Friday, January 23, 2009

My Winter Holiday

You heard Mama's version of our holiday. Now, see it through my eyes. Yes, I discovered the camera and insisted on being allowed to snap away at all and sundry...

Here'a a picture of Mama. They say I've got her eyes...

Here's one of Patti (Mama's mama)...

Some flowers that Ammamma (Mama's Mama's Mama) got for her birthday...

Uncle Duffy (Dadda's brother) caught in the act of taking my picture

My Dadda...

That would be Father (that's what I call Dadda's dadda)...

The view from where we had breakfast in the desert camp...

Village girls I clicked. They all surrounded me and wanted to see the pictures I had clicked. Good way to reel the chicks in, I am thinking...

And that's all the pictures that my mean Mama allowed me to click. The fact that I dropped the camera a few times and changed the menu language to Chinese might have had something to do with it....

Anyway, off I go now... things to break, mischief to make and all that kind of stuff. See you around.



  1. He seems to have got the ESSENCE of his subjects all right!

  2. Oh Ayaan - tell her to buy you a camera just for yourself! You deserve it. You know some people - across the globe - remember the great pictures you take?


  3. Nice! And the pics of the chicks are grrreat!

  4. Budding photographer :). Good first pictures, Ayaan. Let your mom get you your own little camera and you can click away as much as you like!

  5. Anonymous6:33 pm

    My Dadda pic I like the most.

  6. Great post Ayaan. Your written English is amazingly good for such a young lad.

  7. Absolutely smashing post and pics, Ayaan!

  8. Loved this post.
    Ayaan Rocks !


  9. a great photographer in making and the cutest i hv seen in time. :)

  10. great pics Bud!! Keep at it and don't let mamma stop u ;)

  11. ok! buy him a new camera woman!

    and to think YOU will teach him to share stuff! :p

    loved the pics!



  12. [Ra] Well, in that case the essence of his father is a crumpled sweater... hmmmmm, you may have a point... :D

    [Noon/ Mummyjaan/ Mamma Mia] Who needs a new camera when you can claim your mom's for your own?

    [Hillgrandmom] That's my fave one too...

    [Hobo/ Choxbox] :)

    [Alan] He gets it from his mother, just like the eyes ;-)

    [Dipali/ Zen/ Tintin/ Neera] *Ayaan takes a bow*

  13. I'll join the crowd and chant "get him his own camera"! Yes, please do! Lovely pics, by the way. It is interesting to see things from their perspective.

    And I am too lazy to go and comment on another post when I have the comment box open right here :D I loved your post with a flowchart of your vacation :) You are inspiring me to take up my long-discarded OCDs once again. They can't be all that bad if hot mammas like you are indulging in them, can they? :P

  14. those are some adorable pics budding artist

  15. Anonymous7:19 pm

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  16. Hey !!!!! I just saw the bulldawg pictures from MSU here .... How are you related to MSU???? I go to school there :)


  17. LOL! Yep why don't you chek What?? You WANT dahej??

  18. Cool... budding photographer / writer, didn't know he had grown up that much... great to see things from Ayaan's point of view, although I'm not sure he would characterise his activities as 'mischief.'

  19. Been here first time & enjoyed your stuff

    Reading your blog has made me understand challenges of a working mother. Must say it is more challenging than I previously thought

  20. [CeeKay] Stay away from those OCDs, lady. We need your zen parenting advice to keep us sane.
    LOL at the dahej comment!

    [Monika] Thanks :-)

    [Prashanti] Er... bulldawg? MSU? You lost me... :(

    [Ranjit] Oh definitely not. He think I am the naughty one :-)

    [Pesto Sauce] Thanks :-)

  21. Nice work, Ayaan. Tell mama that now would be a good time to pick up a little Chinese, from the look of things.

    Patti's pic rocks.

  22. Hes going to be a pro photographer

    BPO work from home

  23. hey ayaan.. u rock man.. lovely picx.. loved the 3rd one in particular.
    well shot.

  24. This is great! I just did a post yesterday and included all of Hayden's pics from our vacation. I'm thinking of buying her a camera of her own - because she's good but also because I care about the well-being of my Canon. :)

    Cheers from here~

  25. I noted the MSU (Mississippi State University) bulldawg picture as well. Dawg is a common slang spelling of dog. The University of Washington Huskies here in Seattle are often refered to as the Dawgs.

  26. ayaan, nice pics i say! i was in bandra on carter road 2 days ago, which i think is very close to where you live. I was wishing i had your mom's number so that i could drop in and see you and mama!

  27. lol@ the sweater pic!!! lol!! LOL!!! so funny!!!
    My blog link updater thingy isnt working!! each time i come here theres a different post and i wasnt informed!!! GAH.

  28. helo this is nice post..thanks for sharing.keep ur good one.

  29. helo this is nice post..thanks for sharing.keep ur good one.

  30. helo this is nice post..thanks for sharing.keep ur good one.

  31. I mean the 7th picture in this post. The dog on the ball in that picture is a mascot for Mississippi State Univ and I study there. so was asking you how you are related to the University..