Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Of noses and belly buttons

I have been trying to teach Ayaan his body parts for a really long time now. About a month ago, he got what and where a nose was and would point to his nose every time you said the word. This was really exciting but he got kind of stuck on this and no matter what body part I mentioned or pointed to, he would point only to his nose.

And finally a breakthrough. He has been very interested in my tummy of late – lots of flab, an abundance of stretch marks and the presence of a belly button all add up to irresistible in his little world. So whenever I am flat on my back, he comes and lifts up my T-shirt and starts poking around. So I would point to my belly button and say “Belly button” and then point to his and repeat. Today in the morning, I asked him –“Ayaan, where’s your belly button?” fully expecting him to point to his nose. And he actually lifted his T-shirt up and pointed right at it. Pride and joy!

The first word has happened too. He has been saying Mama for over a month now though we go back and forth about whether that’s just a new sound or whether he is actually referring to me. Currently, he seems to have got bored with plain vanilla ‘Mama’ and is experimenting with various ways of saying it…


and so on and so forth...These are also said with varying degrees of emphasis, intonations and at various volumes. I think he trying to find the best rendition that he is going to be comfortable with using for the next 50 years.

Among other non-words that he is constantly blabbering, there is something called ‘Dan-yaa’ that comes up pretty often. The jury is still out on whether those are his first attempts to say ‘Daddy’...


  1. i bet he would be great at learning THAI!!...that language has so many intonations its a national disaster!!

    reading up on Ayaan's developmentshas really enticed me to start having Kids ASAP!!!

    SO much fun!!

  2. I know what you mean about whether they are actually talking to you or not--my kids have always made "ma-ma" sounds first, but I am sure they always said their dad's name first.

    And here I thought my kids always poked my belly button just 'cause I was pregnant. Apparently it's a universal interest, baby or no!

  3. I was reminded of another post on seeing your statement This was really exciting but he got kind of stuck on this and no matter what body part I mentioned or pointed to, he would point only to his nose.

    Not probably relevant to the speech development of Ayaan, but that was a funny read. Please have a look, if and when Ayaan lets you. LOL

    Gounder Brownie Speaks

  4. That's so cool. I remember being very excited when my baby sister started talking... eventually they start having actual conversations. It's the best thing ever!

  5. awww!!!
    thats sooo cuteee!!!!!!!
    It must be soo exciting to see little things like these and each of them means ayaan is growing up a little more:-)
    I can just imagine how adorable he must be right now!!
    Enjoy all these moments!

  6. [Grafx] I think I need to do a post on the not-so-cute bits so that you don't beat me up for misleading you.

    [Talena] He started saying 'Da-da' too yesterday. This sure is an exciting time.

    {Visitor] Ha ha! That was a funny post.

    [Mosilager] Ayaan is already having conversations - just not any that we can understand...

    [Ekta] Yes, this is a fun time...

  7. Thats so very very very cute :)

  8. Thanks for dropping by :)
    I came across a post which talked about babies and moms and had a lot of such links - thought i'd give you the link:

  9. oh well,
    maybe he's trying 2 derive different variations of "mama" ...

    like for my mum ... in an emergency it is

    ma-mmeeee-ma-meeeee-ma-meeeee [the sound of an abulance]

    maaaa-maaaaaa-maaaaaaaaaa- [its the echo effect, for those melodramatic moments ]


    mom-mmayyy-mom-mmayyy [the goat bleet effect for those good ole moments of irritating her]


    good luck to ayaan !

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  11. You know I usually find "mommy" blogs so boooring but you write really damn well...cute and funny..
    and now even i want kids!

  12. I received your mail. Thanks for the information.

  13. [Pearl] I think so too :)

    [Visitor] Thanks for the link

    [Once Again] Looks like he's not going to gow out of this then :)

    [Ashutosh] Most welcome. By the way, she also does cakes of the *ahem* adult variety

    [Perspective] Thanks :). Though I really think I need to do a post on some of the not-so-nice things - too many people seem to be getting carried away by all the cute posts... :)

  14. too many people seem to be getting carried away by all the cute posts... :)

    know wat u mean. i hav a friend who is going thru it, and ...well, lets just say its going to take more than cute-posts to want to have kids :P

    *scrambling back to add* But i love ur blog and ur cute moments all the same.