Thursday, July 20, 2006

I've been tagged!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally arrived in the blogworld. I have been tagged for the very first time and that too by the very cool blogger Smugbug. So here goes…

I am thinking about…
How sick and tired I am of the endless stream of unsolicited parenting advice that I get from family, friends and complete strangers. I know it is well meaning (well, most of it is) but please…. Give me a break! I’ve got it covered. Really!

I said...
“No! No Biting! Ayaan! Mama said ‘No Biting’!”
Ayaan’s latest kick comes from biting people and I am usually the chosen one to feel the surprising sharpness of his teeth on my skin!

I want to…
Find the perfect furniture for our new house. So far, I haven’t had much luck with this – everything is either too tacky or too expensive.

I wish…
I always knew the right thing to say or do in every situation.

I hear…
Selectively. I sometimes switch off from conversations even if they are not boring or irrelevant. I think it’s some kind of attention span issue.

I wonder…
When the silly builder will finally give us possession of our flat. It was supposed to be ready in May and now his latest estimate is early October.

I regret…
Not having travelled more before the Ayaan was born. Travel will never be the same – it will be accompanied with either the hassle of travelling with a kid or the guilt of having left him behind.

I am…
I am stubborn, difficult to please and easy to anger. I sometimes wonder what the people who love me see in me and worry about driving them away.

I dance…
Very rarely these days – a combination of getting older, being married to He Who Has Two Left Feet and having a dramatically curtailed nightlife.

I sing…
Mostly nursery rhymes and lullabies since that’s all that plays on our system at home these days. If we switch if off, Ayaan goes and stands in front of it and points his finger demandingly. Currently, I have “I am little teapot” running through my head.

I cry…
Mostly out of frustration at not getting my way rather than out of any genuine sadness or sensibility. I think Ayaan has inherited this trait of mine and it augurs for some tough times ahead.

I am not always…
As patient a mother as I would like to be. Ayaan is a really fussy eater and really drives me up the wall for his dinner (the one meal a day that I insist on feeding him). I have slapped him (not very hard though) a couple of time in the last few months. I wish I hadn’t…

I make with my hands…
Nothing. Really. I am a terrible cook and have no artistic skills of any sort.

I write…
Only on this blog, not counting work stuff.

I confuse…
Myself about whether I’d rather be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. Ask me on two different days and I might just give you two different answers. With perfectly logical and good reasons to support either.

I need…
To know where Jai is - always. I have an over-active imagination and I worry too much. I just read that again and it sounds a bit like I am worried about him being unfaithful to me. My greater worry is for his safety and incidents like his narrow escape from last week’s blasts only feed my excessive worrying. I worry that this will make me an over-protective mother.

And finally…
I am relieved. After a few months of tension, life on the career front is all figured out. I don't have to quit and a position has come up that suits my personal needs (reasonable working hours and manageable levels of travel) perfectly.

And now, the way this works (I think) is that I have to tag five people who will do this tag on their blogs. So here goes:

Zen: Because I know her outside of the blog world and can (in theory) kick her ass if she doesn’t comply...

Ginga and Booboo: It would be fun to see get a doggy perspective :)

Talena: If she can find the time to introspect the deep questions of this tag in the midst of all the childcare, scrap booking, home improvement projects and of course, dusting. :)

Gettingthere: It’s about time she wrote a new post…

The_Outsider: Maybe this will push him into writing his first proper post


  1. :) [yay] the first one to comment :) [ and a first time comment on ur blog]

    I known what the LONGING for perfect piece of furniture is. :)

    oh well, in bbay try - cln str8 lines, store in mahalaxmi

    fab india = not so expensive and nice uber earthy look

    raj antiques = tardeo, a diginified version of chor bazaar

    and if u can wait, somewhere round oct-dec, wickerworld from hauz kauz, delhi has their exhibition in either juhu or town. nice stuff :)

    have fun with the decoartion :)

    moi !

  2. Ulp!
    What is this 'tagged' ?.
    I just about understood that i have to answer all the points here.
    Fine I'll get down to that. I am not so sure about tagging 5 people though

    And you are right I have to write my first post. I guess I better start collecting all my comments from your blog and go and write them on my own :-))).

  3. i used to be really possesive and worry about all my ex'es..but now that im married.. suddenly i am totally not worried about A......ah my gad i sound so baad!! but i know i will be a real dragon when it comes to my kids... eeks!! im am REALLY bad!!

    oh and "im a little teapot" is one of my favorites!!! we still sing it in the car and giggle.. lol...

  4. Okay, I did it! That was fun.

    And you are too funny. *chuckle*

  5. hey,
    ayaan has started biting..haha!! must be a notorious time for him...u must be on ur feet all the time!!

  6. [Once Again] Hey! Thanks for visiting. And for all the tips on the furniture shops. I checked out Red, Blue & Yellow already and one of their dining tables is on my shortlist. What I really need now is nice bedroom furniture and the beds there all had very sharp corners – not recommended with an over-active toddler in the house! My sofas and centre tables are already from Wicker World from their last exhibition in Mumbai – I didn’t know they did beds though. Will check out Fabindia and Raj this weekend. Thanks J

    [Outsider] Yup that’s pretty much it – just do the same post on your blog too. I am looking forward to reading that so tell me when you’ve posted…

    [Grafx] I am not possessive – atleast not extraordinarily so. I just worry a lot because Jai is so very careless and he is always on his cellphone oblivious of what is happening around him!

    [Talena & Mosilager] Will come over and check it out in a bit. Thanks for doing the tag – atleast I haven’t lost complete face because nobody did it.

    [Ekta] Not so funny when you are the receiving end. And I am the only one he will bite – he never goes after Jai. Unfair, I say...

  7. heheh...I think u must put chocolate paste on jai's me he will leave u alone!:-)

  8. Whoa! the Jai incident was scary indeed. You know, a couple of pals of mine also had a close shave!! They always travel First class and board the same train. Guess what saved them, their sudden urge to enjoy a glass of Sugarcane juice. Bolo "Ganna"-pati bappa morya!! :D

  9. OK Boss! now I've managed to do the tag.
    I couldn't do the hyperlink thing inside the comment so when you find the time please do go across to the blog.

  10. [Ekta] Good idea. Unforunately, I don't think it's so much about taste but more a way of expressing himself. He will usually do this is he is feeling very affectionate or very pissed off.

    [Handful] Stuff like this is pretty scary because you realise that every small decision you make could be a potentially life-threatening one...

    [Outsider] Nice debut post. Pretty cool that you figured out how to link stuff so soon - it took me a while...keep writing.

  11. Hey Rohini

    I was doing a search for the Red, Blue, Yellow store and stumbled upon your blog. i completely understand your problem with the furniture hunt..I've been searching for the RIGHT sofa for the living room forever and somehow its been eluding me!! you're right, furniture in bombay is either madly expensive or horribly tacky. why is there no via media? all i want is some comtemporary furniture with clean straight lines. not one for the ornate, heavily carved stuff. anyway, did you go to Tranceforme in the same lane as RBY? Both have nice things, the only prob is you need to place and order and wait while they custom make it. i've just identified a place called FCI in Fort that seems promising (they have a sale on till 17th dec) and am trekking into town tomorrow to have a look so it better be worth it!

    hope you find what you're looking for and do let me know if you come across any interesting places. nice to know that someone's as obsessed with finding the right piece of furniture as i am :)

  12. Hi there,

    I stole this tag:)
    I had fun doing it.