Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Tag That Won't Go Away

It seems to be tag season and there's no escaping this particular one. I got the same tag (with variations) from 4 people. Talena’s tag involves putting down 7 random facts or habits about oneself. Sunita and Noon passed on the same tag but with the number of items upped to eight. Gauri’s tag added another angle – eight facts that are true and one that isn’t – and seems to satisfy all the other ones as well, so I am going with her version. Let’s see if you can figure out which one is the lie.
  1. My feet are the most badly maintained part of my body. I do absolutely nothing to care for them other than the monthly pedicure. I walk around barefoot whenever at home and at office sometimes as well. So I have to say that my feet look pretty gross at end of the day. I’m also really lazy about moisturising and while the rest of me kind of survives, my feet really show the effects of this with lots of dry, scaly skin till I finally can’t stand it and drag my lazy bum over to the salon for the much needed pedicure. Add to that the fact that I never bother to remove the nail polish between pedicures, chipped nail paint adds to this pretty picture.
  2. The other thing I am not as prompt with is the whole waxing thing – what with the need to spend every free moment with Ayaan, trips to the beauty parlour are not easily justified. I normally try to co-ordinate them with his naps on weekends but it doesn’t always work out. So in my wardrobe, I have actually divided my clothes into piles depending on how much skin they show. So the tops are divided into full sleeved, half sleeved and sleeveless. The bottoms are similarly divided into three piles of trousers, capris and skirts/ shorts. So if you see me all covered up in trousers with a full-sleeved shirt, you should know that a trip to the beauty parlour is much overdue.
  3. I hate brushing my teeth. Till now, brushing once a day was all that I could bring myself to do. But I am trying really hard to turn over a new leaf, given that I want Ayaan to brush at night and soon he will be old enough to notice whether his parents practice as they preach.
  4. I secretly enjoy cheesy novels of the Mills and Boon variety. I hate to admit it, you would rarely see me reading one of these when I am in public and they are not exactly showcased on my bookshelf. The only time I completely gave into this urge was when I was pregnant. Yes – most pregnant women crave some kind of food, my hormones demanded a heavy dose of romantic trash.
  5. I love my meat. My meat-eating occasions at home have become limited with Jai trying to be vegetarian but when I go out, I will only choose from the non-vegetarian options on the menu. Given a choice, I prefer stuff with bones in it (boneless curries are for wimps!) and love the whole experience of making sure that there is not a morsel of edible meat left on the bone.
  6. I hate lending my books, because most of the time they never come back to me. I have never actually refused to lend a book to anyone who asked but I wish they wouldn’t ask. I keep my favourite books (the ones I am sure to read again) in the back of the bookshelf, where only the most enthusiastic borrow is likely to find them.
  7. I am quite a bit taller than the average Indian woman and for a long time (read: my teenage years), this really bothered me to the extent that I would only wear completely flat shoes. Over time, I have come to accept and like my height and the long legs that come with it – having a really tall husband helped as well. While I do own some shoes with heels now, I am still more comfortable in flats.
  8. I am an obsessive ear-cleaner. I know you are supposed to only use those ear-buds to clean your outer ear but I risk possible eardrum damage and deafness by cleaning my inner ear as well. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I don’t feel entirely clean unless my ears are clean as well. I wonder what it says about me that I am lazy about brushing my teeth, which have a lot more visibility, but clean my ears out every single day that I can get my hands on an ear-bud.
  9. Motherhood notwithstanding, I love to party. But I happen to be married to a man (from Goa, mind you) with two left feet, zero tolerance for alcohol and an inability to function beyond 11 p.m. So I occasionally go clubbing with my friends after Ayaan is tucked in, leaving Jai to baby-sit the baby monitor.

Well, there you go. Guess away.

Oh and before I forget, I have tag 8 people: Ranjit (and/ or GingaBoo), Shome (it's about time you posted something), Melissa, 30in2005, Grafx, Sue, CeeKay, Aqua - consider yourself tagged.


  1. I can see many regulars lurking on this one; it has a question that many wouldn't want to guess wrong. Being a rare commenter on this blog, I guess that I can take a chance, I have no reputation at stake.
    I had no problem in reading on upto point 7, all seemed plausible (though I did hesitate at point 2). Point 8, which seems bizarre to me, on second thought seems perfectly plausible. Going by the time and effort you spend in bringing up Ayaan (and also blogging about it), I'd guess that point 9 could be false. I'm saying 'could', mind you, so I still have a niggling doubt on that. But then, what the hell, a person needs one's own time, doesn't she?

    After much thought, I think I'll plumb for point 2 as being false. :) Would we be enlightened on this one?

    PS: Nicely written tag.

  2. sigh.......... you know.. ALL of those things you mentioned seemed so convincing!!.. well maybe the earcleaning part.. but then again i like cleaning out my ears too.. thats a hard one!!..

  3. err guessing youre supermom... since you can handle a baby and get to go clubbing as well!!! if you pulled THAT one off then its awesome.. but i find it hard to beleive you really HAVE the strength at the end of the day to go clubbing!! :P

  4. Thanks for the tag Rohini (I love those!) but it might be a while before I get around to doing it. Will put up a short post explaining whats going on with me but believe me - blogging is miles away from my mind right now :D Dealing with Gestational diabetes, possibility of preeclampsia, possibility that the baby might arrive TOMORROW (June 1st) AND a crisis at work.... Just give me some time :(

    Almost forgot to say what I came here to say - I sooo identify with a lot of things you have revealed. The ear-cleaning part? I am that way too :D Same goes for feet - though I'll admit that I don't even do the monthly pedicure - I am THAT bad. Ditto for 4 and 6.

    Hey! I just revealed 4 things about myself - will this count towards the tag? He he - just kidding :D

  5. I think it's #3.
    Nice to know a little more about you. I am an obsessive ear cleaner too-I clean mine and Ananya's every single day.

  6. hey, from what i remember of our school days, i can totally believe your cravings about MBs! not sure about the brushing teeth one... but you make it sound pretty convincing!!

  7. Well, I'll do that tag. In the meantime, I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the book lending bit, for obvious reasons.

    But then, going by the photos you posted of Ayaan's birthday, I think you're fooling about the really tall bit.

    Which is it?

  8. #1 sounded the most unbelievable to me. Might be difficult making up a lie for the GingaBoo :) #9 is awesome, I hope it's true. Does not sound from the blog like you have too much time for yourself so any bit of self-pampering you can do, go for it. How's J at massages?

  9. Hey, tough list! Ditto on 1, 2 (am not organised enough to arrange my clothes by their skin covering capacity though), 3 and 6 - assuming they are all true.

    I showed your list to R thinking he could help find out the lie - and his helpful response was "Aargh, what did I do to you that you're making me read about Rohini's waxing, brushing and ear cleaning first thing in the morning?!" :-)

    So anyway, my guess is no 4's the lie.

  10. I nearly fell off the chair reading 3 and 4. I bought all thos pregnant-women-finding-love M&B books and devoured them during my pregnancy

    Um, I think I will go with point #7. Oh and point #2 totally freaked me out. Jeez, I hardly have the patience to fold my clothes, and you sort them ? WOW!

  11. Hey Rohini! Your descriptions for each one is detailed and convincing enough that it makes it hard to figure out which one is the lie...but I am going iwth no 1 - somehow doesn't sound believable! :)

  12. Hi fatty,
    I totally disbelieve the feet part and the i don't-like-lending books point either.

    and jai sounds like my twin - except that i have an inability to stay up after 10.


  13. i'm torn between #1 and #3. could be either.

    y're right about this tag being everywhere. i was tagged earlier by Poppin's Mom and Noon and y'll find the list of 8 thing y don't really want to know about me on my baby blog.

    thanks for tagging me Ro! and i can't bring myself to do it again. but i got a new post out of it :)

  14. I'm with you on the meat! I love a spicy goat curry full of bones and cardomons! And a full pint (or 2) of Golden Eagle to wash it down!

  15. well, you forgot to include fact #10. you are really good at making up stories about yourself :)

    I'll guess 3!

  16. Hi Rohini...
    First time on your blog...Loved this post :) It was an entertaining read.

    I'm amazed at how similar my habits are to yours!! 1,2,3,4,8 specfically....

    I dont believe #6 about you is true however...what say you?


  17. So rohini, i'm sure you're reading everyone's guesses and having a good laugh. please let us know when you will announce the results and what the winning guess is worth!!

    being a mother having a kid almost the same age as ayaan (and you who sounds a lot like ayaan), i am guessing that #9 is incorrect- not about you being a party animal (i can believe that) - but about you going clubbbing "occasionally"...if you had said "rare occasions" i would have believed it...ok now i'm being a typical lawyer.

    If its not #9, then i'd go for #3.

  18. I am having so much fun with this thT i almost don't want to give away the right answer. But (drumbeats roll)...

    It is Number Six: I have absolutely no problem with lending my books. If they are ones that I want to read again, I simply go out and buy them again - I love reading new, untocuhed (virginal) books more than used, thumbed versions....

    The only person who got it right (including my darling husband of 5 years) was first time reaader and commenter, Amrita

    All the other wierd stuff is actually true :)

  19. Allright!! :-)
    So, do I get some sort of a prize? hehe ;)

  20. Dangit! I got in too late for the fun part! I wouldn't have got it right either, though. Sigh.

    I don't mind lending books either. I actually buy multiple copies of books I really like with the express intention of giving them away (sometimes randomly, sometimes not.)

    Great job on the post. How tall are you, anyway?

  21. Hey, I'm really impressed that you make time for the clubbing. I miss Mumbai for just that - you can actually manage to go out clubbing after your child goes to sleep and there will be plenty of places open. here in chennai, if i wait for karan to sleep and then go out, most places will be shut. i hope we can go clubbing together sometime in mumbai in future!

  22. [Amrita] A cup of coffee/ a drink the next time you are in Mumbai?

    [Talena] I am 5 ft 7 inches which is probably just about average in Canada but I am taller than most women I know here...

  23. Will put it up on Indianmommies and see if there are any more Bombay mommy bloggers and take it from there...

  24. oh damn.. i got here too late but i was going to go with #2... who has time to sort into skin show categories?!! and that too being a working mom?!

  25. damn! i missed all the fun too!
    but i was going to pick #5 anyways. somthing u said about your Brazil trip made me think u r not that into meat...
    and u know wat? 1,2,3,5 and 8 are true about me too! and can i be allowed to not feel bad about 1 and 2 becoz i don't hav a 2-yr-old to occupy all my time with! ack!

  26. [Karmickids] Sounds like a plan

    [Mad Momma] We all have our OCDs - and that's the thing with OCDs - you stick to them in the face of all kinds of stress and exhaustion. And it actually saves me time in picking out my clothes in the morning.

    [Sudha] Well, I was terrible about my feet even before the baby if that makes you feel better.

  27. 1. Log into Blogger
    2. Edit comment
    3. There is no edit comment!

    Aaah I'm one of the oldest readers and I missed it.

  28. Hey Rohini!!
    Ive just entered the world of bloggers and came across yours.....You have a gift of expression, woman!! I envy you....I could vividly visualise your experiences and actually relive my own with my lil brat!! Kudos to you!

  29. This was a great read. I'll get around to making my own list soon!

    I hope! :)

  30. I read #6 and thought to myself, that is so me.....and then i read the comments only to find out that that's the one that's not true.

  31. OOOOO... that's a tough one. If I had to guess, It'd be #7..but again your explanations are so convincing that it's hard to decide.

  32. Wudn't have guessed it was # 6. :) Anyways, am a little late in getting to this one.

    Btw....I was going to make a little section on my sidebar for putting up little notes for b'day and anniv. wishes for the mommy bloggers in our' birthdays get celebrated and acknowledged, and so shud the women behind them. :)

    So if you don't mind...can u pass on your birthdate and anniv. date for my database?

  33. Could we swap links. I have an MRA weblog at . (If you do put a link
    to it please tell me in a comment on one of the articles so I know).

  34. Hey, I’ve tagged you. Check out my blog.

  35. Sadly Rohini I must apologise for not having done the tag yet. Lack of imagination and utterly busy with work/ parents/ sibling at the moment. I promise I shall attack it with vigour when my imagination and time return from their walkabout!

  36. hey great new look rohini...and I si identify with the no pedicures, no waxing and sorting clothes by skin-covering potential. O and the ear cleaning too!!

  37. I am 5'10". When I was in India, we were actually friends with one a-typically tall family of Indians, and one of the sisters was even taller than me! However, most places I went I felt like a giant. That, combined with my blond hair and pale skin made me stand out like a sore thumb. The most draining part of the two-hour bus ride from Chikaballapur to Bangalore was not the crazy driving and bad roads, but all the people staring at me, especially if lack of seating meant I had to stand the whole way. I would have Jason shield me from view with his body, then try to sleep (I KNOW!) so I wouldn't notice it so much.

  38. I think that brushing teeth is not true.. I dont remember fainting every time you gushed a "Hi"...

  39. Oh ya.. I am BACK!!

  40. oh one more thing, how do you tag people? and getcool templates?

  41. Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

  42. wow. i somehow thought the correct answer would be no. 1. Liked your comment on being taller than average. spent teen years wearing flats and trying to stoop a bit. what a pity the advantage of long legs never struck me then.