Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Welcome to my World

Well, it's been over three months since we moved into our house. Once Again has been shouting himself hoarse (actually he left two comments on the subject but that doesn't sound as good does it?) to get me to post pictures. I have been dilly-dallying because I wanted everything to be just perfect but I have come to realise it never will be, so I might as well get on with the show-and-tell. There are still things to be done and some things that were done have started to come undone but here is the first round of pictures anyway, imperfections and all.
Given that this is a mommy blog and Ayaan is the star of the show, I thought I would kick this off with his room, which is also my favourite room in the house.

This is what you see of his room from the door. Sorry for the dark picture but for this one, I had to directly face the windows and the sun was streaming in. The windows are full length French windows (with a full length grill that keeps Ayaan safe but the same cannot be said of numerous toys that have met with an untimely demise after being thrown from this very fifth floor window). We wanted to do some wall-paper in his room but decided to limit it to the wall behind his cot – I think that way the room looks more spacious.

This is where he sleeps, with his Noddy for company. The cot used to have a lot of other stuff in the past – bumpers, bolsters and stuffed toys – but not any more since he can use them to try and climb out and also he’s getting pretty big now and there’s not too much space for much else, once he is in. The space below his cot houses his booster seat, which is a useful foldable chair that can be strapped on to any chair – we use it when we take him out with us to a restaurant.

This shelf started out as a place to keep the baby monitor (extreme left) – near enough to pick up his voice and other sounds but far enough from his cot to be out of Ayaan’s reach. Next to that is a little cross that should actually be nailed up but we haven’t quite got around to it – it’s a gift from my mother-in-law and it has a cute little poem on it about God and creation. Then there’s a coaster, a bottle of bubble liquid, a couple of books and one of Snow White’s finest gifted to Ayaan by Jai’s cousin, Sameer.

This is one of the imperfections that I have been harping on. We don’t have a toy chest and/or a bookshelf for him yet so everything is just dumped in this corner in that large, ugly laundry basket. I am not having much luck with finding something either. I think having a separate bookshelf and a toy cupboard would really crowd things up so I am looking for something that would work as both and yet look good in a kid’s room. Any ideas?

This is where we read. Depending on the time and his mood, Ayaan will sit either on the chair, the stool, the potty or the floor. He is usually pretty specific about where he wants you to sit as well – pointing imperiously and saying ‘Sit Domm!’ The chair and the stool are a typical North Indian informal type of furniture called Moodahs. They are made of cane and rope, I think. These are kid-sized versions of the same.

And finally, there is the wardrobe. The right side has his clothes and linen, the drawers are full of his books and the left side of the cupboard is just piled high with random stuff that I have no other place for. One of the flaws of the house is that we don’t have any real storage space so we have to use the tops of all our wardrobes to store rarely used stuff. That big grey bag on top is Ayaan’s travel cot that faithfully follows us when we travel to maintain the sanctity of Ayaan’s sleeping schedules and habits. Next to the cupboard is his beanbag, presented by my mother-in-law. He loves flinging himself on it.

That brings me to the end of my first episode of my series of showing off our very own house. Expect to be bored by more soon…


  1. Considering you have a toddler this is really organized room! I'm in awe.

  2. oh i can totally feel you on that... its great to have your own place...such bliss.

    i am envious of your wardrobe as we are still in the boxes having way too many clothes and paraphernalia for two people!!!
    have to hunt for huge dressers!!!

    i like homey blogs.. so yeah.. ill never be bored... its all learning for me remember!@!

  3. Nice! keep it coming :)

  4. neat room and nice pictures and I certainly wasn't bored...well for toy bin ideas, i've been ogling these for a while now - and hope to get them when K has his own room...

  5. [M] Don't be. There are times when the room looks like a tornado came along, picked up the toy basket and scattered its contents all over the room! But when that happens, I have two and a half maids to clean up so the credit really does to them

    [Grafx] I don't think there is such a thing as adequate wardrobe space. With three of them, I still struggel to find space for everything.

    [Orchid] Thanks :)

    [@] Thanks for the link. Wonder if I can get a carpenter to replicate that because such things are not available off the shelf in India

  6. pls do post some "tornado" pics of ayaan's room to make us feel better :) yes...that is one hell of a clean and organized room for a toddler.

    belated congrats on your house!

    i've been eyeing nursery furniture from Maya Organic. it's in jayanagar but too far for us so we keep procrastinating going there :)

  7. Love the moodahs.....and the wallpaper and curtains

    There are a few good storage options available on wesbites from where you can get a carpenter to copy the design. try:

    If I were coming I would have tried to get you some stackng storgae plastic boxes which are bright and colourful and won't tubmle down under the weight of toys or over a child. Sadly I'm not coming anytime soon....

  8. Room does seem very organized - neat, clean and evrything in place. Being an adult, I am not able to keep my room so clean :-)

  9. boy, your house is clean:-)about organising toys, wait for what I have to post in a day or 2;-) Its really bad at my place.. two terrors to make mess:-)
    And more pictures please:-)

  10. [Aqua] Will put up some not-so-perfect pictures soon, I promise and expose the dark underbelly of my neat house.

    [30in2005] Yeah but most of these guys don't deliver to India and even if they did, I am sure the freight would cost more than the furniture itself :(

    [Ashish] You sound just like my husband. It takes him less then three days to turn his cupboard upside down after I have cleaned it.

    [Mommyof2] Like I said before, it's not so difficult when you have maids to do all the legwork.

  11. sigh, I am always late to comment, even when I have been linked at all [and of course accused]

    the room looks lovely, very warm and cozy, gives out an aura of calmness [quite the opposite to ayaan, one might say :)] tho thats purely because u have chosen to capture the room at its best :)

    for the toy storage options, tread down to crawford market, u'd get funky wicker baskets with lids which'd match ur chairs :)

    its a cute room, the wallpaper, the crib, the bambooesque chairs and of course the baby bean bag :)

    whens the next installment !?!

  12. First of all congrats on your new home.And Ayaan's room is pretty neat.I envy the amount of space available and I feel however a bookshelf if you buy a small one to accomodate his books will not crowd it.His room is pretty bright just like a toddler room should be.How does he like his room?I bet he is pretty excited!

  13. hey nice room. about the toy space - k's toys are also in a similar bin (although a little bigger). unfortunately i dont have a maid to keep the house clean (except one who comes in the morning) - so by the evening things are strewn all over the place. however i find that there is one advantage to all the toys being piled up on each other....once in a while k digs deep into his toy box and finds a toy he hasn't played with in a long time and then spends a long time with that - if everything was neatly arranged and kept, i feel he would have gotten fed-up with everything sooner!

  14. He sleeps with Noddy and has a fairy tale midget smiling at him when he wakes up? You know, I would start to get slightly worried.... Nice house. Lots of space for Bby. Where have you guys moved exactly?

  15. [Once Again] Thanks for the expert opinion and approval. Where is Crawford Market? I will do another one with house pics soon.

    [Fuzzylogic] He quite likes his room but as far as he's concerned the whole house is his room.

    [Lawyeramma] Hmmm... a deeper bin sounds like a good idea. And how do yo manage to work with only a morning maid?

    [Shome] Very near from Sam's last house. And stop applying to filthy mind to my little one's soft toy preferences :)

  16. I spent five sleepless nights with WB in the same bed. His pram definitely travels with us the next time we go somewhere as guests!

    I would personally go in for a study pull-out table cum bookshelves and have a big toy hamper. Later you can always convert it for laundry use/ store winter blankets etc. It makes sense to keep the two areas of his life apart, also, you will need all that shelf space as soon as he starts school.

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  18. It looks lovely, btw :) And I had wicker baskets in mind, just as Once Again has recommended. They look really nice, and you don't feel too bad when they wear out.

  19. That is one organized house!! I envy it.

  20. Faint echoes of Leta's room:D But seriously how do you keep it so tidy? My room looks like a mess on any give day...

  21. [Sue] The trouble is I can't find anything that doesn't look as iof it should be in a office! Wicker baskets is definitely on my endless to-do list. Please tell me you got the book.

    [Manchus/ Beks] There's no magic - I have household help pouring out of my ears.

  22. i LOVE the blinds and it is so cool u chose yellow over the stereotypical blue and pink

  23. Ayaan's room looks picture perfect! Which part of Bombay have you moved to?

  24. Nice room! Can't wait to see what the rest of the house looks like. I love the shiny floor and the cupboard. Not enough closet space is our main complaint in our house too. But luckily, here we have a lot of options available for additional storage. I just realized that we completed one year in our house on April 1 - don't know where the year went!!

    Waiting for more pics.

  25. That could almost be poppin's room ! We have the same baby monitor, similar crib (except it's white) and wallpaper too - of the princess variety:) And I use a laundry basket for her toys .. Whew !

    If you find a toy chest, will you post a picture of that? Or let me know where you bought it?

    Also your MIL gifts some really cool stuff - the cross, the totally amazing beanbag..Hmmm All I get from DH's mom is gold for the poppin !

  26. [Artnavy] Yup, that's my problem with blue for a boy's room - it is so stereotypical.

    [Suemamma] We live in Western Suburbs. I don't want to get more specific than that on this public space... :(

    [Gettingtherenow] Thanks. And congrats on completing a year

    [Poppins] Well, thankfully there has only been one gold coin so far and both grandmoms get a lot of fun stuff for their one and only grandson

  27. What a cute room!

    Shelves work great for toys, but I also favour the "plastic-bins-and-hampers" style. Then the kids can use the box, bin, or hamper as a toy, too. Plus, it's easier for them to find what they want than in a big, giant toy chest. I have done combo toy shelves/books, as well. Hope you find something you like!

  28. Great pictures. After u finish on how you did up the house put humans into it especially the goonda boy!!!

  29. i LOVE the first picture!!!