Friday, August 18, 2006


There should be a word to describe the whole experience of going for a trip with a baby. Because ‘holiday’, ‘vacation’ and ‘break’ are grossly inaccurate ways of describing it.

To start with, you travel with enough stuff to feed and clothe an army. The tough part here is not that you have to carry it because other than loading it on and off the trolley at the airport, that part is largely taken care of for you. But the packing and unpacking can sure be a downer. There are so many fragile items that you have to pack with care and then you worry about them till you can open your suitcase again and reassure yourself. Try packing the video camera, the digital camera, the baby monitor and multiple jars of baby food in a suitcase whilst ensuring that each is safely cushioned amongst soft items like clothes, don’t touch each other and are far enough from the load-bearing areas and you will know just what I mean. And with the crazy levels of airport security, we had to open up everything at the baggage check because they wanted to see what the suspicious liquid (baby food) was and also made us separate the batteries from all the electronic equipment. Phew! I was exhausted before we even started…

The plane journey to Goa was reasonably uneventful since the flight was not full and we were able to able to put Ayaan in a seat of his own. For once, he was not the noisiest baby on the flight (he more than made up for this good behaviour on the flight back but I’ll get to that a little later). By the time, we got the hotel, it was already evening so Ayaan played around in the rooms for a bit and then we took him down for dinner. We took along a folding booster seat so he was able to sit at the table with us. This was good for us but I am sure the hotel staff would disagree since the area where we sat looked like a war zone since Ayaan decided to test his throwing arm on whatever food and cutlery he could get his hands on! After that, we made sure to sit outside to reduce our nuisance value to the hotel and its other guests!

Sunday was fun since we introduced Ayaan to the pool for the first time. He was a little apprehensive so we started really slow. I sat at the edge of the kiddies pool with him in my lap and let him dangle his toes in the water for a while. Then he stood knee-deep on the first step and then waist-deep on the second step, before I carried him into the pool with me. After some initial wariness, he really enjoyed himself and even played with another boy.

In the evening, we took him to the beach. He enjoyed playing in the sand but the sea completely freaked him out. Basically, the shifting sands under the water bothered him. So we spread out his toys on the beach and he happily played with his toys for quite a while.

Monday was not so great since Ayaan got a fever and was cranky and clingy through the day. I don’t know if it was the time in the pool or the air-conditioned environs of the hotel that did it but that pretty much sent the 'holiday' for a toss. On Tuesday, we left in the afternoon. Ayaan refused to nap in the morning, cried throughout the flight and threw up all over me when we landed.

Phew! It will be a while before I try that again…

As for the pictures, the humidity completely screwed up the cameras and they refused to work. The digital camera worked for some of the time so here are some of the pictures, we did manage to click…

Mama's little helper (or atleast that's what he thinks since he was under the mistaken impression that I was packing when actually I was unpacking and he kept putting his books and toys back into the suitcase)

Ayaan makes a splash...

Ayaan makes a friend in the pool. This kid played with him really sweetly - running around in the pool while Ayaan chased him around, propelled by me. He laughed and laughed...

Ayaan tries to climb over the barrier into the big people's pool. Check out his cute swim diapers - they have Nemo the fish on them.

Ayaan at lunch just outside the main dining room...


  1. awwwwwwwww!!!! youre such a great mummy!!! ooh nice toned arms i see!! * note to self : must tone arms and flail more at aerobics class*

    oh he's having a great time that boy!!!

    ok now i cant wait to have

    but yeah..the throwing part has to be undergone no matter what huh!
    poor kid.

    glad your back!!

  2. Hey, welcome back - sorry that the trip wasn't all fantastic, but you guys had some fun, right? Ayaan really looks adorable, thanks for sharing the pics!


  3. welcome back! awww ayaan looks so cute...and he seems to be really enjoying himself in the pool. just LOOK at that happy face!

    and hey i didn't know about "swimming diapers" till i got to goa. waaah!

  4. You're back from your ‘holiday’/‘vacation’/‘break’ . Ummm.... let's call it trip for now :))
    Nice pictures. You can tell the little one had a blast. I didn't even know you had something called swim diapers.

  5. That has got to be just about the cutest kid ever (except mine, of course! ;-D)

    Does it help to say it gets easier? No, it is not going to be like it used to be (you know, "pre-children") for a long time, but as they get older, travelling becomes less and less of an ordeal. Hard to imagine now, since you are the only one amongst your group of friends with kids. Part of what kept me sane was watching my friend's kids, knowing that before long, I too would be enjoying the relative freedom they seemed privvy too, with a child only 10 months or a year older than mine.

    It seems like an eternity right now, but it will pass before you know it. You'll wake up one morning and go, "Hey, it's been three weeks since Ayaan threw anything on the floor at a meal! Or spilled on his bib! And he's walking pretty much everywhere himself, now. And pulling up his own pants! Well! I guess it's time to have another one!" (That last line is usually what comes next in my head, anyway! LOL! However, it won't be happening this time around--no longer an option.)

    Thanks for the run-down of the trip. Have a great day!

  6. awww...the snaps are so sweet!
    FInally gotta see ayaan!:-)
    well it must be quite an experience to take a vacation with a baby and guess can be more tiring than relaxing!
    I think he looks a lot like jai:-)

  7. [Grafx] You thought those were toned arms?! Just goes to show how misleading pictures can be. They are not toned by any stretch of imagination and I am really not trying to be modest here. Really!

    [Nee] In the end, I think the trip was still worth it even for just that one hour that Ayaan spent in the pool – he enjoyed himself so much!

    [Aqua] Swimming diapers are a really cool invention. But they are REALLY expensive, costing almost 6 times the cost of a normal diaper.

    [M] I actually learnt about swim diapers through another mommy blog. And I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be available in India. But I tried my luck at a shop that keeps imported baby stuff and they actually had it.

    [Talena] It really does feel like an eternity right now. Especially since all the other kids at the hotel happened to be much better behaved. Or maybe that was because I looked at them from afar and didn't have to deal with their antics up close – their moms probably thought they were little monsters too!

    [Ekta] Everyone says he looks a lot like Jai. But for me, he just looks like Ayaan now.

  8. I would think your trip went off exceptionally well. I can imagine the part about the lunch where genrally things are streaming away from the table.
    You did not mention anything about Ayaan having ear-ache during the flight.

    Why even bother with Swim diapers are you trying to be civil to other pool users? I would think every kid would have done it.
    Heard of this one..
    person1: Spell psychology
    person2: P-S-Y-C-H-O-L-O-G-Y
    person1: what happened to the 'P'
    person2: 'P' is silent
    person1: Oh! P silent as in swimming!

    Now that you've opened the topic you got me scared thinking about the big job!
    I think they will be too busy about saving themselves from drowning to think about it.

  9. oh my gosh- i know what you mean. i just flew for the first time with jett. he made 'friends' with everyone around us on the plane- even the guy next to me that clearly did not have any interest in an 8 month old baby. yikes. and i know we had enough bags for a family of 8- whew. not again for a long time! :)

    ayaan is adorable as always- his hair is growing out.

  10. [Outsider] I think it was basically to be civil to other pool users. Do unto others and all that...

    [Mamo] Friendly beats cranky any day... and Ayaan was born with a full head of hair - we had shaved it off for a ceremony we have here in India for babies.

  11. Oh, such shweet pictures!!!He does look really happy in the swimming pool!! :)

  12. [Inquisitive Akka] He was pretty apprehensive and grumpy to start with but then he really got into it.

  13. Myabe he's like me. My mum says I was ill everytime we went on a holiday. I even ran up a fever for every wedding/festivity.

    She can't wait for me to experience what I put her through.

  14. [Sue] I hope not!

  15. hey, I have heard other stories of kids getting fevers after playing in swimming pools.
    *note to self* never let kid get in a pool.

    yeah, I am going to be a super-paranoid mom :(

    great pics.

  16. I used to be a fickle kid too, my mom never tires telling me all my horror stories as a kid. Nice post and nicer pics :)

  17. That was some adventure with Ayaan! He seems to have a had a great time in the water! Cutie pie!

  18. [Sudha] It is always a constant struggle to maintain a balance between exposing Ayaan to new things and protecting him from the inherent dangers. If I had to do it again, I would still take him to the pool.

    [Handful] As you can see, I am telling the horror stories real time through my blog already...

    [Pearl] He REALLY loved the water after some initial apprehension.

  19. Rohini, where did you go? Are you on holidays again already? ;-D

  20. [Talena] Hey. Guess I have been neglecting the blog a bit. Last week was a killer - first Ayaan was sick, then I had to start taking over my new full-time assignment and then I fell sick too. New post coming up soon...

  21. Here's another mummy's blog; Have a look: lots of funny stuff and pictures of her little princess...

    Btw, you and Ayaan look fantastic :)

  22. Awwww @ pics
    (sooo adorable!)

  23. I've been sick this week, so I can relate. Blech. My father and brother are coming for the weekend, and my house is still a total disaster because I have been sitting on my John Hind-parts for most of the week trying to recoup. Here I am, sitting on them again when I should be cleaning bathrooms. Aren't I good at procrastinating?

  24. hey, i was trying to show you my inconsiderate paranoid side there.

    you have been away for a while now. hope u r feeling alright.

    post,post. more pics, pics!

  25. You seem to have had a blast! I was very apprehnsive about taking my 1 yr old to a hill station but she had a ball and met a lot of little monkeys ( real ones unlike her) also her first train journey- many thanks to the Indian railways!! A MUST DO I would say....

  26. [Lonelyinspace] Thanks for the link and the compliment :)

    [Perspective] Thanks :)

    [Talena] You should see my house right now. I have given up the battle since we are moving in October and I feel very little ownership for this house now.

    [Sudha] Have been a bit ill and also back to full-time work. Have grand plans for writing a post this weekend. Watch this space.

    [Artnavy] I don't think I would survive a train journey with Ayaan. Just the short plane ride from Mumbai to Goa was so draining!

  27. Oh you at least had partial fun, that's more than what you can ask for I guess. I am not looking forward to that 22 hour flight to India this December with a 2 year old kid :(

  28. WHERE art thou? possssssssttttt pliss!! and summore pitchas!!!

  29. [Twisted DNA] I do not envy you that flight. Check out the heated discussion on flying with babies in the comments section here

    [Grafx] Coming up soon. Have been really sick and then really busy. Have resolved to churn out a post tomorrow.

  30. :) in response to this post as well as another.... ayaan looks adorable... looks like club mahindra.. is that where you stayed?

    as for travelling light with a kid... we earlier used ot travel with even his crib to make him feel safe. but then we began to drag him around so much that we stopped bothering. we just take enough clothes so that we dont need to wash and diapers. formula can be bought anywhere and we feed him everything we eat... pretty much most places can give you breadsticks and butter and potatoes if you are worried. so hey presto. problem solved. we travel light now. no toys either. he plays with whatever he finds around the place. combs, hairbands.. anything.