Monday, July 17, 2006

Forgotten Skills

It’s been a while since we entertained people over at our place. And this weekend, it was pretty obvious that our entertaining skills are getting rusty to say the least. It’s time we took them out of storage and gave them a good dusting.

On Saturday evening, one of my friends called to say she was dropping in to see us. Mumbai traffic being what it is, she was still on the road at 8 p.m. so we called her and asked her to stay for dinner. Now she is one of my oldest friends and she even stayed with me for a few months when she first came to Mumbai, so even Jai knows her pretty well. So we thought we were just going to have an informal visit and dinner and so proceeded to change into our PJs and get nice and comfy. Only, dear friend had omitted to tell us that she was bringing along her new husband, who we are just getting to know. So there we were, me in my maternity PJs, which I still wear because they are so comfy, and Jai in some horribly shabby shorts that he refuses to throw away.

Now, if only that was all. They had been sitting for about 15 minutes (to our credit, Ayaan was still awake and grabbing whatever was available of our attention), my friend said, “Jai, aren’t you going to get me a drink?” I wanted to sink through the floor – we had not offered them anything to eat or drink. Jai swung into action and got everyone their drinks but not before saying to me in a shocked whisper to me “My God! We’ve forgotten how to entertain guests!!!”

Anyway, most of the evening progressed okay after that except for the part where we forgot to serve the dessert before they left – and that too, it was the dessert that they had brought! I think we need to get ourselves a book on how to maintain basic standards of social etiquette after the baby!


  1. Ha ha ha sounds like they won't be visiting you guys again in a hurry :) but luckily they are close enough friends with you guys that they probably understand.

  2. The REAL test of friendship - see how your friends put up with you after you have a baby. Having one definitely changes your priorities and even (sometimes) creates holes in your memory like swiss cheese. If they can put up with all that, they are definitely worth your time - if not, wait until they have a baby. Then they will understand. :D And, in the meanwhile, do not forget to give them gentle reminders/hints of whats in store for them :P

  3. i thnk you guys are just burnt or youre brain dead...
    a baby is the one and only being in the entire universe that can wrap people around its littlest finger and not put ANY effort into it whatsoever!!...that and yes babies teach you bad social habits..hahhahahha....

  4. hah!
    Hey rohini first time on ur psot..thru ekta's and well we too havent entertained people in a while and ur post got me wondering if we too have lost the "entertaining guests" touch!

  5. Hey, I've so been there. I realize after my guests leave that I didn't even get them a glass of water! Yikes!

    I'd come over so you could practice on me, but I think it's going to have to be a delayed engagement! ;-)

    I just keep chuckling at this. Things get better, honest. Unless, of course, you have another baby!...

  6. Rohini i know just what you mean - like yesterday one of robi's and my close friends came to town and we (with Karan in tow ofcourse, cos we anyway dont have any place else to leave him) went to visit him in his hotel room. we got there, K felt sleepy and we switched off all the lights (cept for one dim light) all for K's comfort, while the 3 of us sat in one corner and played cards. the game also got interrupted a couple of times when K woke up. and all through this, it hadn't even hit me once that our friend might have been muttering under his breath about our lack of manners.....barging into HIS hotel room and switching off the lights and having to whisper and stuff, not to mention being disallowed from smoking inside his own room....only when i read your post today that i thought about it and wondered whether he must have thought to himself whether we have completely lost all social graces.

    but then i would like to justify to myself that close friends (which are
    the only kind we make time to hang out with these days) understand all these lapses and shortcomings in our social skills....and in any event, whether they like it or not....the new "us" is here to stay and they've just got to live with it if they want to continue hanging out with us.

  7. I haven’t been able access my blog all day thanks to the ban on blogspot. I am hoping this is all a foolish error on some official’s part and not the government’s attempt to restrict freedom of expression…. Finally managed to get through this site called pkblogs.

    [Sudha] Thanks for that link. That should make for some interesting reading.

    [Mosilager] I hope so or we will lose whatever meagre social skills for lack of practising on anyone!

    [Gettingthere] Gentle reminders?! No sirree! I like my prep talks on motherhood to be graphic and gory *cackles maniacally*

    [Grafx] I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg too. If you asked my friends, they could probably mention a bunch of other things that I do…

    [Anand] I am sure you wouldn’t be as bad as us - mostly because I am sure you could atleast devote your entire attention to the guests instead of worrying about which piece of furniture the kid was going to run into next...

    [Talena] Things had better improve or I shall be seriously testing my friends’ patience. I am waiting for them to have kids (I am the first in my circle) so that I can stand by the side and give them my best “Told ya so” look.

    [Lawyermama] Tell me about it. These days the first thing I do when we are visiting friends with Ayaan is to start rearranging things in their house to minimise chances of harm to both Ayaan and their stuff! I am sure I would find it pretty upsetting if they turned the tables and came over and started redecorating my house!

  8. First time here. Really loved the comment you left on mine. I can identify with most everything you say. And laughed reading this post. That is so like me, minus the kid part. I guess you guys are just too tired.

  9. If you are like this minus the kid, think what will happen if and when a kid were to be in the picture!

  10. Phew!
    Just about managed to get here through the same PKblog thing.

    Imagine I had just about got around to getting the hang of blogging and now I had to learn something new.

    Well you learn everyday.
    Just a point about those 'horribly shabby shorts'. I'm sure Jai might say No feeling betters that of coming home getting out of the formal stuff and getting to wear them.
    Only take care that 5 years from now when you are sitting back and watching Videos or photographs you suddenly realise that you are wearing those shorts in every single episode, making it look like they are the only ones you ever had.

  11. Yes Jai does love those shorts almost as much as I hate them. They have large red and black checks and continue to survive the best of my springcleaning efforts! :)

  12. See? Now you're scaring me all over again. I'm convinced life as I knew and loved it is officially over.

  13. oho!
    I havent entertained guests in a while..i think my "playing host" skills wld have rusted too!

  14. :)) had a good laugh!!

  15. [Sue] Life as you know it is officially over but you knew that already, didn't you? But the life coming has has lots about it to love as well so don't fret. I would trade my entertating skills (any many other) for the chance to be Ayaan's mom any day...

    [Ekta] Try having a baby and then see what happens.

    {Pearl} I don't think my friends were so amused :)