Monday, July 24, 2006

Double Whammy

It would seem that we not only make bad hosts, we also make for pretty crappy guests, especially when accompanied by a certain young gentleman called Ayaan. Here’s some of our behaviour at a friend’s place for lunch on Sunday:
  • The first thing I did on walking in was a quick spot of childproofing. I quickly scanned their living room for objects that were dangerous – meaning that they were either a danger to Ayaan or Ayaan was a danger to them. I then proceeded to move or rearrange said objects. I wonder what my friends really thought about my attempts to redecorate their house without their permission!
  • I next noticed that many of the guests had taken their footwear off and left them out in the open. This was not so good since Ayaan has a huge shoe fetish and will immediately grab any visible shoes and try to stuff them into his mouth. So I ordered everyone to get up and go hide their shoes.
  • Most of my conversation was punctuated by phrases such as “No, Ayaan!”, “Jai, he is going to put that in his mouth” and “Eat another bite, sweetie?”. As you can probably guess, I did not make the most brilliant conversation with the adults in the room.
  • And last but not least, there was the mess Ayaan made. He dropped his food all over the floor, spilled someone’s drink, threw one of his cups down from the balcony, broke a piece of crumbling concrete from a ledge, threw bits of paper into the terrace of the people living below and stuck his hand into the toilet bowl.

And did I mention that all my friends are not yet parents? I shudder to think what I would have thought of such behaviour before I had Ayaan – because that’s probably what they are thinking about me!


  1. Hi Rohini!
    I came here from Getting there's page, and enjoyed reading up ur posts. Ayaan sounds delightful- now that my sons have crossed that age-
    All the best :-)

  2. Ah, but you shall have the last laugh, when they too enter the realms of parenthood and come sobbing to you in apology--"I'm so sorry! I had no idea!"

  3. Hi, i cam from Mint's blog. enjoyed reading your assessment of the SAHM versus WMs.
    BTW..what does Ayaan mean. I have 3 kids, Ashwina, Avasha and Arnav(but I call him by his middle name Neil) and am looking for a another male A name for baby #4 due in OCT.



    lol hahahhh jk...well its a stage thats all..sooner or later he will learn to sit still...girls are a bit more aunts always complained that their boys were just so hyper and had to be followed.....while the ones who had girls said they were pretty easy to deal with.

  5. :)) That was a good one Rohini!

  6. Good desription of your attempts at getting back into the normal scheme of things.
    Maybe you should try a get-together of
    new parents. That should be very comforting.
    I agree with grafxgurl that girl babies are a little less active, but in a familiar environment they could be quite a handful.
    That 'age' display on your page with the No. of days.. After a post like this one do you wish that it could run a little faster.

  7. I stumbled upon your blog and loved your post..

  8. It's probably not so much what your friends thought of you or Ayaan but more of what it was like to be a parent. Some peole have whole allergic reactions to kids based on how they see people and their kids interact. Sure though that Ayaan probably charmed them all with a smile and had them eating out of his hand!

  9. I SOOOO know what you mean by being the first parent in your social circle. The great thing is by the time they have kids you'll be the laid back expert. : )

  10. haah!
    Cldnt help laughing and to be honest I think I was a lot like Ayaan as a kid--atleast thats what I hear from my parents..restless and always on the lookout for objects worth damaging;-)

  11. Don't you just love it when you stay away from the blog for a day and you come back to find lots of new comments!

    [Ardra] Hey thanks for visiting. That’s being a parent for you. You curse and crib about whatever phase they’re going through and then when they grow out of it, you kind of miss it.

    [Talena] I know! ‘I told you so’ has got to be one of the most satisfying phrases in the history of time.

    [Sraikh] ‘Ayaan’ is an Arabic name that means “Gift from God”. I picked it more because I really like the sound of it and it helped that the meaning was pretty good too.

    [Grafx] I am hoping that my second kid is a girl – imagine life with two hyper boys!

    [Pearl] Thanks :)

    [Outsider] The problem is that I don’t have many ‘new parent’ friends. I am hoping that happens when Ayaan starts going to playschool next year and then I can make friends with his friends’ moms. On some days, I do wish the age ticker would run a little faster but mostly I don’t want him to grow up (or away) as fast as he is already doing.

    [Perspective] Thanks for dropping by...

    [30in2005] You bet! Inspite of all his bad behaviour, Ayaan was clearly the most popular person by far.

    [Mint] I am so looking forward to those days *rubs hands together with glee*

    [Anand] My heart goes out to your parents!

  12. LOL! that reads like an evening in my life :) now imagine a party with a group of people who have newly acquired parenthood status. you have to keep running around trying to ensure yr 18 month old does not poke the eye of a lil baby or break the host's expensive china.

  13. The other day I pointed out to V that our fine-dining days are over, at least for a year or two, because I take a very strong line with having small kids rioting around in such places. You shoulda seen his face when he realised he was being banished to dhabas and pizza places for that long :-D

  14. this is too funny... and too familiar!!!

  15. I kind of have things the other way around... My daughter is grown up and out of the stage where we needed to make sure she was safe. But we have many friends who have toddlers or infants, so when they visit, I try to make my house as safe for their kids as I can - so they can relax and enjoy their time with us too (instead of running around after their kids all the time). At the least, I try to prepare one room where the kids can play safely and don't have to be told "NO" for everything they want to touch (let's face it - it frustrates a kid too, if all he/she hears is "no"). I put away things that I wouldn't want to be broken, and steel my heart to the possibility that something will be broken - and make sure only things that I can easily replace or won't mind losing are lying around within easy reach. After going through this much trouble, I also expect the visiting parents to keep a "loose eye" on their kid(s) so they don't mess with the microwave or toaster etc.

    Another thing I do is find some age appropriate toys for the visiting toddlers/infants. In my opinion, it is part of being a host(ess) to make sure that ALL your guests are comfortable, safe and well-entertained.

  16. Oh! And don't take it for granted that a girl would be less active or any less trouble. It might turn out so but then, it might not. Just ask MY parents. My brother was a much easier kid to handle than I was.

  17. [Aqua] What is it with them being so attracted to other kids' eyes? I have to be super vigilant at the park when Ayaan interacts with other kids because he goes straight for their eyes...

    [Sue] Same philosophy here so Jai and I keep the fancy restaurants for our time away from Ayaan. The only restaurant in Bombay that Ayaan has seen the inside of is Pizza Hut.

    [Palash] Thanks for dropping by.

    [Gettingthere] Those are some pretty good ideas for entertaining kids at home. And I know that girls can be a handful too but I think two boys would get into far more mischief than a boy and a girl.

  18. lol!
    Oh god rohini!..I can just abt imagine how tiring it must be for Jai helping u at all!!
    Knowing him he must be sitting back and laughing and cracking jokes!:-)

  19. [Ekta] Just as I am training Ayaan, Jai also has had to be trained. So far, he's doing much better than expected...

  20. I have raised 2 boys - both, more than 2 handfuls. Problem is that there is no relaxing for parents, you're worried about them for different things at different points in time. Ask your parents. LOL

  21. Please amend I have .. in the above post to We have .