Tuesday, August 26, 2008


...not of the blog break kind, even though it may seem like that with the yawning lapses of time between posts. No. This post is about Ayaan's musical journey...

Like most kids, Ayaan has always had an affinity for music. I have been playing him CDs of lullabies and nursery rhymes almost from the very moment he popped out of my womb. And once he was able to point and demand, he asked for it when I forgot.

Given that I am something of a bathroom singer myself, the poor child has also been subjected to endless renditions of various lullabies and such like in what I like to think is my mellifluous voice. It started with me choosing what I wanted to sing to him to help him drift off into slumberland but in recent times, the child has turned picky and I have to take requests. The current hot favourite is Little Bo Peep, but I do get the odd request for Dard-e-Disco and such like…

Music also works best when he hurts himself or is generally upset about something. Our special song for such situations is the Hush Little Baby song. It has an almost-magical calming effect on him. That makes this song our equivalent of kissing away the booboos.

The new development in the last couple of months has been that he has gone from being largely a passive listener of music to actively memorising and singing songs by himself. And this has led to some pretty cute incidents that I want to record for posterity…

To start with, we now have a new addition to our bedtime ritual. I am no longer the solo performer of the goodnight songs. He has to sing a song to me as well. Most nights, I get the cutest ever version of Baa Baa Black Sheep though sometimes he decides to go vernacular and recite his favourite Hindi poem about a fish.

The other new ritual is his demand for the favourite song of the moment to be played during the five minute drive to drop him to school. For the last month or so, this has been the Aditees song, better known as Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi. I am not allowed to put the car into gear unless this song has started playing and depending on the traffic situation, we sometimes have to go through it two to three times till we are at the school. He has a fair idea of the tune and the words but won’t sing along by himself – so we both sing it together. And the other day, I also noticed that he was patting his knee in time with the rhythm of the song – wonder where he picked that up from?!

He has also been singing random snatches of songs taught at school. Mostly these are recognisable nursery rhymes that we have been hearing at home in any case. But a couple of weeks ago, he actually learnt the complete lyrics to an entirely new song about the monsoon and monsoon creatures and came home to sing it to me. It goes like this:

Baarish jab bhi aati hain to froggie aata hain
Hop hop hop hop hop hop karke ghoomta rahta hain
Mitti se nikal kar earthworm aata hain
Snail bhi dheerey dheerey chalta rehta hain
Cham cham baarish aati hain, hum bheeg jaate hain
Aao bachchon ham sab milke bhutta khate hain

And this is usually performed with the froggie soft toy being made to hop around in keeping with the spirit of the song. :-)

And now for what I thought was the cutest episode in recent times. This happened when I was lying in bed reading a book and he was sitting next to me and playing with two soft toys, both frogs.

I looked up from my book when I thought he was saying something to me only to realise he was in deep conversation with the frogs. The monologue went something like this:

"Froggies, please stand up for the national anthem."

He then propped up the frogs against a cushion. However, one of the unfortunate frogs is created in a permanently sitting position so he refused to stay propped up. Ayaan looked at him sternly and repeated loudly:

"I said please stand for the national anthem."

A couple of more efforts to make the poor frog stand followed, after which he irritably said:

"You not standing? OK then, you sit down!"

And turned his attention to the good frog, who had followed his instructions. He then proceeded to sing a completely mangled version of the national anthem, which only an adoring mother could have recgnised as such. Once done, he commanded his audience:

"OK. You sit now."


  1. what a coincidence !! mine loves the machli song as well including the hand actions. And followed by " do din rakho , sad jayegi" pinching his nose for the stench.

    BTW, mine preferred "Edel weiss" as a lullaby for some strange reason.

  2. He's a gem. Adorable chappie. My critter currently is still hooked on Gasolina. Thankfully the cd is in the Innova which we rarely get to ourselves and when we do, its non stop Gasolina. As in one terrible trip from Mumbai to Pune.

  3. Lucky you. Cherish these memories. They grow up so fast!

  4. :)

    M used to play old jazzy english numbers for Cubby at night and he would drift off to sleep on his own. one day he changed them to nursery rhymes and cubby never slept to music again!

    ofcos my singing surprisingly still works!! whateva be the singing! ;)



  5. and i love Ayan's monsoon poem!! its so cute!!

    i am smiling just imagining him singing it! and discipling the frogs!! kids pick up everything! :)



  6. my grandson also has to have his favourite songs playing in the car, whenever he's in the car!

  7. Adorable :)
    And I love the national anthem part - great to see young patriots!

    @Kiran: Gasolina?!?! Ouch. I liked it the first three times. Next time I'm at a nightclub and the dhijjay is playing it I shall turn the speakers off.

  8. How lovely! I have seen Naren do that knee tapping too when we are in the car, keeping up to the rhythm of the song that is being played. I wonder where they pick it up, or is it just inborn?

  9. very cute :) the froggies bit esply - hilarious!

    the machchli rhyme is popular here too as is the national anthem (mangled version and all).

  10. LOLing at minka's last line!

  11. good one about the national anthem. you have a born leader there.

  12. he is sooo adorable! Actually... when I heard Ayaan and Krish liking the dard-e-disco song, I had to hear it. So I pulled it on you tube while Chip was around and guess what? He is addicted to the song :)

  13. adorable!!....we've had our share of favorites with Li'l A too...currently it's Pappu can't dance and we have an absolutley hilarious dance to go with it as well..maybe i'll do a post

  14. So cute and funny! Oh, your fun is only just beginning, I bet. I LOVE watching them invent new stuff, seemingly from nowhere! :-)

  15. That's so cute! Moppet also makes up her own lines to known songs - almost always with hilarious results.

  16. so utterly cute

    i love the froggy episode and the new song too

    i see anush doing this talking to her dog floppy and so on
    it is so damn cute- need to record it for posterity

  17. Awww... you can tell him that folks who can't stand are allowed to sit while the anthem plays. The government makes an exception.

    And give him a little cuddle from me. I'm quite sure by the time we do meet he won't let me cuddle him myself. :(

  18. that is the cutest things i have read in a long time Ro :) Ayaan is a sweetheart...and a good citizen too...

  19. [Minka] Mine refuses to say 'mar jayegi' and has permanently replaced it with 'bahar nikalo toh so jayegi'... I am thinking the school did that as it might be too early to talk about death

    [Kiran] Believe me, daily and multiple renditions of Dard-e-disco can be just as wearying...

    [Phoenixritu] Yeah but there are other moments (tantrums!) when I can't wait for him to grow up!

    [Mamma-Mia] He's a child with fine tastes :)

    [Hillgrandmom] I hope his choices include more hear-able stuff than Dard-e-disco!

    [Suki/ Choxbox/ Ranjit] Yeah. Though Tagore must be turning in his grave at Ayaan's mangling of his masterpiece.

    [Shobana] Either that or they pick it up from us...

    [Dottie] Yeah, I think the under-5's are the only ones who can tolerate that silly song!

    [Orchid] Surprising Pappu didn't make the cut in out parts

    [Talena] Yup, have been getting a taste of things to come from recent posts on your blog

    [Maggie] So cute...

    [Art/ IBH] Thanks :)

    [Sue] They are? Does that count for lazy mothers lounging around while their sons sing the hallowed song? ;)

  20. That is cho chweet - froggie stand up for the anthem!And dunno what it is about the msuic from jaane tu - my kids are hooked on as well.

  21. So cute!! I am looking forward to these times at my end too :) Of course S still makes us play her favorites endlessly sometimes. Latest was "Pappu can't dance...".

    Something on my blog for you. Come pick it up please?

  22. Rohini, you have a 'Brilliant Blog' award over on my blog.

  23. Anonymous4:25 pm

    your post makes me utterly nostalgic... they are at their most adorable at this age aren't they? Big hug to ayaan from stranger aunty.

  24. Too too cute! The froggies standing for the national anthem- just too sweet:)