Sunday, January 21, 2007

Counting my Blessings

New Year’s Day has come and gone, as has my blog birthday (Yes! My blog is one year old). Looking back at the last one year, I have spent a lot of time bitching and moaning about the guilt and the trauma of being a working mom. I guess this is as good an occasion as any for me to count my blessings, look at the silver lining, see the brighter side of things, make lemonade with my lemons… to cut short the barrage of clichés, I am basically forcing myself to write about what is good about being a working mom (as opposed to my usual laundry list of reasons why it sucks).

I am never bored (exhausted but never bored)
I feel that spending every hour or every day with Ayaan might get to be boring at times. He is fun to be around but after reading Hop on Pop for the 15th time in the day, you do sometimes feel like pulling your brains out through your ears!

I get to exercise my brain
I think what would really pinch if I stopped working would be the complete lack of adult conversation through most of the day. With my job, I get to interact and work with some really intelligent people on a daily basis and it sure does keep my brain ticking.

I make every moment with Ayaan count
Guilt is a strong driving force. So I drive myself to exhaustion to ensure that I juice the maximum out of every moment that I spend with him. I feed him, bathe him and change him when I am at home. In the 3-4 hours that I spend with him, I read atleast 5 books (often the same book 5 times over) to him and take him to the park twice a day (if I am not travelling)

I get a time out
Ayaan is at a pretty frustrating age right now, though I could have probably have said that about him at any time in the past 20 months. Sometimes it all gets a bit too much and I feel all crabby and exhausted. At times like this, travel heals all. A little time away and my batteries are recharged and I am craving for my little devil again.

I have a lot of money
I love to shop and own nice things. Having my own income saves me from having to justify my expenses, both rational and irrational. It also ensures that we are pretty well off as a family and were able to afford to buy a house (with the help of a hefty bank loan) in pricey Mumbai after just 7 years of working.

Anyway, that’s my uncharacteristic attempt to look at life through rose-tinted glasses and see the grass on my side as greener (just can’t seem to stop the clichés today). I am off to Brazil for work and will be away from my little munchkin for almost a week, so expect a return to the regular ‘I wanna be a stay at home mom’ programming sometime then!


  1. Being a working mother sounds awesome but sometimes I wonder if I would do it...since my mom didn't work, I can't really visualise it, although lawyeramma does a great job.

  2. Have fun in Brazil!!! (And please bring back some pictures of the beach and any nubile ladies on it ;))


    Congrats on 1 yr

    have fun in brazil- is it summer there now?

    and also remmeber to thank our lucky stars for having a good support system at home-working mom or non working one -it helps

  4. I love your arguments-for-but-not quite....your blog renders you such a competent, all-round person with career, kid and home that I'm nearly always amazed...I barely manage to get out of bed and to work on a daily basis!

    Congrats on the blog turning one. Many more years of wisdom to come I hope!

    Have a lovely trip!

  5. Brazil! WOW!!!! Have fun, lady!

    Definitely with u on all the reasons. I'd choose to be a working-mom myself. (though i don't see it happening anytime in the near and not-so-near future ;) )

    Congrats on you blog birthday :)

  6. congrats on the 1 year anniv for the blog. And brazil will be all summery and nice......

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  8. Brazil?! I am going to leave off my regular "I love being a SAHM" programming to say "I WANNA GO TO BRAZIL! WAH!"

    Okay, I'm done now. Have a blast! And happy blogoversary!

  9. Hi,
    Congratulations on your blog turning one.

  10. Rohini,
    First time here. Congratulations on you blog-anniversary! got to know you a li'l bit and enjoyed reading the post.

  11. hun....i dont know what to say except that its teh story of my lil imp's like 1 yr old now and i certainly do know what u mean. love and good luck. sujatha

  12. hope you have a great time in Brazil!

  13. congrats and enjoy ur time in Brazil:-)

  14. [Beks] Well, my mom did and I have trouble with not living up to the high standards she set.

    [Ranjit] What beach?! Went there, attended meeting and came back. The meeting was in a town near Sao Poalo - hundreds of miles away from any beach.

    [Artnavy] Well it was winter but the place is like Mumbai so it was warm and sunny mostly.

    [30in2005] I think I manage to come across as more together than I really am. I have daily guilt pangs and panic attacks that are likely to send me to an early grave!

    [Sudha] That's what I thought when I was at your stage of life but I am pretty conflicted about being a working mom - the decision is not as easy or obvious as it seems before you have a kid.

    [Somethingtosay] It was winter but summery nonetheless.

    [Talena] Well, I had fun but didn't get to experience Brazil all that much. Came back to a sick, cranky and very clingy toddler...

    [Zen/ Orchid/ Suemamma/ Mommyof2] Thanks

    [Sujatha] You a working mom as well?

  15. Great to read the chirpy blob. Are u back to your groans and moans after the Brazil trip? Also consider the fact that once Ayaan knows u r going to be home all the time he may start spending less time with u!!!

  16. awesome! enjoy brazil!

  17. too bad they let you go there without giving you some time to goof off...

  18. hav a great time in brazil! congrats on turning 1.. and the reasons u mention seems so right. esp the money part. i hav known kids wo r v proud of their working moms & they boast abt it to their friends

  19. hav a great time in brazil! congrats on turning 1.. and the reasons u mention seems so right. esp the money part. i hav known kids wo r v proud of their working moms & they boast abt it to their friends

  20. [Patti] Groans and moans coming up soon - watch this space

    [Mona] Thanks I did, in the limited way given time constraints

    [Mosilager] Actually I could have stayed there longer and checked out the hotspots but one week away from home feels like a year when you have a kid

    [Itchingtowrite] Yup - that was me. I was always really proud to have a working mom too

  21. Yucka! Had to go through all the travel time, without any of the benefits? What was the point of that?! Hope Ayaan is feeling a little better by now.

    Hope you and Jai are doing well, too! Have a great weekend!

  22. [Talena] Actually Ayaan got worse all week and then we had to resort to the dreaded antibiotics but he is improving now...

  23. aww...ur gonna be away from ayaan for a week!...hope u dont miss him much and hope jai doesnt go insane managing him without u!:-)

  24. counting our blessings instead of dwelling on the not-so-green side of the grass. way to go Ro!

    how did Jai manage during that one week?

  25. [Ekta/ Aqua] Actually I made my mom come over for the time I was away. Jai manages quite well on his own but one of my maids was on leave and I was going to be away for the longest time yet so I just felt better that she was there to fill in.