Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Much Delayed Diwali Post

It didn't bode well. To start with, there was a pre-Diwali tummy upset scare that was reminiscent of last year. And then on the day itself, the brat awoke from his afternoon nap in an utterly foul mood and had a nuclear meltdown when he was told he had to change out of his ratty t-shirt and faded track pants. But things looked up once he had been forcible spruced up - Ayaan got infected with the Diwali spirit and became an active participant.

At first, he adopted a bystander stance while the rest of us performing monkeys lit firecrackers for his majety's viewing pleasure. But then he was coaxed into lighting some sparklers and then applying them to snake pellets.

At the puja, he took centrestage and with some fond encourangement from his grandmother, became the pandit in residence. He was in charge of annointing all the various gods and goddesses and us with a tilak and some rice. And then my mom told him to use the betel leaf to sprinkle water on the gods and that was all he did for the rest of the puja ensuring that every surface within splashable distance. But fun was had by all.

Overall, he had a blast in Jaipur. Huge garden, dogs to play with, unabated adoration of everyone in the house, endless parade of my mom's staff's kids dropping by to play with him, cartoons everyday (instead of just on the weekend) - what's not to love...


  1. looks like total fun was had!! and he even lit crackers!! what fun!! :D

    loved the pictures!



  2. Your mom is gorgeous

  3. Anonymous11:42 am

    Traditions & Customs - The best.
    Whats your e.mail id ?

  4. Great sounding Diwali, Ro. Love the pics too. More posts please.

  5. the border on the pics are really pleasing and festive- so apt

  6. [Abha] Not crackers, per se since he doesn't like noisy stuff. Sparklers and snakes, it was.

    [Mumbaigirl] Must get her to read the comments on this post ;-)

    [Hobo] Mailed you

    [Parul] Thanks. And have you noticed that I have moved from an average of 2 posts a month to 3? Huh? Huh? ;-)

    [Art] Thanks :-)

  7. Hope the bug stays away...yup the increased frequency of posting is quite welcome.

  8. I cannot believe it's been so long since I dropped by here...

    Hey, I want to holiday at Patti's too!