Saturday, July 14, 2007

Odds & Ends

This post is basically a collection of things I have been wanting post over the last few weeks but which for some reason or the other (like lack of time or maybe lack of wait, it was lack of time) never got committed to Blogger.

The Real Birthday Gift from the Virtual World

A few weeks ago, Ayaan profited from the blog for the first time (maybe this will slightly make up for the embarrassment this blog is likely to cause him in the years to come) - Aunty Sue from Calcutta sent him a birthday gift.

Ayaan loved it - especially the cup. So far he's had bottles, sippy cups and glasses but never any cups. But he immediately made the right association with his dad's caffeine habit and proceeded to imitate him while proudly proclaiming 'Coffee!'

And thanks to this post, she also sent my book back in a hurry - Sue, like I already told you - that was the false one in the tag and I always knew you would give it back eventually. But what made it even more special was that along with the gift and the book, there was a really nice handwritten letter - the first I've received in years (I think it's been atleast 6). Thanks Sue, now we really are penpals :)

A Dose of Reality

Many of you were shocked by how neat Ayaan's room looked and rightly expressed disbelief that this could be the living space of a hyperactive toddler. I was asked to put up some 'messy' pictures - in the spirit of keeping it real, here goes...

This is Ayaan's room after he's gone on rampage and before the maid has had a chance to clean up.

And that's not all. Since the post about his room, he has also managed to inflict some more permanent damage to the room we worked so hard to design for him. The wallpaper has been the main target of his destructive streak and now sports his first attempts at art at one end...

and a ruthlessly torn patch on the other end...

School Update

Today is exactly one month from the day Ayaan started school, and we continue to be lucky. He is just loving it. Every morning he eagerly asks 'School Jayenge?' and is actually crestfallen when I answer in the negative (on weekends).

I got another reassuring sign the other day. We were at the park in the evening and we bumped into his teacher and he spontaneously went over to her and gave her a hug. I was so relieved... and also a little jealous. :)

The only downside is that he's already had two bouts of a cough and cold. And that's not all, he predictably passes it on to me and then Jai gets it from me. And in this game of germ-volleyball, one or more of us has been less than in the pink of health for the last month. I am told this happens when they start and then their immunity builds up and they don't get sick that often - I hope that happens fast...

Anyway, that's all from my end for the moment. Better drag my weary self off to bed - Ayaan will be up bright and early as usual, with not a thought to spare for his mom's nocturnal blogging habit and resultant need for a sleep-in...


  1. Hi Rohini

    That's a cute post - especially Ayaan drinking the 'Coffee' with great relish.

    Hope you feel better soon :-)


  2. I love bits and pieces posts if they mean you will post more often! I love his school bag - samsonite?

    and finally - if its request season - we want more Ayaan pics!

  3. y'll be happy to know that ayaan has company in the wall art department. almost every wall in my house is covered with baby rogue monkey's artwork, created using different types of materials... chalk, crayon, indelible marker pen ink etc. and when ppl come home and look horrified at the walls, i pretend to be 'super cool hippy mommy' and fib about allowing baby rogue monkey to express herself and unleash her creativity on the walls. hehehe. now only y know the true story :)

    and thanks for the tornado room pics! now i feel better :)

  4. [Yashodhara] Right now, Ayaan's the one recovering from a cold and looks like he's passed it on to me - feeling bit sniffly :(

    [Mad Momma] Yep, that is Samsonite. On the request, coming up soon, ma'am.

    [Aqua] I have so far managed to save the walls in the other rooms on fear of the dreaded corner, but let's see how long that lasts.

  5. u really are lucky with that school thingie!

  6. my search for playschools has now reached 3...but i have absolutely no idea which of the 3 (or whether any of them at all) I am going to pick...on a separate note, i was feeling very depressed and your post really cheered me up. i echo mad momma's sentiments, please do post more odds and ends posts. i really feel happy when i come to your blog to see that you have put up a new post!

  7. Hey Ro, I have tagged you on Indian Writing. Take it if you are interested.

  8. Oh God, did you just click my house and post it up there...
    Every room in my house is like that...
    More Ayaan pics please on popular demand....

  9. [How] I know! :)

    [Lawyeramma] Try talking to the teachers/ heasd teacher. That's what I did and that's where I found the corporate chain Kangaroo kids lacking becasue they just didn't seem that warm. At this age, I guess the most important thing is to find a place where they genuinely love kids... and thanks for the touching sentiment - I am inspired to write more often.... :)

    [Boo] Thanks. Will try and squeeze it in.

    [Karmickids] Again there I am lucky. Thtough no effort on my part, Ayaan just loves hanging out in his room so most of the playing and messing around happens there...

  10. Rohini, Ohh the creative streak in your child! reminds me completely of my son. Dunno if you read my blogs and happened to read earlier posts on this same topic. Reading them will give you some bit of consolation :D

    Story 1 & Story 2

    Enjoy! maybe you will have a MF Hussain in the making! And why just MF..hy not a Van Gogh! :D

  11. You haven't looked at my wall of art yet;-) Nice to know that school things is working out ok..

  12. [nm] I need some of that - the grief of ruined wallpaper that was picked out with so much care needs to be assuaged

    [Mommyof2] Post pics of your wall art - it'll make us all feel better :)

  13. errrmm.. i'm not going to be nice like boo. i tagged you and i am dying to see what you say so please to be taking it up the moment you get a chance to breathe!

  14. why dont you just tape up huge stretches of wax baking paper firmly to the wall and hand him some crayons?

    my parents did that for me after telling me that that was the ONLY wall i was allowed to draw on.. i dare say thats why i lik epainting on only HUGE canvases now!!

    my mother saved all the wild baby sketches i made...

  15. I've been meaning to send you this link since yesterday. And then I saw you've put up the coffee story pictures and all!

    Has it struck you we've been following each other's blogs now since Ayaan was younger than Rahul is right now? And look at Ayaan now, he's grown so quickly. Maybe you really should think about a second kid after all... I might change my mind too. :)

  16. O I luv ayaan's room - even with the mess :) And the answer to the wall art is - water based washable markers - and then let him run free with his art - just make sure the maid rubs them off the same day....

  17. Yeah our house was like that when my baby sister was younger. Brings back memories.

  18. [Mad Momma] I thought I'g tackle the tag over the weekend but that was before my husband surprised me with the new Harry Potter - soon, soon!

    [Grafxgurl] Actually, I am trying to just teach him that walls are not the ideal place for his creative expression...

    [Sue] Has it really been that long??? They sure are growing up fast aren't they?

    Cute link :)

    [Something] Now there's an idea. If the discipline strategy doesn't work, I am going to take up your and Grafx's suggestion

    [Ranjit] I see a trend here. You seem to be blaming all childhood naughtiness on your daughter - implying maybe that you were a little angel ? ;)

  19. Its real good to go thru your blog.I check your blog every other see if you have added something new,although this is the first time i have left a comment.I also have a daughter 2 years of age, and i am a working mom .So i kind of identify with your situation:)

  20. Gudiya loves her school too. She keeps talking about it when she's at home. It's definitely reassuring. re: room, We haven' painted the house yet. Keeping it the off-white color it came in until both kids turn 5 :-)

  21. It's so inconsiderate of our children to not allow us indulgences in the morning after our self-indulgences in the evening, isn't it? ;-)

    Loved all the stuff in this post. I hope you guys are back to healthy in no time.