Monday, August 11, 2008

Antics of a Supposedly Sick Boy

So Ayaan has been quite unwell for the last five days. It started with a bone-rattling cough and has bloomed into fever that won’t go away. The dreaded antibiotics have finally been called into action and we might have to get an x-ray done if he doesn’t respond to these in the next two days.

But looking at him, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that you were in the presence of a boy in the very pinkest of health. Sure, there have been cranky patches when the fever spikes and ultra-clingy behaviour even when it doesn’t but overall, the young man has been in one of his most bouncy, naughty moods in recent history. Some examples from the last couple of days:

  • Decided that the chair at the computer table belonged to him. And everytime he even remotely suspected that I was headed towards it, he would let out a giggly shriek and run to claim it for his own. And then insist that I sit in his lap! It's no surprise that I didn't get much work done. Gingerly perched with only a quarter of one's weight being supported (to avoid squashing the silly fellow with delusions of grandeur) doesn't lend itself to typing...
  • A good fifteen minutes were spent wrapping my dupatta around himself. And then wrapping it around me.
  • Playing with Play Doh the good, old-fashioned way is clearly for losers so it was applied to the walls.
  • Leapt off the weighing scales at the doctor's office and landed on his bum. Quite hard. Got up cheerfully, rubbed said bum cheerily and set off to find something else to do.
  • Also at the doctor's office, tried to get all the sad, sniffly kids to play with him and got mighty upset when they didn't.
  • Insisted on giving me a haircut with his nail-cutter.
  • Blew bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. And when some bubble-liquid was spilt, insisted on wiping it up himself.
  • Ran to the front door shrieking everytime the doorbell rang, lest someone dare get there before him and open the door instead.
  • Chased every sodden crow that sought shelter from the incessant rain on one of our balconies with the mighty whoop.
  • Climbed up onto the pot in the loo (lid down obviously) and instructed me on how to brush my teeth.

And that's not even including the non-stop chatter and barrage of questions that I have been inundated with all day long, including the colour, name and reason of each of the medicines he has had!

Seriously, this boy needs a lesson on how to be sick...


  1. LOL! Too cute! :)

    Hope he gets well soon. :)

  2. LOL at the last line. Hope all goes well and he gets better soon.

  3. heh..heh...

    hope he gets better soon...very imp for your health :)

  4. Hehehe! Sounds like WE need a lesson on how to be sick from him...

  5. But you know you'd rather have it this way than have him lie down limp and unhappy, na? I can deal with tantrums, crankiness and naughtiness when they're sick, but indifference scares the shit out of me.

    Hope he gets better soon...

  6. Muser's right! :)
    It's good he is so bouncy while sick! But can't imagine what he does when he is really not sick - no wonder you are so slim! ;)
    Hope he feels better soon...well he seems to feel fine - but hope he really gets better soon!

  7. Excellent, that's the spirit

  8. Hope he gets well soon

    but good that he is making full use of his time at home and yours:-))

  9. "Ran to the front door shrieking everytime the doorbell rang"

    Sweety from 'Hum Paanch'!


    Give him a hug from Aunty Sue of the coffee cup.

  10. Hi all. Thanks for your wishes. Ayaan is much better today.

    [A muser] Er... not so much. Being sick is my only valid excuse for climbing into bed and staying there all day

    [Maggie] So true... though it would be nice if he gave his sick body a bit of a break - might help it recover sooner

    [Noon] Yeah, imagine what he is like when he is well!!!

    [Artnavy] No doubt about that. Haven't been able to get any work done in the last couple of days!!!

    [Sue] Hug given. The coffee cup was pulled out of the kitchen cupboard the other day as nothing else would do for drinking water :)

  11. hey hope he gets well soon. but really, better having a bouncy sick child than a not-bouncy one. even if one loses half the hair on the scalp by the end of the day.

    btw was thinking of you yesterday when i saw a news clipping abt hamleys coming to india :)

  12. At least he's in good spirits!
    Hope he feels better soon.

  13. but then again, u wouldn't have it any other way, I am sure!!

  14. Awww...glad he's better. And I must say it's awesome that he's this way even when he's sick. And I agree with Noon, you should thank him for keeping you so trim!

  15. :)
    thank God, huh? i'm always grateful that my monkey's a monkey even when she's sick because i'd be at my wits' end otherwise!

  16. :)
    thank God, huh? i'm always grateful that my monkey's a monkey even when she's sick because i'd be at my wits' end otherwise!

  17. hehe!!

    its better than seeing them sniffling and said, aint it??

    hope he is okie now!! :)



  18. God bless him. May he always be as bouncy and chirpy as he is. And may sickness never come close to him....

  19. Thanks for all your wishes. All's well. It's the dratted adenoids again. So a bit of a cough persists and if last year's experience is anything to go by, we will live through the winter with it...

    [Chox] Yeah, read about the Hamley's thing. Wonder if it will be a watered down version though..

  20. Hey, long time. Good that he's all well now.

  21. I'm sure he is in even more trouble now, for surely he has regained his health already! Sounds like a few little boys I'm familiar with, though!


    Crazy kids.

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