Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tags Galore

I have never wished for anonymity as much as I do right now. Something, or rather someone, has left me feeling all wounded and angry and nothing would make me feel better than a chance to vent. But it’s not to be… So, what better way to lift my spirits than to take on two cheery tags that have come my way in the last week…

Y, a rocking girl blogger in her own right – especially for the frequency and laugh-a-minute quality of her posts, given that she happens to be a first-time new mom – has passed this supercool award my way:

The awesome thing about this award is that it classifies me as rocking and more importantly, as a girl… and the fact that I get to pass it on to some of my favourite bloggers - so I hereby knight the following bloggers as fellow Rockin' Girl Bloggers:

  • Megha – Of all the bloggers I read, I like her writing the best – the razor sharp wit, the clarity of thought and mostly the fearlessness with which she writes, no mean task given some of the trolls that regularly pop by at her blog to insult and intimidate. Rock on, Megha!
  • Ceekay – I admire her for having the guts and the hope to see her dream through and now she has a little bundle of joy as her reward. And for being such a sorted working mom of two – it gives me something to aspire to… both the ‘sorted’ part and the 'two' part… :-)
  • Talena – Anyone who thinks SAHMs have it easier than working moms needs to hop on over to her blog. A never-say-die mother of three young boys (!) who still manages to find the time and energy to cook super-healthy meals, make awesome scrapbook layouts, blog, remodel her house, give piano lessons, baby-sit…. and I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg…

The second tag from The Mad Momma is about that special ‘our song’ that most couples share but here’s the thing, we don’t have one. Jai and I don’t even remotely share each other’s tastes in music so any song that we both can stand to listen to while driving together classifies as our song, and believe me they are rare…

Given that I have already declined one of MM’s tags and that I need her on my side what with the recent troll appearances, I dare not tempt fate by doing so again so I am doing it with a twist – I am going to put down the song that I share with the other man in my life (Ayaan, in case you are doubting my fidelity…)

The song is question is a lullaby that I have sung to him almost every single night for the last two years. I have only ever heard it on a lullaby CD someone gave me when he was a baby and I can’t find it on the net, so I leave you with the words…

Rest your head upon my shoulder, baby, oh baby
Sleepyhead, your day is over, baby, my baby
So close your eyes
While I sing a lullaby
Oh baby of mine

Let me rock you in my arms, baby, oh baby
I will keep you safe and warm, baby, my baby
Have the sweetest dreams
You mean everything to me
Oh baby of mine


  1. LOL! fair enough.. but I still thikn you dodged it ;p and hey.. tag or not, I shall support you against the trolls. it doesnt matter which side of an issue we're on. i think we're all on the same side as far as the trolls are concerned.

    hope whatever left you angry is over and dealt with. all the best.

  2. Such a lovely song. It's funny, but as I read down the lyrics, it formed into a tune in my head.

    It's been ever so long since I set anything to tune, so thank you!

  3. Thank you Rohini! For the prodding and now this! *blush*

    Every time I get bogged down by the incessant trollery, its folks like you who make me keep my sanity with your awesomeness. So, thank you. This really does mean a lot to me.

  4. [Mad Momma] Just kidding on the trolls... but you already knew that... and unlike you, I take a while to cool my anger down, so it's still burning strong :(

    [Sue] It has a lovely, slow, lilting melody that makes it a perfect lullaby - would love to hear the tune you set it to

    [Megha] :)

  5. Great song to sing to your love ;) I hope you have cooled down..if not take a deep breath and let it go....I did leave a final say to anon on the original post on maids...i hope the person never came back...

    Shobana alias S .

  6. Very sweet post - and a beautiful lullaby - am looking for a good one myself.

    someone suggested that RHCP's 'Give it away' isn't exactly apprpriate for Peanut.

    yes, I know -therapy bills comin' up.

    Hope u are already all cheered up by now...

  7. my answer to your maid post on my blog.... your posts and the comments roused the dragon within me

  8. Rohini, you are too sweet. Even when you're upset.

    Thank you so much. I've never heard that song, either. It's really nice.

    I hope the storm is passing, so you can have peace again.

    Today is Canadian Thanksgiving--I'm thankful for blog-friends like you.

  9. i would love to hear that song...and yes you really deserve teh rocking award....

  10. [Shobhana] Thanks for all your support. I can see you have started your own blog. Will drop by in a bit.

    [Y] 'Give it away'?! LOL!

    [Itchy] Thanks :)

    [Artnavy] It is really nice. And thanks :)

  11. [Talena] Missed your comment... Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Rohini - was down in the dumps over the weekend and then come over to your blog on Monday and what do I see? THE perfect rememdy for any and all kinds of rotten moods! Thanks a bunch!! I am flattered!

  13. Come see my latest post. Please?


  14. That's a sweet lullaby,if you do find a link anytime do let me know,would love to hear it!Congrats on the award,you do rock Rohini:)

  15. Hey Rohini - I've been reading your blog again after so long (I used to comment here like a year ago under an old ID) and I felt I ought to speak up in light of the recent troll-ing that has occurred.

    I think you must be an amazing, dedicated mother (and definitely a fair and kind employer). I don't think many people realise just how hard it is to juggle parenthood and difficult office hours effectively and that too in a place like India. You need dependable help to get by so screw anyone who attributes insidious motives for your decisions!

    I think people have just become so ridiculously cynical and bitter that they look for guile in the most benign actions.

  16. I also sing that lullaby to my two children, i have done for almost 5 yrs. It was on a compilation tape i had when my 5yr old daughter was born, i lost the tape and have no idea what the lullaby is called or who wrote it and i would LOVE to know. Its a gorgeous song and my children absolutly love it, i would love to know more about it. We just call it rest your head. If there is anyone who knows what its called please let me know.When my daughter sleeps put at her grandmothers she always sings it to herself and i sing it to myself so that we know each other have sung it and in that way we are still together! Its really means a lot to me!! its nice to know someone else sings it at bedtime too!!!!