Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Hey Tharini. Hope you had a great birthday. This one’s for you…

Darn! I so thought you would get it since you tagged me to do a Mumbai sunrise photograph. But considering that my mornings start with a little brat who barely gives me time to brush my teeth, I never did get around catching to the sun, especially since my house faces westwards and the building rooftop is locked up at night. So I cheated just a tad and drew you a very, VERY rough version of what a sunrise looks like in my part of the world. I tried a version with an auto rickshaw on the road to give you a further clue about the location of the sunrise but my drawing skills failed me at that point and the attempt ended up in the bin - hence the 'creatively challenged' bit...


  1. I love it! Crayons are the best!

    Happy day, you!

  2. your handwriting's so pretty!

  3. I know, nice handwriting! and that was thoughtful of you

  4. Grafx4:33 am

    awesome handwriting!! i am such a horrible chicken scratch/arabic writer!!! so i really admire people who can write beautifully!!
    sigh...... why didnt i practice more when i was younger!!

  5. [Talena] Thanks - had to do it while A was asleep though as he is very possessive about his crayons :)

    [Mona/Orchid/ Taamommy] Thanks

    [Grafx] Woman, you create far more beautiful things with your computer and your camera than I ever could so stop fishing... :)

  6. Rohini, I love the way everyone has commented on your beautiful handwriting very politely steering clear of commenting on your drawing! :)

    Well let me be the first to tell you that I actually liked your drawing too....specially the yellow lines marking the middle of the road! My birthday's in August. Hope that you can send me a hand-drawn card then!

  7. sweet post, Ro.

    I'm terribly sorry about this, but I've tagged you for something.

    On the bright side, it's one step closer to your 100th post? Right? Right?

  8. very creative Ro :) and btw i finally got round to doing the judgemental tag. like them old folks say, better late than never.

  9. Hello,
    Why do only mommy bloggers get birthday cards on your blog ?

    Stop discrimination against non-mommies ! Give me a card too.


  10. Zen dahling...when is yr bday. i'll make you a birthday day...EVEN THOUGH you called me a "worm" :)

  11. Heh, that is a pretty sunrise!

  12. zen, pls substitute 'card' for 'day'. *slinks off*

  13. yes but when i put my hand to paper then people run to get a hieroglyphics decipher!!!

  14. [Lawyeramma] Well, thank you for the compliment - and of course you'll get a card... though you do know what they say about being careful what you ask for... ;)

    [Y] Er...right (she said while warily edging away from the crazy lady) ;)

    [Aqua] Oh goody - will hop across to check it out...

    [Zen] Give me one first...

    [Primalsoup] Really? Where? :)

    [Grafx] Like I said... fishing... :)

  15. Dear Ro! I'm sooo sorry for the truly tardy response. Still catching up on things. :)

    And I feel like I committed the biggest super blooper with my whole interpretation of it, which you must admit was quite probable too. :D

    However, your explanation of the why's and what's really made it all come together, sooo mcuh better. And based on that, you are hereby off the hook on the sunrise tag.

    I now know what a sunrise looks like from your westfacing home, and I must say, its as pretty as a picture! :)

    And a small correction...you are a creatively challenged and accomplished mommy blogger!!!

    Thank you sooo much for doing this for me! I just loove looking at that page!