Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mystery of the Missing Mommyblogger

Why haven’t I posted for over two weeks? Let me count the reasons…

To start with, we went home to my mom’s place for the five days. I thought I would get a chance to catch on the blogging while there, but like with all such trips with Ayaan, I came back feeling more exhausted than when I left. To give everyone their due, I had a lot of help from Jai, my mom and my brother but he still needed me around most of the time, thereby ensuring that I didn’t get the break that I had hoped for. I also realised that I have become completely unused to having him sleep in the same room as us – every noise that he made woke me up and any noise from outside had me fretting that it would make him up – so the plan of catching up on my sleep didn’t go as well either. Finally, he got a terrible cough on the last couple of days so you can imagine that I was pretty worn out by the end of my ‘break’.

Moreover, work has been pretty crazy. It usually goes through cycles and right now, it’s peaking. I was in office till eleven one day – the latest I have worked since I went back to work after my maternity break. Even on other days, I have been working late, carrying stuff home to finish once Ayaan’s off to bed and generally feeling stretched and stressed out (not to mention rather guilt-ridden about spending less time than usual with Ayaan)… That being said, it’s also been a satisfying couple of weeks, work-wise – so even with the periodic guilt attacks, I am quite at more at peace with life as a working mom that I have vere been.

With work and Ayaan taking up most of the time, the house has fallen into disorder – or so I think – Jai thinks I am making a mountain out of a molehill. Actually, it’s nobody’s fault but my own because there are things that the control freak in me will not submit to delegating to my over-paid, underemployed army of three maids. The laundry absolutely must be sorted by me (no one else can be trusted with the highly strategic job of putting the right colours together into a load) and ironed clothes just have to be put away by me. As a result, we currently have an overflowing laundry basket and a pile of clean laundry waiting to be put away, which looks like this:

To add to that, some of our furniture is breeding wood-worms and a couple of windows have been letting the monsoon into our flat. It’s all driving me batty! So blogging has kind of taken a back seat.

And if that were not all, I have been possessed by a seemingly innocent-looking book (no, it's not Harry Potter, though I have started re-reading the series) called the parents’ workbook. It’s a book that the teachers at Ayaan’s playschool send home every weekend with exercises that parents (read mothers) have to do with the kids to reinforce stuff that they were exposed to at school. Now firstly, they told us it wasn’t compulsory for us to fill in the books but I just can’t bring myself to send it back empty. In my mind’s eye, I almost see the teacher nodding her head disapprovingly and thinking to herself, ‘Tut! Tut! Another working mom’s kid.’ And worse that that, Ayaan feeling less that proud of his book. So I have been driving myself crazy trying to do the best job I can with each exercise, severely handicapped by my lack of even a smidgeon of artistic talent. I present to you some of my masterpieces:

This one was an exercise on finding shapes in the everyday objects that the kid already knows and relates to. This one cost me about three hours on Google and another hour cutting the objects out of the printout. (But the 5 stars we got on the page felt more substantial that my best performance review :)…)

This one on modes of transport was worth another couple of hours on Google and an almost equal amount of scissor time (the train took almost half an hour to cut out!). Plus I always do these exercises with Ayaan because even in my insanity, I know the main reason for doing this is to build on his learning. Given that he has a typical two-year old’s attention span, it takes a while to finish this part of the exercise as well – sometimes as many as 4-5 sitting of a few minutes each.

The number exercise turned out to be pretty expensive. I spent twenty minutes at the stationary shop picking out these stickers with my phone lying on the counter next to me. When I finished, I looked around to find the phone gone! And when I tried calling it, it gave an unavailable message so someone had obviously stolen it when my attention was diverted. Add another bunch of hours for rebuilding my address book...

And this was our exercise for this week – we had to illustrate a cow, along with what it eats (grass), where it lives (shed), what it gives us (milk), what it says (moo), what it’s baby is called (calf) and what it swishes away with its tail (flies). Simple task, you say? Well, not if you decide to get obsessive about the type of cow you want (Indian-looking, with tail up in the air to swish away flies, a matching calf...). Another couple of hours on Google - somebody stop me!

Anyway, in the end I felt quite validated in all my efforts when I stuck the grass onto the cow’s mouth and asked Ayaan ‘What does the cow eat?’ and he promptly replied with ‘Gaass’ (he can’t say his R’s yet so they are either skipped altogether or replaced with L’s), a word he has never said in front of me before!

So as you can imagine, a lot of free time has been going into getting this stuff together (not to mention my recently acquired Facebook addiction…)

And that if anyone was interested was my litany of excuses for not posting sooner. Thanks for the prod, Megha - your little nudge pushed me out my exhaustion-induced inertia…


  1. It looks like you need a break... :)

    Read about my three days of shit (which are actually still carrying on) -- that might make you feel a little better. Definitely make you laugh!

  2. Wow, after all you do you have the energy and most importantly the inclination to make this wonderful little exercises.


    5 stars from me too.

  3. Heh, the prod always works. Now, if I can only apply my own principles to blog more often. Hm.

  4. glad youre back. i was getting tired of checking in and not finding mummy.

    i canceled my facebook account.. i kept forgetting to check it..lol plus a load of classmates i DIDNT want to find me.. found me. Gah.

    *hugs* youre an awesome mummy.

  5. i'm amazed!!! the effort y're putting into ayaan's homework is commendable. and that too after a hectic day at work.
    *doffs hat*

  6. Wow. thats a lot of work! I am a slacker mom (gasp)

  7. boy am i glad the school helps him make stuff and leaves me out of it. i havent the time or the energy left for any of this stuff!!!

  8. wow rohini.

    amazed by your enthu levels. impressed by the efforts you put. psyched by what kids (and their parents, okay moms) are expected to do at age 2!

  9. hey good to have you back. do as i do, get a camera and start randomly posting pics :)
    shots of brazillian beaches would be my favourite suggestion.

    Looks like you're learning more from Ayaan's school than he is, that's my kind of school, where the parents work harder than the child.

    facebook? uh oh... btw i'm known as mosi lager there

  10. WOW!!!
    He is doing some serious learning!!
    You should pat yourself in the back for this - so much effort into all this - you have done an amazing job!

  11. Clap clap clap clap! truly superlative work. and you do this for Ayaan after you come back from work. Feel miserable!
    good job, Mama!

  12. Good job, Rohini!

  13. Hi - We have recently moved to mumbai and a search on "Mumbai mother blogs" led me to your blog.
    Some of your articles are very thought provoking and realistic.
    My daughter is 1 year 8 months and am struggling to find a reliable day care or a play school for her.
    If u know of any play school or day care or a child care maid in and around juhu can u kindly let me know.

  14. [Sue] Break? What's that? :)

    [Kusum] Thank you, ma'am :)

    [Megha] Will hop across and prod you, if that helps... :)

    [Grafx] A lot of unexpected people have found me on Facebook too, but nobody I'd rather not run into (atleast on the internet)

    [Aqua] The line between commendable and crazy is wafer thin, if my husband is to be believed... :)

    [Dotmom] Of course, you're not. I am sure you do other things I could never hope to - to start with, I couldn't cook a complete, balanced meal for Ayaan for the life of me :(

    [MM] Oh he makes tons of stuff at school as well. This one is just a little weekly exercise. I quite like it actually - it keeps me in touch with what he's learning at school...

    [Choxbox] Yep, already having nightmares about Class IV projects! :(

    [Ranjit] Check your Facebook account, Mosi :)

    [Noon] Consider my back patted...:)

    [JLT] No, no... this is a weekend affair. The book comes back on Friday and has to be returned on Monday. Thank God for small mercies.

    [Dipali] :)

    [Divya] Hi. Unfortunately not very familiar with Juhu. Have heard that Besant Montessori on Juhu Tara is good though but I am not sure they take kids at 18 months. On the maid thing, I'm as clueless as anyone else - if the current one dicthes, I'm so screwed.

  15. My God....you're the eptitome of a multi-tasker....and a super mommy!

    And I wouldn't say you dont have artistic talent....to the contrary...I'm pretty impressed with what you and Ayaan cooked up ;)

    Have fun...and keep breathing! :o)

  16. I bow down to you oh supermom of all supermoms! YOU ARE THE QUEEN.....no wonder you need a break, what with office work and a child and his homework.

    Three things:
    1. What's with the giving such small children homework?
    2. My laundry pile is way bigger than yours - mainly I ignore it till it the leaning tower of Pisa falls over!
    3. You already know this one: Breathe!!

  17. omg! you're already stressing over homework...is this what the rest of us have in store?!!
    btw, the laundry pile - I totally hear ya! you could do what I do - pile them up in laundry baskets - live off them :) I don't get why we have to stack them neatly in drawers only to pull them out and wear them again. for some reason, DH doesnt agree and meticulously puts everything back each wkend...!

  18. Holy moly! Please don't show those to my kids...I draw in black and white stick figures.

  19. oh lord i only JUST saw your comment on the JUdgments post.. lol


  20. no way!!! a 2 year old has to do all this already???? O wow!! good show mommy!

  21. While a lot of things ran through my head as I was reading that post, all I could really say by the end of it was:


    And laugh.

    You totally rock the playschool, Rohini. ;-)

    Also, now might be a good time to let go of your laundry-sorting obsessiveness. I'm sure at least one of those maids isn't colour-blind? I'm just worried that your Google and Facebook addictions might leave you and your family in clothes to rival The Emperor's before long! Not to mention, even less sleep than you got on holidays!


  22. just in case u thought life was not hard enough - you are tagged.

  23. I officially no longer like you. In other words -- katti.

  24. Boy oh boy! You're good Ro! I can't believe you did all that. Homework should be banned for kids under 6. Seriously.

  25. [Amrita] More like the epitome of an exhausted wannabe supermommy trying hard to find a moment to take that deep breath...

    [30in2005] ooh, too many people are using the 'S' word - it's beginning to scare me.

    [Kodi's mom] Believe me, though it might not sound like it, I have learnt to let go a lot - like putting clothes away only every 3-4 days and not everyday, etc...

    [Mint] That's what I would do if I had to draw since I have no skills in that department - hence, Google to the rescue...

    [grafx] *running scared*

    [STS] Thanks :)

    [Scrapqueen] Baby steps... I let her load ans operate the machine now. Sorting is still a while away.

    [Mad Momma] Woman, are you trying to kill me?

    [Sue] But why?

    [Big Zed] Hmmm... I actually think one small activity every week is okay. I think it is important for parents to be involved in what's going on at school

  26. Hats off to you girl, am sure Ayaan will be the most envied kid in class..... (slinks into a corner to mull over her own laziness when it comes to brat's work books).

  27. You need a vacation! Hopefully you get some YOU time to relax soon :)

  28. Hi Rohini,
    I saw your comment on the http://wondernoon.blogspot.com/2006/09/sleep-babybut-where.html#comment-115942290441212181

    w.r.t ferberizing. In the comment u say that "I did the ferberizing. It wasn't magic and it was almost 3 months before Ayaan stopped crying altogether. But totally worth it - sleeps in his cot, sleeps straight from 9 p.m. to 6.30 a.m and wakes up in a good mood..." So, I just wanted to know how old was Ayaan when u ferberized him??

    Skeptical would be mommy

  29. [Deafening Apollo] I did it at five months. For more details, check out my sleep training post