Monday, July 31, 2006

A new way to get your blog noticed

Isn't this just the cutest?

Thanks for the link, Sameer.


  1. Is this just something you found on the internet? Is it something available in India. I want my shirts available in India.

    I'm serious. I don't get rich from them but it would be the ultimate tag. I'll even do a Mommy shirt.

  2. I think my head just burst!



  3. hehe yeah i saw this on a news site too... it read "I read my daddy's blog".. lol another way to advertize.. USE YOUR KIDS!!! hahahaha

  4. [Uberstreeckx] Actually it is just something that I found on the internet - here. These are not available in India. The problem you would face would be the shipping charges since those might end up exceeding the cost of the T-shirt!

    [Megha] Isn't it? I want one of those so badly. Have told a cousin to get it for me the next time he visits India.

    [Grafxgurl]It's the least they can do in return for the strecth marks, sleepless nights and lack of a life in general that they cause...

  5. lol!!!!
    if u do get a t-shirt, i'd luuuvvvv to see a pic of Ayaan wearing it!

  6. Do you get him to wear it to the park and then answer questions like " Yeh blog kya cheez hai ji?"


  7. awww!
    This is so just for this I want a kid too!!

  8. [Aqua/ Perspective Inc] Adorable, isn't it?

    [Sudha] Absolutely will post a pic if and when I do manage to get my hands on the T-shirt.

    [30in2005] Good point but I think the only people who really read the T-shirts and feel happy about them are the parents!

    [Ekta] Wanting to see him/her in a cute T-shirt may not be the most rational reason to have a kid ;)

  9. Does Ayaan realy wear this? how cute:))