Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Height of procrastination

It’s been too long. Again. Anyway, I am back and have decided to start off with addressing the backlog of tags. To start with, here's my attempt at the heights tag from Itchingtowrite and Artnavy.

Height of cruelty

Ayaan’s violent behaviour which is usually directed towards me – on an average day, I am subjected to biting, slapping, hair-pulling and pinching. If this is not domestic abuse, I don’t know what is.

Height of reward

Opening the shoe drawer (which he knows I disapprove of), closing it and then clapping for himself – all the while looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to join in the applause.

Height of challenge

Ayaan trying to help me with the laundry. To start with, he wants to take the clothes out of the laundry hamper that just happens to be taller than him. Then he wants to carry the clothes to the machine. At first, he tries to lift the whole pile. After attempting this for a while, he decides to scale down his ambitions a bit and picks up a smaller part of the pile. He then takes it to the machine and puts it in. He continues to repeat this till all the clothes are moved but he gets more and more tired so the clothes are dropped off at various points in the route to the washing machine. So the end result is no clothes near the hamper, 3-4 clothes in the machine and all the rest in a long trail from the hamper to the machine…

Height of vigilance

Ayaan always knowing where our mobile phones at are every moment of the day and constantly trying to figure out a way of getting at them.

Height of dieting

Ayaan refusing to eat more than a few spoons of his dinner. And throwing it up on the day that he did finish it all. I think it must have something to do with the big, fat molars sprouting in the back of his mouth.

Height of comparison

Ayaan putting on Jai’s shoes and walking around in them as if that’s just the right size for him to be wearing already...

Height of rivalry

Hating it when I have any conversation (live or on the phone) that does not revolve around and include him. In the car, he will actually start whining and fussing if Jai and I so much as exchange a couple of words of adult conversation.

Height of anger

Everyday meltdown moments when even the smallest of things don’t go according to Ayaan’s grand plans – made all the more complex by the fact that he lacks the ability to communicate these plans to us.

Height of table manners

Sharing his breakfast with the crows by putting pieces of his toast out on the window sill. The crows have become quite bold too – they hop right up and grab a piece while we’re still sitting there.

Height of choice

First thing the morning, the only thing that Ayaan will agree to eat is cornflakes – just plain, without the milk.

Height of choosiness

Ayaan agreeing to sit on his potty only while fully dressed. Putting him there minus the bottom half of his clothing is a surefire recipe for a meltdown moment.

Height of dadagiri (bossiness)

Ayaan ordering the whole household around by pointing at things and uttering an aggressive ‘unnnhh’ roughly translatable as “GIMME THAT! NOW!”

Height of provocation

Ayaan throwing down his plateful of finger food and then watching for my reaction. He gets thrilled by both anger and amusement on my part so now I am trying the ‘I am pretending I didn’t see that’ approach to discourage the throwing.

Height of endorsement

When I am feeding Ayaan, he turns his head away to refuse whatever it is that I am trying to feed him and then picks up a piece of the same offending item and offers it to me…

Height of embarrassment

Ayaan showing his whole arm down the front of my top and pulling the neckline down…

Height of irony

Ayaan refusing to sit in his pram in his pre-walking days and then months after he started walking and just when we were going to give the pram away, he started enjoying morning walks in the pram.

Height of starting early

Ayaan already practicing his parenting skills with his Noddy. If you say “Ayaan, put Noddy to ninnee (sleep)”, he will put the Noddy on the bed and start patting him!

Height of daredevilry

Ayaan wanting to climb up and come down the slide all by himself! Any obvious attempts to help or support him are met with extreme irritation.

Height of cleanliness

Ayaan hating to get his hands dirty. If he gets too much food on them during meals, he holds them up to be wiped.

Height of grooming

When I am dressing Ayaan, he picks up his brush and first brushes his hair and then tries to brush mine. I use the word ‘brushing’ pretty loosely here – mostly my head just gets banged a bit.

Height of participation

When I am having breakfast, Ayaan comes and hovers around me and takes bites out of whatever I am eating (even if it is the same thing he rejected for his own breakfast just minutes ago). Once I am done, he insists on taking my plate to the kitchen and handing it to the maid.

There, all done. Now comes the part when I pass it on. I tag Talena, Mint and Ranjit (for the doggy perspective on the heights)


  1. Haha!! funny! the laundry basket one was my favourite.

  2. ha ha.. so cute the laundry helper.. and offering the piece of food that he didn't like it to u- just challenging u i guess- lets see how u push that down!! ha ha thanks for taking the tag

  3. This made me laugh! And it is ALL so familiar, I could just copy and paste it over to mine, and just change the names. Seriously.

    (But I won't.)

    Glad to see you are alive and kicking!

  4. [Video] *proud motherly smile*

    [Itching] It was a fun tag so thank you for thinking it up

    [Talena] You must have got stories to tell for each one - what with having done it three times over...

  5. lovely tag...
    its so sweet so aayan....

  6. wow!
    with you on the cell phone watching.. on the hopping back into his stroller now that he walks, brushing my hair and pulling out clumps, feeding the birds, forcing me to eat the crap i feed him, plenty of aggression and violence and meltdowns... and oh.. he's taken off my wraparound shirts twice in public. fortunately i have not been in lacy bras.. but conservative mommy type ones... oh wait.. is that the fortunate part?

  7. [Tanushree] Thanks :)

    [Madmomma] Really? He took your top off?? That must have been really embarassing... mommy bra or not!

  8. ayaan is such a cutie. and that reminds me i have a long overdue tag that i still have not done :(

  9. I love the shoe picture! I used to do that too... I'm heavily writing my thesis so probably can't do the tag since after dec 11 but maybe if you leave a comment on the dog blog lova or imei will take it :)

  10. [M] I have three! Well, atleast I made a start.

    [Ranjit] Will leave the comment for sure.

  11. :-)

    well, ayaan and my neice would just get along like a house on fire.

    and the pic with him in the dungarees with jai's shoes is tres cool :)

    I wanna go back to being a kid again.

  12. Great blog. Ayaan is sure growing up fast.

  13. hey you!! im back!! wow!! looks like you have your hands full!!! Ayaan is growing like a Giraffe!!!! just wait til he's taller than you.. RUN!!! hahahaa

    good to be back!!

  14. [Once Again] Those are not just any dungarees either - they are Baby Gap dungarees.

    [Patti] I know - he's become a person!

    [Grafx] Welcome back! Ayaan being taller than me is something that's definitely going to happen - he was born in the 90th percentile in height!

  15. Rohini, I agree with Scrapnqueen. All the stories are so familar and I must say very well put by you. That's the reason why i love reading your blogs so much!

    K does most of the above things too...although I wish he would help me with the laundry and clear my plate once I am done eating. He does however, help me mop up the floor when he has peed or dropped water there, and yesterday he was so obliging, that he actually put a fresh cloth on the floor before peeing and made sure that he peed properly onto that....but trying putting him on a potty without clothes, he's exactly like ayaan!

    Do let me know when and how you pottry train ayaan. btw, is he off the bottle?

  16. Nice one! ... A lot of the things Ayaan does reminds me of my niece. :)

  17. [Lawyermama] Well you are half way to potty training if he atleast does it on a cloth! As for the bottle, Ayaan never took to the bottle and even till today refuses to come within two feet of anything that looks like milk... It drives me crazy since I worry about his calcium intake but I guess the silver lining there is I don't have to worry about weaning him off the bottle

    [Swapna] Guess he is not as unique as I like to think he is...

  18. lol! that was a lot of fun!
    im wondering how Ayaan and u too will react reading this 20 yrs from now...just like the rst of ur blog posts.
    That part about Ayaan dishing out "domestic abuse" is hard to believe though. He seems like such a peaceful kid!

  19. I swear I tried 3 times to do this post but ended up taking your answers. Can't I just change "Ayaan" to "the Boy" or "Girl" and post it on my blog?? : )

  20. with you on the "height of embarassment" thingy... i have to keep pulling my top up in public when T does that :)

  21. Ayaan has been tagged.. do see if you want to take it up!

  22. and oops.. here's the link.

  23. [Sudha] Ha! Come and spend a day with us and then we'll see how peaceful you think he is...

    [Mint] Being a first time mom, everything seems so novel and amazing - I guess you must be thinkg - "Yeah yeah, been there, sone that"

    [Mommyof2] Thanks :)

    [Aqua] These days, I avoid wearing anything with stretch :)

    [Madmomma] Cool. Will do in a bit...

    Now that Anush is more grown she would identify with a lot of these

    As a reward, here is another tag you need to do- refer my post- "A few of my *** things"

  25. [Artnavy} You stole a post idea that was on the tip of my fingers... :) I will give it a shot...

  26. hahaha!
    Loved the snaps with him wearing jais shoes...guess he is growing up!

  27. He just loves shoes. We have to keep them hidden from them most of the time! He even tries wearing my heels and walking in them...

  28. Rohini, why dont you try giving ayaan curds - if he doesn't like milk - in order to ensure that he gets required level of calcium. do mail me at if you need any recipes. I have got some great curd recipes, although K doesn't like curd!