Monday, December 10, 2007

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

The important-sounding Mumbai Mommy Bloggers Meet finally happened. Kiran and Surabhi have all the dope – hop across and check it out here, here and here. Jai was instructed to take pictures to document the momentous event but the ones he took with our camera were rather useless so here’s one he managed to get right with Yashodhara’s camera…

From left to right in mommyblogger-offspring pairs, that’s Kiran-Krish, me-Ayaan and Surabhi-Sanah in the front row and Yashodhara-Peanut and Parul-Adi in the back row.


On the health front, the adenoids continue to be the bane of our lives. Ayaan got better for a bit but the cough and cold came back with a vengeance. It seems to be in retreat now – we are not sure which but one of the following seems to be working:

  • The meds: no antibiotics since I haven’t been to the doctor but a combination of a bronchio-dilator and an anti-allergen
  • No pre-bedtime bath
  • Sleeping with a pillow
  • Steam before bedtime
  • Putting him directly under the fan for the first hour at night (he was sweating a lot earlier and that was interrupting his sleep)

The doctor search has proved largely fruitless as all roads seem to lead back to the doctor we were going to anyway. The latest plan is to go back to him with my concerns and see if he is willing to take a less radical line of treatment – he did that with one of the moms I asked. Meanwhile, Kiran passed on the contact of her homeopath and we plan to pay him a visit next week after filling up his mile-long form.


Ayaan’s school had Sports Day last week. It was a pretty fancy affair with Ajay Jadeja as chief guest. But what was appalling was the behaviour of many of the parents who were constantly disrupting the function by literally running on to the tracks to take pictures of their kids. The school has 'Etiquette Day' later this week, I think the parents might need it more than the kids...

Anyway, Ayaan managed to get himself a silver medal by coming second in his little race. It was quite a comedy of errors though since he started running before he was supposed to and had to be restrained by his teacher. And when it was time to run, he was busy surveying his surroundings and had to be prodded into action. He finally did get around to running and then overtook all but one of his competitiors. He got a silver medal for his efforts but lost interest after asking me if it was a chocolate and being told that it was not…

Here's the best shot I could get of him at the starting point without joining the hordes - Ayaan's third from left (next to the blonde kid):

And here's him asking me if the medal was a chocolate:

And the victorious boy.... actually, he was more like 'Get that off me, Mama' but it ended up looking kind of victorious, so I am using it... anyone have a problem with that??!


Budding independence is the order of the day in this part of the world and the house resounds with squeals of “Ayaan Karega” (Ayaan will do it). The problem is that his desire to be independent and the actual ability to perform the tasks all by himself are still at odds with each other and the result is often one of mess, destruction or delay. Given that patience has never been my strong suit, it is really taking all that I can muster to let him blunder his way through this phase… and sometimes even that is not enough - resulting in a earful or a smack for Ayaan in return for his valiant attempt to become his own person. Sometimes, I really have to wonder why I continue to his most favourite person in the world… :(


  1. oh wow~!!!! now i can finally put a face to the words!!! you are a seriously pretty mommy blogger !!!
    did you guys have a great time?!!i like blogger meets!!

  2. i am laughing about the "chocolate" medal. Give him one "real" chocolate for me, will ya? Am glad to hear some progress on the adenoid front. Wishing he is trouble free very, very soon! The "I will do it stage" although tries your patience and his, can be veryuseful in teaching Chores. Chip helps bringing in groceries, cleaning away the table after dinner and putting stuff in trash and fetching the morning paper (very useful since its quite cold these days, am I evil or what?)

  3. oh! don't get me started abt the 'destructive' independance phase!

    yay on the medal!!! :)

  4. Wow - you guys are a good looking mommy bunch with damn cute kids!! Nice picture!
    Congrats on the silver medal young athlete!!
    And your last line - exactly how I feel! :) Really wonder how despite my yelling and screaming and losing patience with "neeya neeya" (he means "I will do it myelf") for every little thing that takes so much longer to do or results in a mess - he still asks for mamma! That surely is what innocence is! :))

  5. deepa9:34 am

    so happy for you Rohini. Your child's first victory is something so sweet to experience and cherish and right now you must be so proud.
    Have delurked becoz Ayaan's photo at the start line brought home the fact that he's such a grown boy now. And to think I began reading your blog when he was a wee baby and so have actually watched him grow up( thru your blog ofcourse)

  6. [Grafx] Stop, you are making me blush... :) Yeah the blogger meet was great fun - it was so cool because we were meeting each other for the first time and yet we already kind of knew each other from the blogs

    [Dotmom] Only about as evil as me using his services to deliver the clothes from the laundry basket to the washing machine ;)

    [Kodi's Mom] That one deserves it's own long post, doesn't it?

    [Noon] I know. I wish I had carried this complete inability to hold a grudge into adulthood :)

    [Deepa] Wow - you've been reading that long? Thanks for delurking :)

  7. Hey...poor Ayaan, still suffering from those thingies...will mail you with other peds in the burbs...

  8. Awww. the race and winning the medal must have been a proud moment for you. yay for Ayaan! 'budding independence'...soon he'll be doing everything by himself while you watch on in wonder. rogue monkey has now become this independent little person that i miss the baby who was so dependent on me. sounds crazy huh!

  9. ha ha...that's funny...took off late and still came in second. fast little boy! congratulations to ayaan..buti know how he feels, i also prefer chocolate to silver!

  10. OOOh congrats to the little guy, winning a medal and all that ! And I am SO happy to see you post pictures ! Big Hugs for doing that !

  11. Yay Ayaan! Damn, Ro, I didn't think I'd take his little medal so personally. I instantly thought of his funny baby pics and a little thought shot up in my mind -- "Oh, I can't believe he grew up so fast."

    And I've never even 'met him' met him. If you know what I mean. :(

  12. [Kiran] Thanks a million.

    [Aqua] Hmmm... so far the only thing I am missing is the ability to get things done without a HUGE mess being created

    [Y] Well, not that fast. It was quite hilarious since the kids had minds of their own and each one did things at their own pace. Some of the kids strolled to the finish line at snail's pace and others had to be seriously prodded to move in the right direction!!!

    [Poppins] See no reason to stop for all the reasons you all mentioned in your posts...

    [Sue] Know what you mean. I feel I know the Bhaeblet better than most of the kids I meet in real life :)

  13. I think the choccie medals are a better idea for the kiddies - they get to enjoy the things, don't they? I say Ayaan has got the right idea! Way to go, dude! And well done you!

    And boy am I glad to learn there's another not-very-patient mum out there too?! bless you, sista!

    And I second MM's sentiments - boo to your mummy bloggy meets. No fair. Why cant I have such fun (read sane) people near me? sigh

  14. Congrats Ayaan! Budding independence...yes, it does take a lot of patience on our part to stop us from whacking them. And hopefully you'll find a Doctor who should be able to successfully help with the li'l guys cough and cold.

  15. I have often asked myself that same question--except about me, not you, obviously.

    Looks like you had fun at the Meet! That's one of the things that makes the Internet so cool.

    And you're beautiful. Has anyone told you that lately?

    I'm off on holidays in 4 sleeps, but will try to keep up on your posts while I'm gone! (I might actually have more time for it!)


  16. poor jai had to confront a wildly talkative bunch, its a marvel he got one set of pictures right!

    and cheers to the silver medal that should have been chocolate!

    and get well soon wishes to ayaan.

    and now we should have a 'mommies unite against independent kids' meet!

  17. congrats to ayaan. you look very hip-babe-ish indeed :)

  18. A fine looking group! It's always fun to see the faces behind the blogs.

  19. [Desigirl] Maybe it's time for a visit to Mumbai, eh? I am glad you identify with the impatience - it makes me feel like the worst mother in the world sometimes...

    [Shobhana] Thanks.

    [Talena] Considering my posting frequency, you'll be back before I get around to posting. And thanks for the compliment :)

    [Sur] The 'Mommies Unite...' club sounds good...

    [Choxbox] Thanks... from Ayaan as well as me

    [Alan] Thanks :)

  20. Aare yaar, mereko bulana tha!! I would have done photography (I would have got at least two right I am sure), baby-sitting, et al happily, free of charge!! I am not a mommy but I do look like I have few kids, is that not enough?

    And while other mommy bloggers empathise with your having to patiently deal with Ayaan's
    *Hum-honge-kamyaab-at-independence* phase I say more power and innovation to the little fellow :P

  21. aww, choclate medal :) go ayaan!
    and dude, youo're hot!!

  22. Hello, I'm back! Congratulations to Ayaan, and I hope you did give him a chocolate reward - so much more satisfying than a medal! :-)