Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Celebrating

The Good: How to Celebrate a Friend’s Pregnancy

  • Put together a list of female friends who need to be invited with help from other friends and the father-to-be. Call/ mail the ladies to finalise a date and some division of responsibilities.
  • Arrange a clandestine meeting with the friend’s husband to get hold of the house keys.
  • Get the father-to-be to take his wife out for lunch on the D-day.
  • Get everyone to arrive an hour before their anticipated return.
  • Decorate the place with banners, balloons and leftover Pooh decorations from one of the kids’ birthday parties.
  • Organise baby-sized food – mini sandwiches, petit four deserts, cocktails samosas...
  • Greet the gobsmacked mommy-to-be with balloons under our T-shirts.
  • Get her to cut a cake (the initial plan was to get a baby-themed cake but that didn’t work out)
  • Bring on the decoy gift – a diaper filled with peanut butter, nicely wrapped up with fancy wrapping paper. Guffaw at the look of disgust on the mommy-to-be’s face and assure her that there is far yuckier stuff in her not-to-distant future.
  • Play lots of fun, baby-themed games:
    1. Guess Mummy’s Tummy’s Size: Record everyone’s guesses and have a measuring tape handy to choose the winner.
    2. Guess the baby items: Fill a bag with baby-related stuff and people have to guess all the items to win. This game can have hilarious results if there are lot of non-mommies in the group – a finger toothbrush may get classified as an eyebrow brush (because which baby doesn’t need a good eyebrow brushing once in a while!) and a nasal aspirator may be guessed to be a horn for a toy automobile!
    3. Baby Bingo: Like regular Bingo or Housie but with pictures baby items in the cells instead of numbers on the cards.
    4. Pin the Pacifier the Baby: Players are blindfolded and given a pacifier in their hands. The one who gets it closest of the mouth of the baby wins.
    5. Bottoms Up: Fill baby bottles with equal amounts of apple juice and the first one to finish wins - it is surprisingly hard to drink from a baby bottle!
  • Have baby bottles/ cups filled with candy as gifts for the winners of each game.
  • Bring on the actual gifts for the mom and baby.
  • Sit around and chat for a bit.
  • Clean up the place before leaving so that the poor pregnant lady is not left to deal with the post-party mess.

The Bad: How Not to Celebrate Your Bloggiversary

  • Completely miss the day on which you started blogging two years ago.
  • Remember only when one of your oldest blog pals happens to mention that he forgot his as well.
  • Wistfully watch on the sidelines while people who started blogging way after you did breezily cross the 100-post mark while you languish in the late nineties. (A belated look at my profile tells me this will be my 100th post! Yay! Finally!)
  • Vow to post more frequently and go back on said vow by not posting for three weeks. [Edit: Just saw this post on Blogging Without Obligation and couldn't agree more - I am totally going with the 'Less is More' stand]

The Ugly: How to Definitely Not Celebrate Your Husband’s Birthday

  • Happen to be travelling on the D-day.
  • Wake up late and have precisely 30 minutes to eat breakfast, get dressed, packed, checked out and into the conference room to run the workshop.
  • In the process, let it completely slip your mind that it happens to be the husband’s birthday.
  • Rush through the day so that you can conclude the workshop in time to catch the flight back home.
  • Finally have a moment of peace on the way to the airport and then get hit by the blinding realisation of one’s stupidity, forgetfulness and selfishness
  • Feel even worse on remembering that you had actually called the husband in the midst of the morning rush to bark some orders at him and didn’t remember wish him.
  • Call him to apologise and beg for forgiveness. He is totally cool about it and says that he was only ‘a little hurt’ after the morning call – feel like an even bigger ass than if he had raved and ranted.
  • Land back into Mumbai late in the night and search for some way to make it up.
  • Find an open Barista on the way home and buy one of their last remaining cupcakes.
  • Happen to spot a florist and also buy a single rose.
  • Rush home and cobble together this pathetic excuse for a birthday celebration:

So there it is. Feeling a bit idiotic about the birthday debacle. So come on, make me feel better – tell me about some of your celebration disasters. Or am I alone?


  1. Awww, congratulations on your 100 - it's quality, not speed that matters, right?

    And you know, when guys say they're totally cool with your forgetting their birthdays, it usually means they are (unlike us women!). I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to him over the weekend...

    The baby shower sounds like much fun!

    Oh and the answer to your question on my blog (sorry I didn't answer it straight away, I wanted to announce the news first) - is 3 years.

    The doctors here recommend that there should be at least a 3 year gap from the first C-sec, to try a VBAC. However, I've heard of some docs who're willing to try it with a 2 year gap as well, depending on the healing and type of scar (transverse), size of the baby, and overall health of the mother.

  2. Quality matters, so never mind the slow ride to 100. And congratulations on Blog anniversary and the other firsts! :)
    And a diaper filled with peanut butter?!!! Oww.

  3. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Loved reading the post. Great baby shower ideas! its true, men are really cool with b'day greetings coming in late! At least you tried to make up for it with the cupcake and the prettily laid out tray, candle and all! I'm sure he was touched.Have really enjoyed reading your blog. You do quite a balancing act - juggling and keeping all those balls in the air. sorry for the long comment.

  4. Good- Looks like you had FUN!

    Bad- tho' a little far and few between, they're most enjoyable when youdofinally come out with one, so post away as usual. Bonus for us if its a little on the higher side.

    Ugly- Hmm, Guess it would have been UGLY if HE'd forgotten yours. Men are different from us that way.

  5. Congrats on your 100th....keep them coming :)

  6. Hi. I usually lurk here, Rohini, but I must say I associate your blog with fewer posts which are well-thought-out and well-written. ('Quality not quantity').

    I followed the link you provided about having no obligations about blogging. The line I liked was "reducing post pollution".

    Re the birthday party, we have gone some without 'celebrating' at all; I think it's the feeling that counts. Besides, too much cake is bad for your teeth anyway :). Yay for cupcakes!

  7. [Moppet's Mom] Already congratulated you on your blog but there possibly isn't anything like too much congratulating right? So congratulations again!

    Hmmm... three-year gap? There goes another excuse for waiting any longer :)

    [Primalsoup] You would say that! Since your average posting frequency last year was probably even lower than mine :)

    [Anon] Shall I let you into a secret? The balls don't always stay up in the air - the birthday forgetting being a prime example of the same... :)

    [JLT] You're so right... if he had been the one who had forgotten, there would have been hell to pay...

    [Homecooked] Thanks. Will surely keep them coming but don't hold your breath on the frequency ;)

    [Mummyjaan] Well thank you for the lovely compliment and love the 'yay for cupcakes' thought :)

  8. ALL our anniversaries (all 2 of them) were disasters. I'd tell you more had I the time.

    You know, V and I, we've had times when we couldn't celebrate on the day so we designated another day and spent it just like the birthday would have been, ideally. It worked for us.

    The party sounds great fun. Wish I'd had folks like you around when I was expecting The Bhablet. :(

  9. Lucky friend who got that lovely sounding baby shower! There IS a good side to pregnancy. Apparently.

    Hey, I have done a 100 posts and I started blogging only last year...but that is because writing about inane, funny stuff is easy-er. Also, you have your hands full running a full-fledged career and handling a baby, hubby and house. Soooo, job well done and congrats on the century!

    Oh my, that last one was quite an ouch-inducing disaster. Well, both my sisters and my mom, I repeat, MY MOM forgot my last wedding anniv. I am still waiting for the apology gifts :) May I suggest that you buy him the most ridiculously expensive gift that he covets? Maybe it will help?

    Woo...not like me to leave such long comments but what the hell..

    Hey, post more often.

  10. Mr's last birthday was a disaster....I was in the US on a business visit..and I completely forgot that it was his birthday :) it was almost 2 days later I remembered that I just missed his birthday...and I am absly lucky with the Mr coz he i not whining type or the one who would avenge me for forgetting his birthday.....but I just let it look as if I had actually forgotten the birthday...and when I came back I bought him, his all time favourite movie collection of Star Wars(it was a collector's edition) and there I was...grinning ear to ear and appologising for forgetting his birthday and compensated by bringing him the Collector's edition of Star Wars :)

  11. You threw yr friend a baby shower?? she's lucky to have friends like you and it sounds like good fun was had by all.

    happy bloggiversary!!! agree with the 'blogging without obligation' thingy. in my case though, it's a front for sheer laziness :)

    AND...don't feel so bad. i forgot P's bday too last year. had an imp presentation that day so my focus was entirely on that :( Hey, but the 'cupcake and rose on tray' looks cute.

  12. hahaha.. loved this.. you write so well, you should write more...
    First congratulations on the 100th post!! Yay!! and on the blog-anniversary!! As for the birthday... you did make up for it.. I have never forgotten my husband's bday or he mine!! Yeah our bday's are on the very next days... so kinda hard to forget!! Otherwise I am sure I would have.. loved the baby shower.. too cute!!

  13. Bring on another century, girl. congrats on this one. enjoy reading your blog and wish you wrote more, but well yes, less is more in all its zen-ness and italian-mod-design-ness :)

    About the birthday..its the thought that counts.. and you can always take a raincheck :) I won't write about mine, but will definately write about big geek's celebration disastors :D

  14. I forgot my mother's birthday once. I thought she wouldn't mind, because her whole life she underplayed it and didn't like celebrating it. But she did mind...

  15. [Sue] Actually, when I was pregnant, I really wished someone had thrown me a baby shower but none of my friend were in mommy-zone yet so couldn't have been blamed for not thinking of it. But I know how special it can feel so this is actually the second friend that I have done this for since Ayaan was born and I would love to do it again!

    [Parul] Matter of perspective really, I'd be hard put to come with the lovely, side-splitting posts commonly seen on your blog - definitely wouldn't call them inane.

    [IBH] Oh thank you so much for sharing that. It made me feel so much better that there are other disaster out there... :)

    [Aqua] Well, there is some laziness there behind my excuse too ;)

    [Preethi] Thanks :) And yeah, your birthday calendar makes it pretty foolproof...

    [Dotmom] Hmmm... I definitely not Zen but I can go with stylish (like Italian mod-design) ;)... Look foward to reading about Big Geek's celebration disaster

    [Mumbaigirl] Well, she is a woman and we do mind such stuff a lot more. I would be seriously bummed out if it was my birthday that was forgotten...

  16. Awwww. You have a gem of a husband you know. Have forgotten anniversary once. Much to husbands utter consternation. Never dared forget the husband's birthday. Harakiri.

  17. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Hey Rohini,

    I like that "Guess Mummy's Tummy size" bit. :P Not married yet, but the next time any of my cousins get pregnant, I would like to do that. Heh.

    You have a lovely blog here. I really like the clean theme. Thanks for stopping by my blog, else I wouldn't have discovered yours. :)


  18. make love like a sex starved maniac to him. IN YOUR BEST LINGERIE.

    i did that and now he doesnt remember what came before that.


  19. Congrats on your 100th. Can quite understand your taking time to make to 100th. In fact quite impressed you got the time to do that :)

  20. Congratulations on the 100th, and I quite agree, I LOVE reading ALL your posts, so what if they aren't that frequent as the others. I liked the link you added too (of blogging without obligation).

    Regarding the birthday blooper, I once forgot my mother's birthday when I was in Engineering. The excuse was my study holidays. She made special food, and even wore a new saree but I didn't notice.

    The worst part: I wished my best friend on her birthday the previous day and still didn't connect the dots. I felt AWFUL !

    The baby shower sounds awesome, what a lucky friend!

  21. I am so jealous of your friend. I wish one of mine throws such a party for me. Sigh!! Congrats on completing 100 fabulous posts. For birthday debacle, I would go with grafxgurl’s comment. Ha ha ha

  22. i think looking for a the last cup cake and rose available in the market at the end of the day( when the traffic is as bad!) is lovely.

    so cheer up!

    the lingerie idea, expensive gift, weekend celeb etc can all be acted upon ofcourse.

    and at the end of the day you have one lucky husband!

    the baby shower- again how wonderful. my pal bought a laloo prasad doll and a baby girl doll and made everyone in the baby shower party predict what sex the baby would be...

    and the bad - keep posting girl. so we can all aspire to keep juggling the balls.

    btw will cal and get tips on how to organise the house and stay out all day. have shifted my editing comp out of the house - i was going crosseyed working and taking care of the baby and house on my own. cross eyed and anorexic -and no that will not make me a model -for that i need another face, hair, height and pretty much everything else!

  23. you know, me being me, i'm actually shocked that i haven't had any celebration disasters. but now that i've said that...haha.
    the baby shower sounds wonderful, good job! some pictures?

  24. oh, and also, happy 100! more power to you because your posts are definitely all about quality!

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  26. Anonymous6:35 pm

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  27. Congratulations on your 100th post! And it made such an entertaining read . Wow for the baby shower!

    Birthday debacle, I quote from one of my earlier posts about hubby's b'day last year

    We celebrated Ashwini's birthday with whatever little energy I had left by Thursday evening. We headed for Chevy's very close to our place but found out that it had unfortunately closed down some time back and settled for Chinese which we didn't particularly relish. After coming back, he cut the cake (chocolate brownie to be precise because thats what my pregnancy cravings fancied that day), pictures of which I am embarrassed to share here because of its utter plainness. I intended to decorate it when I bought it but didn't have the muscle for at any point in the evening.

    He he he!!

  28. Anonymous10:34 am

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  29. [Kiran] Yup, he's pretty low maintenance that way - and I am high maintenance even for both of us...

    [Ruhi] Well, the tummy size game doesn't make you too popular with the pregnant lady, but it's great fun for everyone else :)

    [Grafx] Now, there's an idea! ;)

    [Hillgrandmom] Yup, time to post is a precious commodity these days...

    [Rohit] Maybe you could come back in a few years ;)

    [Poppins] Ouch! Thanks for sharing that though

    [Lavs] Awww... come to Mumbai and we'll throw one for you ;)

    [Sue] Thanks for the reassuring comment. Call anytime and I shall give you my two pennies worth. When do you start?

    [Mona] Thanks :) And no pictures unfortunately since all the friends are non-bloggers who won't appreciate their mugs being flashed online

    [Neera] Well, atleast you didn't forget

  30. Happy 100th Rooooooo!!

    I am always forgetting people's birthdays and pissing them off - but you can always make up for it with surprising him on his un-birthday anytime soon...

    I lowed the pregnant celebration party!! Especially the diaper filled with peanut butter - whose idea was that??

  31. I think the baby shower ideas are all wonderful... though teh idea of from a feeding bottle freaks me out

    always look forward to your posts - u make the wait worthwhile

  32. Congrats on your 100th post! Amazing baby shower roundup. Sorry about missing hubby's b'day. It isn't as bad as missing it for 2yrs in a row, as was in my case :( Hope this made your day...cheer up.

  33. Have been meaning to comment on this post (and your post on religion) for a long time. Will do it some other time - right now just want to say that you are Tagged!!

  34. Another great post. WOWEE! That was some baby shower. I want to get pregnant again just so you can plan me a shower, 'kay? ;-)

    I just about forgot my husband's thirtieth birthday. My dad is single, and his fiftieth birthday fell on the second-last day of September--four days before my husband's 30th. I got so busy planning my dad's big party that I forgot that, as soon as I turned the calendar page over, my husband would be having a big milestone, too.

    Thank goodness his mother asked me what I was getting him for his birthday two days before. I scraped together a last-minute celebration for him, as well, but I was totally flabbergasted with myself at what had almost happened.

    PLUS! I loved the "Blogging without Obligation" post. I'm all for that. The only one I ever really feel accountable to for not blogging is myself. I started my blog to help me remember all the little things in life. When I don't blog for a while, I know some of those precious little memories are lost forever, because I'm just too busy to make a mental note of them.

    When I feel a little guilty is when I haven't actually had time to even read my "real" good friends' blogs. (You know--the ones you actually know or have connected with online. Not just the blogs you read for entertainment.)

    It makes me feel slightly better when they've only had time to post once since the last time I was there! :-)

    Have a great week, Rohini.

  35. [Y] The diaper idea - all mine *she said, beaming with pride*

    [Artnavy] The feeding bottle thing is a little freaky - gets people out of their comfort zones... ;)

    [Shobhana] It sure did. Though I hope I don't end up following in your footsteps by forgetting next year as well ;)

    [Ceekay] I am so behind on my tags that I am thinking of adopting a No-tag policy :( - it sounds cooler than saying I am too lazy/ have no time... :)

    [Talena] Well, if you do get pregnant again, could you do it in India please - transatlantic baby showers present untold challenges...
    And on your birthday experience, it doesn't count - atleast you didn't forget....
    And there's no blog like mine for curing you of not-visiting-for-a-while guilt ;)

  36. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Congrats on 100, Ro, you write ever so well and is a treat to read your tales !!

  37. ok! now to make you write more!, you have been tagged :)

  38. Loved your ideas for the baby party! and speaking or husbands - isn't it so much worse when they don't start ranting like maniacs, as we would do in the same place?

  39. aww. thats okay! husbands dont get hurt really. now if it were the wife.. it might be different!

    i have to admit that i forget all birthdays .. and come flying in at the tail end with the tires screeching!!

    CONGRATS on the 100th. every single post has been a pleasure :)

  40. :)

    awesome post!! for the next (final) baby whneva that is, if i dont have buddies who do it, i will do it for meself!! :D

    awwwwww on forgetting hubby's birthday! well i didnt forget it, but i did forget to take home keys when i had planned a surprise birthday party for him!! oops!! made some sorry excuses and managed to ask a bud o get keys from him!!

    still he was surprised!! phew!!