepped for the shave - the proverabial calm before the storm. Everyone told me he would cry a lot but I don’t think we were prepared for just how much. He cried and cried and cried…. and then cried some more. The whole process took over an hour because of the incessant wriggling and the out-of-control crying that forced us to take many breaks. Thankfully, towards the end, he fell asleep in my arms and the barber could put the finishing touches in peace.

Ayaan sans hair...

As for the grand weight-loss attempt with the GM diet, there is no before-after picture to show since the sum total of weight lost was ZERO. Can you imagine? I put myself through a week’s worth of torture and have nothing to show for it. A friend tells me that it happens with some people – something about the GM diet not suiting their metabolism. Back to the gym it is!


  1. Tch Tch..Kya bana diya Aryan ko, Agassi!!??

    You know whats cute, In that pic of Aryan "before mundan", those two deciduous tooth jetting out of lil mouth, that's cute.

  2. I used to cry my head off too while getting haircuts. Eventually I got old enough (read 8000 km away from the parents) not to have them for a few years... that was bliss.

  3. [Handful of hell] The name's Ayaan - not Aryan. A lot of people make that mistake. The two teeth are now six and not so cute since he has developed a new habit of biting people!

    [Mosilager] I can see Ayaan going that way for sure. He basically hates any kind of grooming activity - cutting his nails is also a complete nightmare!

  4. Hey, you! Are you Muslim? I thought only Muslims did the mundan--or am I really screwed up? Cute pic with the sunglasses. Also, Jude TOTALLY hated having his nails trimmed until only within the last six months, especially after his big toenail got peeled off by a heavy door last summer. It took a while, but he eventually got over it. (Noah still has his biting habit at 2 and a quarter, so I can't offer you any hope there.)

    Don't remember if I've mentioned it before, but you might want to peruse the Weston A. Price Foundation site for some interesting info on diet and weight loss. (You see me spouting their info all the time on my blog, I'm sure. It's worth a check--worked for me!)

    Have a great day!


  5. He looks too cute for words. Regarding diet I am looking forward to your next visit when I can stuff you with all your favourites!!!

  6. [Talena] I am a Hindu. I am not sure about Muslim traditions but Hindus definitely do mundan.

    The scary thing about them hating their nails is that they wriggle so much that I am always scared I'll get some of his skin along with the nail.

    Thanks for the link. Will check it out.

    [Patti] Yummy!

  7. Ayaan looks so so so cute!

  8. Sigh.

    Trying to lose weight can be the hardest no?

    And Ayaan looks so cute! All little and bald.....heh...heh...he reminds me of my younger sister when she got her first mundan done as a baby. she threw the HUGEST tantrum ever!


  9. The GM diet is no good most of the time cos you'll put back the 5 lost kgs in the 7 days after the diet. Persistant gyming/ moderation is eating is the only way - not that I can give any good advice being a hopeless dieter and all round rolly polly!

  10. Okay, I'm all screwed up, then. Situation Normal, and I won't say the rest.

  11. [Pearl] Thanks :)

    [Megha] It really is hard to lose weight - especially when your appetite has expanded to elephantine proportions!

    [30in2005] I know! But eating is moderation is so hard with all the yummy food that you rin into everywhere you go. I am trying out the gym thing though.

    [Talena] I was pretty impressed you knew what a mundan was so don't be so hard on yourself...

  12. Diets don't work. Well, almost none do. Except maybe, dont eat too much fat, drink a lot of water, and excercise. Weights help you lose more weight and keep it lost, and not cardio, contrary to popular belief.

    Cute kid!!! I think we got my sis's head shaved when she was, 14 or 15.

  13. [4WD] The best kind of flattery is when you appreciate the kid - the best and fastest way to a mother's heart :). On the weights part, I agree but gym plan has met roadblock in terms of Ayaan being ill but I plan to go back from the coming weekend...