Monday, April 28, 2008

Spilling the Beans

For my numerous (read two) readers, who expressed their confusion about the contents of my last post, here’s a brief explanation:

A bunch of us mommybloggers decided to get together and throw a virtual baby shower for those amongst us who happened to be pregnant.

Only, it wasn’t that simple… to get to the private blog that housed the baby shower, they had to crack the username and the password, a letter of which was given out on each of our blogs, numbering close to 50. On each blog, they had to solve the riddle that led to them to the next mommyblogger and the next letter and so on.

Somwehere, in the middle of the hunt, this riddle penned by Gauri about me led to my blog from K3’s blog:

This lady, strong, poised and staid
Created a furore when she called a maid - a maid
And the trolls rolled in with all their venom
And showed true qualities of their genome.
Angst over the school syndrome, she did go thru
And her Gift of God, she absolutely adores too.

And this riddle on my blog led to Mummyjaan:

With daughters like hers who needs the pot of gold?
Loved and loving, young looks after old.
'Mother Darling' records all that they do,
In the land of leprechauns lives this mother of two.

You know what they say about pregnancy slowing your mental faculties down – well not so with these sharp MTBs (mothers-to-be), who sniffed for clues like bloodhounds and almost cracked the code before the hunt had officially begun. And chanced upon the wonderful, informative and lovingly crafted shower blog.

For those of you inclined to read more detailed and well-written accounts of this truly wonderful event, Indianmommies has a post up with more juice and lots of links.

Me, I am still trying to live down being described as staid. It’s my life’s latest mission to prove that I am not. This nice and agreeable matron has suggested that I might do this by drinking tequila shots off the bartender’s belly button… I thinking thoughts of the bartender’s hygiene levels might get in the way of me attempting such a thing. Any other suggestions?


  1. I still DG ought to watch out. With you in this mood, and Rads loose in London, and MM egging you on, I shudder to think what may happen.

    Mind you, whatever you do, blog about it all, navel-lint inclusive.

  2. LOL. Lovely one, Ro!

    We're having a howlarious time on this group, aren't we? :D

  3. pulling off this mammoth production is the most amazing thing i have seen... hats off to all of you.

    and you know i never thought i'd rejoice that there was someone else in this wide wide world who makes her progeny sit on lap while answering the call of nature! it was one of those details of my life i had stored in the closet. i can come out with it thatks to the mama who says so! thank you thank you.

    and before you take off for your tequila shots, lets try and have another mommy meet. maybe without the kids. and maybe with the tequila! i have one in my closet:) open invitation.

  4. Carry along your sanitiser for the belly button and do the tequila shots...

  5. oh wow !! tequila shots . errr who is bringing the bartender ?

  6. Oooh, methinks SilentOne and DG will have much to blog about after your visit! ;-)

  7. Rohini, thanks for the enlightenment! I had seen this on your blog and on another blog I read--'Eve's Lungs' and just couldn't figure out what was happening. Thought it was a new tag or something and decided I was too old and fuzzy headed to ever solve something like that! How very nice of you all to do things like this.

  8. [Sue] Well since I'd be doing it for the sole purpose of proving my non-staidness to the bloggy crowd, I'd have to blog about it, wouldn't I? ;-)

    [Suki] You bet! Funnest time I've had in a while!

    [Sur] We should do a Post Secret type mommyblog where we can all confess to our dark mommy secrets ;-)
    As for the tequila shots and mommyblogger meet without the kids, it sounds like FUN! Let's do in June - I am off for my annual vacation in May.

    [Kiran] Hmmmm... sanitiser is probably the first defence of the staid though, no? ;-)

    [Minka] Good question! But where there is a will, there is a way!

    [Maggie] Heh

    [Hillgrandmom] Sorry about that. I thought there might be some people who were either confused or who thought I'd lost my marbles... glad you were in the former category (unless you are being polite ;-))

  9. Oh! come on Rohini, we'll find you a hunky bartender so sizzling hot that any niggling thoughts on hygiene will disappear post haste! ;)

  10. May you find a Tom-Cruise type bartending in London. Tee hee!

  11. I was confused too. saw a similar type post on yr blog and on MMs and was like WTF?

    Looks like you girls had a fun time planning the whole thing.

  12. The tequila itself would sanitize things. Based on your blog I never would have guessed "staid".

  13. This sounds like so much fun! Don't take offence about the 'staid' bit Rohini. When looking for words that rhyme, things can get pretty desperate, I assure you.

  14. listen - just because you got called staid doesnt mean you drag me down with you :p matron indeed

    now go do those tequila shots and prove us wrong.

  15. Hee. I'm guessing the "staid" was in reference to your habit of looking at everything so thoroughly. Perhaps not the best word, but when you are constrained by the rules of rhyming poetry, what can you do? :-)

    I have a pretty good mental image of you drinking tequila off a belly button right now, though... :-D