Thursday, March 08, 2007

One, Two, Three...

Sue has tagged me. Given that it has been all ‘Me! Me! Me!’ lately on the blog, I thought it would be a good change (not to mention cuter and more fun) to do this from Ayaan’s perspective, with some minor modifications.

Three things that scare Ayaan:

  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing
  3. Did I mention nothing?

Three people who make Ayaan laugh:

  1. Me, by making animal noises
  2. Jai, by tickling him
  3. His Patti, by making funny faces

Three things Ayaan loves:

  1. Keys. Of any size and shape – from his big, plastic toy keys to my car keys. Once he gets one of those in his hand, he runs all over the house trying to unlock doors and drawers with them.
  2. Music. Or gaana as he calls it. The minute I walk in the door, he runs to the music system and points, demanding that it be switched on. His current favourite is ‘Little Bo Peep’, which he asks me to sing to him a lot by saying ‘Mama, Bopee’ and when I am done he says, ‘Bopee more’. Sometimes this can happen five times a row, especially when we are in the car!
  3. Noddy. It all started with the gift of a Noddy soft toy from my cousin. Now Ayaan won’t sleep without it and has got a disgusting habit of biting its nose (which barely exists now), which from a distance looks like he is making out with it. The love for Noddy has now expanded with his Noddy books, VCDs and nightsuit. Check out the pictures of Ayaan biting Noddy's nose, the poor Noddy with his destroyed nose, and the Noddy nightsuit.

Three things that Ayaan hates:

  1. My attention being divided. If I am home, I have to be there with him a 100%. He hates it if any of the maids tries to join us and has a screaming fit if I go to the bathroom.
  2. Milk. He has hated milk of all types since the day he was born. He drove me crazy with his fussiness when he was exclusively on breast milk. And even now, we count it as a good day if we can get more than half a cup of milk into him.
  3. The Corner. We started time-outs last month and predictably, Ayaan is less than pleased. He stays in the corner but cries with all the rage and fury he can muster. And when I am done and call him to me, he refuses to come and continues to have a tantrum. Then I just have to ignore him for a bit and he’s back to normal.

Three things that Ayaan doesn’t understand:

  1. That it is not a good idea to hit me and it usually earns him some corner time but he is yet to make the connection
  2. That when I am home, I need a few breaks to go to the loo and other such stuff. He is really nice about letting me leave the house (these days he comes to the door and gives me a hug and a kiss) but going to another room is just not acceptable.
  3. That when I say No, I always mean it and am not likely to swayed by a fake smile with all his teeth on display (I have to admit, I am tempted but so far, I have managed to defend myself against his charm)

Three things in Ayaan’s room:

  1. Lots and lots of books
  2. Lots and lots of toys
  3. The furniture – cot, wardrobe, chair, stool and bean bag.

Three things Ayaan can do:

  1. Move. This includes the entire repertoire of human movement now – walking, running, climbing and jumping. He’s even started staking his booty while saying ‘Dancy, Dancy’.
  2. Talk. Since I last wrote about Ayaan’s vocabulary, it has multiplies many times over. Also, now he has started stringing words into sensible two-word sentences like ‘Mama, sit’, ‘Gaana Ninee’, and ‘Food hot’.
  3. Draw. Well, I wouldn’t quite call it drawing but he has learnt to hold a crayon and make it move on paper. At first, he would just hit it on the paper and make dots but now he’s also started dragging it so that he makes lines as well. Yesterday, we made the night sky together. I took a crayon and kept drawing stars and he had a black crayon with which he kept colouring in and around the stars. In the end, it looked just like a big black blob but we had fun doing it, with Ayaan pointing to different parts of the page, waiting for me to draw a star there and then mutilating it with his black crayon.

Three favourite foods:

  1. Almonds (which he refers to call da-bam)
  2. Apples
  3. Anything that I am eating (today, he even had some of my smoothie, overcoming his distaste for milk)

Three beverages Ayaan drinks regularly:

  1. Water
  2. Milk (not more than half a cup a day if he can help it)
  3. Juice (not more than half a cup a day, if I can help it)

Three TV shows/books Ayaan loves:

  1. Noddy on the VCD. One episode of 15 minutes is only TV viewing he is allowed on a regular basis. But sometimes we let him watch more, like when we are at other people’s houses and need him to be a little less hyperactive or when I need to cut his nails.
  2. His Noddy books
  3. Squeaky the Squirrel (This one has to be read to him atleast 5 times everyday)

Three things that he’s learnt well:

  1. To fall asleep by himself, in his cot and sleep through the night
  2. To sit in his high chair till he has finished his most of the food. He’s not showing much inclination to feed himself though. I give him his own bowl but he mostly plays with the food or feeds it to me.
  3. To sit peacefully in his car seat in the back of the car while I drive. Aside from the safety aspect, it’s great because I can take him out on my own without needing Jai or a maid to come along to hold him.

Three things that I hope he’ll learn soon:

  1. That he can’t always have what he wants and it’s not the end of the world.
  2. To feed himself
  3. To pee and poop in his potty

Three translations for the non-Hindi speaking readers:

  1. Gaana - song/ music
  2. Ninee - sleep
  3. Da-bam (badam) - Almonds


  1. lol! i find the badam-dabam thing especially cute :)

  2. Ayaan doesn't like shoes anymore ? Don't need to hide shoes under the furniture when we visit your house ?

    Two things I like about Ayaan
    1. He hates milk - Way to go kid ! milk is for cows. refuse to have any. in a few months, start refusing to eat funny green vegetables as well.
    2. He likes Noddy. He shows class and distinction.

    :-) ,

  3. they are all the same at this age arent they? i dont feel so alone!! listen how do you keep him in a corner? is it a chair or a what? i try his high chair for timeouts.. and HE IS NOT HAPPY. He rocks in it and though its a damn good one, I am afraid he will topple the damn thing over.

  4. I appreciate the translation guide. :)

  5. Love the post! It brought back many fond memeories of my daughter at that age for me.

  6. awwww...that's one well loved noddy! ...and the "dabam" thingy is VERY cute too!

  7. Ok, do you think you have the time to send me a long and detailed mail about that Ferberization?

    Things have improved, but not by much.

  8. [Sudha] It is quite adorable :)

    [Entropy} He shows an occassional interest in shoes now but he's moved on to bigger and better things. And (touchwood), he loves spinach!

    [Madmomma] Actually I just make him sit in a corner on the ground. The first few times he tried to get up but I just picked him up and put him right back. The next step was that he sat there but would turn around and grin at me. But I made him turn back to the wall - at first physically but now I just have to say the words. Now he finally does get the idea that he's been bad and cries when I put him in the corner. But I normally limit it to occassions when he hits or bites me and not for every small tantrum or mischief he does. Otherwise, he'd spend all day in the corner!

    [Alan] You, with your love for Bollywood, shouldn't need a translation guide :)

    [Gettingthere] It's both reassuring and depressing that other kids do the same things that you think that are so unique (not to mention brilliant) in your kid. :)

    [Aqua] And he says 'Tabbydare' instead of Teddy Bear

    [Sue] Of course. Will try and send it earlier but definitely by the weekend. I have lent out my Ferber book (to one of those horrible people who don't return them) but I am trying to get it back in which case I will send it to you.

  9. :) well, I am with ayaan on the tantrum-throwing-when-sittin-in-corner mode. Hell, I know what it feels like to always be in the corner :)

    and *cough* someone is still to post pictures of their new home.

  10. I think you've got the time-out thing pat down to all details. It is said that time-out period should be 1 minutes for each year fo the child's age (just a little bit of Gyaan, you know :D). Anyway, my daughter got to a point where time outs didn't faze her (she was never a naughty kid, but even the angelic ones have their moments you know :P) so we started giving her favorite toys a time out and THAT worked like a charm! I always say "hit" them where it hurts the most (** evil grin** ).

  11. Oh, I didn't mean my daughter did ALL that (I don't even remember many "brilliant" things that she did) - i meant that I miss that age of her when they are constantly learning new things and entertaining you with new words, new antics etc.

  12. This was great! I can see him shaking his booty! Hilarious!

    Good luck on the "not getting his own way" thing. Let me know if you figure out some magic trick that works.

    (Marvin can write, but not use the potty? Sorry, things like that bug me. But still a cute cartoon.)

  13. He is sure growing up fast. You must treasure all these moments because as he becomes older the spontaniety would reduce. He is really a bundle of joy and full of energy which at times gets used up in throwing tantrums!! Give him a big hug from me.

  14. [Once Again] I keep waiting to achieve perfection but I think that's still a long way off so I will post the imperfect pictures. Soon.

    [Gettingthere] That's a great idea. Noddy is the next to get a taste of the corner.

    [Talena] If you haven't figured it after three boys, there's very little chance that such a magic trick exists!

    [Patti] Well the tantrum seems to renew his energy rather than use it up!

  15. cute post and sounds very similar to K, except that the 3 things ayaan has learnt well are the 3 things i wish K would learn and the 3 things you want ayaan to learn are 3 things K has learnt (although i woulnd't say very well), except the big job in the potty i dont see happening any time in the near future! do let me know when you become succesful with that.

    and i am very interested to hear that time-outs actually work. i always thought that it would be a silly idea with such small kids...but i guess i was silly to think that.

  16. looks so cute

    i would also like ANush to learn the the things to be learnt

  17. Does he laugh when you cover your face and then uncover it? I always do that with little kiddos, especially when I don't know them and they are staring at me over the shoulders of their parents.

  18. aww isint that cute? you've started time-outs already? and he sits in a corner? awesome - it's be gr8 if sonny just stood still while I put clothes on him - or changed his diapers :)
    and I'm still waiting for him to talk :(

  19. [Lawyermama] Well, isn't the grass greener on the other side! Potty training is going pretty slow here so unlikely that I will have anything to report in a while... Time-outs work pretty well with Ayaan, but I think every kid would be different. Also, right now they are working to the extent that he knows when he does something wrong rather than changing behaviour.

    [Artnavy] I know :)

    [Mosilager] We play peekaboo with sheets and towels and he loves that!

    [Somethingtosay] The standing still is a HUGE challenge here as well! And he sits in the corner but very reluctantly and cries a lot.

  20. Very sweet...
    My twins have started picking up some very funny words.
    They say:
    Pom = Fan
    Nangu = Angoor (grapes)
    Amona = Amoda ( my maids name)

    was wondering how slowly but steadliy we learnt all that we know today...

  21. That it is not a good idea to hit me and it usually earns him some corner time but he is yet to make the connection-- ha ha. i need to do this Ojas has started hitting me nowadays

  22. [Motherzdword] Aren't prononounciations at this age the cutest! Ayaan says Ongol for grapes and calls both my maids Shiya (their real names are Shashikala and Surekha]

    [Itchingtowrite] I don't know about you but it really makes me mad when he does that. My instinct is to return the favour but the corner thing helps me to deal with my anger more calmly and rationally

  23. First time here and loved your blog.Noddy seems like a much loved doll by Ayaan,reminded me of my own rag doll which I had mutilated to an unrecognizable extent as a kid.My little one is yet to get to all this stage but after reading this it sure is going to be something to look forward to.He ought to look cute when he is shaking his booty:)

  24. Been there, faced that :)....enjoy your child, they sure do grow uup fast!

  25. [Fuzzylogic] It is a fun stage. You'll see.

    [Orchid] Agree. If time had to freeze in one of the ages/ stages he has been through, this is the one I'd like to freeze...

  26. lol@ da-bam.. cool post:-)

  27. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Hi, searching smth om internet I found your blog and it was very funny for me to discover that in this big world there is another boy called Ayaan ( like my son just he"s Ayan ) who loves very much a toy called Noddy. Fantastc. :-)) Also my son is calling Ayan and he" sin love with this toy-guy Noddy.Unfortunately yesterday he lost the toy...
    I'm glad to discover you, I'll read you constantly by now.
    Have a nice day!

  28. Anonymous12:07 pm

    I forgot to introduce ourselves: here we are with that Noddy :-))