Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So it would appear that my latest calling in life is 'photography assistant to art director'. Because Ayaan's latest thing is to compose pictures and then demand that I capture his compositions on film (or memory card at any rate) for posterity.

It all started when he went to pick up some flowers in the park (yes, the flower collection craze continues too) and discovered that there was a snail infestation. We found not one, but two snails gobbling away at two separate flowers. At first, he just gazed at them with a mixture of fascination and disgust. Then he turned to me and commanded, 'Mama, picture lo' and this is what we left the park with that day:

The other thing he likes to photograph these days is the favourite book of the moment perched on the chair in his room. Dottie, note that the book you gifted has made the cut... ;-)

And one day, it was about creating stuff with crayons and getting Mama to click his creations. He started with some alphabets (L, H, Y & T):

and then went on to create (and this is my favourite of the lot) an aeroplane:

And just in case you think he is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, here's one of his compositions modelled by the director himself... :-)

(Apologies for the dodgy picture quality as some of the pictures were taken on the phone camera, in the absence of easy access to the digicam - read, I was too lazy to go get it from the other room)


  1. Looks like you work for a great art director

  2. Lovely pics...this is one way to archive 'memory bundles' of the growing up years. I am just fascinated by the 'Are You my Mother' book..what is it takes the Who's Your Daddy 'line' to a whole new level!!

  3. i love the aeroplane-that is indeed creative

    he knows the alphabets already? cool!!

  4. I love his art creations. And the last pic - soo cute! :) I just loved the way he tells you casually to take pics of the stuff he sees! :)
    Boss man!

  5. Quite an artist the little fellow is

  6. Creative one huh?!

    He was disgusted by snails? That is good! :)

  7. the flower prettily perched behind his ear....perrrfect!

    and the crayon formations- fantastic!

    and a face in the water- isint it a beautiful book? and 'who is my mother' too. i die for these lovely books available now...i spend moeny only in buidling up her library.

  8. [Richies] And a very demanding one too! ;-)

    [Aneela] It's a pretty cute book. A little bird hatches while it's mum is away looking for food and then goes to find her and asks everyone he meets on the way from cows to airplanes whether they are their mother... :-)

    [Artnavy] Well, that's the Indian education system for you, always in a hurry to teach them stuff. But to give them credit, the current school is taking it pretty easy. Ayaan seems to be on his trip (thanks to a baby laptop someone gifted him) on this one. He can recite the alphabet, recognise each letter and he write about 5-6 of them (the ones with the straight lines - I, T, H, L, Y, F, V)... but he can't make beautiful hand-painted diyas and pretty Play-Doh laybugs like Anush can ;-)

    [Noon] And I thought I was bossy, till he came along...

    [Ritu/ Just Another Mommy] Don't know where he gets it from...

  9. [Sur] I first thought that Face in the Water was too old for him. It says 10-year olds on the back cover. But he loves it and I think he understands quite a bit of it...

  10. You'll make a fine assistant.Good work.. Actually the photos are worth framing.

  11. I remember finding live escargot in a salad in Italy one time. Guess they needed to wash the lettuce a little better.

    Can he do Devanagari letters as well?

  12. he does these things with crayons?? you have an architect on your hands Ro :) Glad he liked the book. Its Chip's favorite too :)

  13. He is very creative Ro :)
    about the lazy part - it is really ages since i caught Kaju in a camera..i mean digicam..:)

  14. love the pictures. he has some creative streak!

  15. Oi, my nevvy's letters don't need explaining. We can clearly make out the L, H, Y and T, thank you!

    These mothers, I tell you...

  16. Love the last picture. My youngest will make me re-and read the Are you my mother book.

  17. LOL at the mama picture lo! my little one strikes a pose and orders "mama picture lo" too :D

  18. totale coolness! :)

  19. [Big Zed/ Mona/ Choxbox] Thank you. ;-)

    [Alan] No yet. He goes to an Engish medium school so he will learn English as his first language and Hindi as his second language (in a couple of years).

    [Dottie] This was the first time he did it. I was pretty awestruck.

    [IBH] Know what you mean. These days, most of the pictures happen when there is an occassion. Have started carrying the camera around in my purse though, given his new habit...

    [Sue] LOL! I was wondering when someone would comment on that :D

    [Asaan] I think I have read it atleast 15 times already since he got it a couple of weeks ago! He tends to have a favourite book at any given time and that's all we read for days on an end...

    [Mayg] Little movie stars, aren't they? ;-)

  20. you make a good assistant, i must say...the art director must be very happy...;)

    the last pic of him is so very cute...

  21. What a creative child! Using crayons to create letters and stuff! Plus he has a good eye for photography. He knows what will make a good picture. Ok..i give some credit to the actual photographer but the real credit goes to the guy calling the shots.

  22. Very nice- keep working for this cool guy, Ro!

  23. awesome! awesome! awesome!!

    loved all his artwork esp the one where he is part of it! :D



  24. The letter crayons are so vintage, so 1970's Sesame Street...I love those's never too early to encourage our young Picassos. Your willingness to help him capture the shot and archive it encourages his creativity and underscores the fact that his work is important to you. That's huge!

  25. hey Rohini, u make motherhood look like such a fun job :)
    I am sure Ayaan will love to read this when he grows up...

  26. Very creative! :) Loved the aeroplane!

  27. Anonymous2:42 pm

    that was a fun read Rohini.

  28. [Suma] He is happy when his orders are perfectly exceuted otherwise he can be quite a mean boss ;-)

    [Naina] Oh, he deserves all the credit. Would have never occurred to me to take most of the pics that he ordered me to take :-)

    [Dipali/ CCE] Like I have a choice :D

    [Abha/Prose and Converse/ Mystic/ Anon] Thanks :-)

    [Iya] You obviously haven't been reading this blog for long enough. Wait for it - there is more than enough angst ;-)

  29. *chuckle* Clever kid! I love the crayon shapes! Sounds like you have a photo-journalist on your hands!