Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oops! I Did It Again!

If I look back to the blooper post I wrote around the same time last year, it talks about forgetting my bloggiversary, forgetting my husband’s birthday and throwing a kickass baby shower. Well, I can atleast say there has been some improvement this year.

The Blog Anniversary

It went by unnoticed and uncelebrated yet again. I started this blog over three years ago on 9th January, 2006 with this post. Last year, after limping to the 100-post mark well behind other blogging pals, I decided to adopt the ‘Quality over Quantity’ stance to blogging. And I am sticking with it, in the light of my measly 34 posts in 2008.

The Husband’s Birthday

This is the one that saw a huge improvement. Not only did I remember his birthday (!), I also:

  • Remembered it the first thing in the morning, despite rushing around to get the brat ready for school
  • Took the day off from work (unlike last year, when I was travelling)
  • Treated him to a lazy brunch at the newly opened and very nice Salt Water CafĂ©, which we had all to ourselves since it was a weekday.
  • Booked us in for a couples massage at a nearby spa, which ended with us lounging in a Jacuzzi liberally sprinkled with rose petals.
  • Got Ayaan to write a birthday card for him
  • Ayaan and I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, while he cut a cake

Not bad, huh?

Another Baby Shower

The challenge was to come up with completely different ideas for this one since most of the attendees had been part of an earlier shower where my regular battery of games was played.

It got off to a less than stellar start with the pregnant friend arriving home earlier than expected and hence ruining the surprise element. But it picked up after that.

We played five games, with the crowd of 12 participants being divided into three groups. Most of the games were regular games adapted for a baby shower:

Baby Pictionary: This was regular Pictionary, only with baby-related words. It was absolutely hilarious because there were many pre-baby people in the gang who were completely foxed by words like maternity wear and baby monitor and as can be expected, some of the attempts to creatively convey the word at hand by drawing were tummy-achingly hilarious. I managed to photgraph two of the priceless ones:

The first hilarious one was for the word ‘Bottle Steriliser’. As you can see, they kind of lost their way with the steriliser – the artist later explained that the pregnant woman with crosses on the tummy was supposed to represent a sterile woman (as in one who would not get pregnant)!!!

The other funny one was ‘Rubber Ducky’. Now, the artist in this case could have just drawn an eraser to communicate the first word, but she went with this instead…

Baby Things Treasure Hunt: A whole bunch of baby things (a t-shirt, a mitten, a bib, a pacifier, a diaper, a nappy pin and a lot of other stuff) were hidden all over the room. The team to find the most items would win. Good fun but the competitive rush to find stuff did result in a fair amount of mess.

Nursery Rhymes Dumb Charades: Self-explanatory and another hilarious game since most people had forgotten their nursery rhymes. The star of the show was a friend who did a rather graphic rendition of Wee ‘Willie’ Winkie. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hear or recite that particular nursery rhyme with a straight face ever again!

Nappy Race: Ayaan’s soft toys were brought into service and each group was given one, along with a big square cloth and some nappy pins. They then had to race against each other to create a viable nappy on the soft toy.

Preggy Fashion Show: Each group was provided loose T-shirts, a cushion, some hair clips, accessories and make-up to dress up one of their team members as a pregnant woman. Only, there was a twist – the model had to be one of the male members of the group. As you can imagine, it was crazy fun and even the guys in question got fully into the act and were walking around holding their ‘pregnant’ tummies in a most authentic fashion. Here’s a picture of the three sporting guys – suitably cropped to protect their identities, of course…

In addition to the games, I also found a novelty cake-maker, who created this…

Overall, it went off really, really well. It was a lot crazier than the previous one, which was much more decorous. But we had a totally wild time and even the guys and the non-mommies had fun. I think I am becoming quite the baby shower specialist!


  1. :D :D :D

    for the blogiversary or whateva its called, the hubby birthday and the baby shower!

    ecah of them totally rocking! i especially loved the hubby birthday. no the shower! :)

    and i just LOVE the cake! its bloody brilliant!!

    next time i get pregnant, can i beg you to throw me one too?! :)



  2. Nice post, you have been upto interesting things

    Baby shower sounds real fun & exciting

  3. I totally like the idea of the men dressing up as pregos. Can I steal the idea for any future shower I am planning? Pleease?

  4. That cake looks fantastic!

  5. I am so jealous of all your friends who get all these fantastic baby showers!!

  6. love, love, LOVE the shower. the cake is the bestest :D

  7. [Abha] Of course, though a cross-city shower might be a little hard to pull off, no?

    [Pesto Sauce] It was great fun!

    [Just My Mommy] Go right ahead. Just be sure you have a sporting crowd. The men might need a little convincing :-)

    [Unama/ Noodlehead] This woman is pretty awesome. Her most famous cakes are the ones she makes for bachelor parties :-)

    [Parul] Well, you know what you have to do to get me to thrown one for you... who cares about the sleepless nights and breastfeeding woes - do it for the party! :D

  8. and may i join parul! no! not at as the one being showered..but a mute attendee :)

  9. and may i join parul! no! not at as the one being showered..but a mute attendee :)

  10. and may i join parul! no! not at as the one being showered..but a mute attendee :)

  11. oof superb. the cake is the best. watch out - u hav an alternative career

  12. the massage sounds fantastic and the cake is so apt- why not do a link to the cake speacialist if she has one

    u r truly a shower expert

  13. when I saw the title, I thought you'd become pregnant again, Ro.. :-D
    But then reading about the baby shower was fun too... the pictionary pics had me in splits too. Heights of lateral thinking, I must say! ROFL!

  14. Awesome!
    From blog anniversary to husband's birthday to baby shower extrordinaire, you rock, Ro!
    Awesome cake:)

  15. The cake looks great! I want to learn cake decoration with fondant, wonder when I'll find the time for that.

  16. Anonymous10:07 pm

    it was fun read!!!..
    Nice post

  17. Anonymous10:29 pm

    ha ha haa
    oh ho hoo...

  18. The birthday treat for husband and the baby shower sound great fun and the cake is the best, decorous petals et al :-)

  19. [IBH] Of course, why mute though? ;)

    [Itchy] Oh no! I am very stressed out party planner. All my OCDs come to fore and too many of these might send me to an early grave!

    [Art] She doesn't have a website. Just a small, home-run business.

    [JLT] Oops! I didn't think the title was THAT misleading :D

    [Dipali/ Choxbox/ Firefly] Thanks :)

    [Priyanka] You lost me at fondant. I am a firm believer in outsourcing :)

    [Hobo] :D

    [Hillgrandmom] You should see the one she did for a bachelor party. Seriously X-rated but awesome!

  20. and you say you're NOT creative.
    love the cake!!

  21. ph well! my parents are in Bombay naah! i will make sure delivery happens there! :p



  22. OMG!! what fun :D

  23. Lovely lovely, quite the expert now ! The men who dressed as pregnant women, man they are big sports. Any of them have babies yet?

  24. Loved the cake, Ro. Also loved the party games. :) And yay for remembering the birthday.

  25. Abha -- So there's to be a next time, huh? Awesome!

  26. So, so funny. I LOVE the cake! If I ever have another baby, I SO want you planning the shower! (Don't worry--that one is not too likely.)

    Hugs, you! Happy February!

  27. amazing cake. belated happy budday to J and I LOVED the idea of preggie fashion show!

  28. amazing cake. belated happy budday to J and I LOVED the idea of preggie fashion show!

  29. amazing cake. belated happy budday to J and I LOVED the idea of preggie fashion show!

  30. amazing cake. belated happy budday to J and I LOVED the idea of preggie fashion show!

  31. [Mona/ MayG] :)

    [Abha] Then you are on for sure. When did you have in mind? ;)

    [Poppins] Now that you mention it, none of them do. And two of them were bachelors :D

    [Sue] Yeah the birthday was a biggie. I am terrible with them...

    [Talena] Phew! Throwing a shower for you in Canada would have presented a teeny-weeny challenge :)

    [Dottie] That was the most fun game :)

  32. Manisha Khosla4:09 pm


    This is something I'm going to give you senti for forever(even though it is illogical)--WHERE THE HELL IS MY BABY SHOWER????

  33. Awesome job on the shower, esp the cake. The birthday was pretty well thought out as well. The men who dressed up really need a pat on the back for being so sporting - great looks on all.

  34. Ro, is that a Desiree cake?

  35. Just came here from Parul and Kiran's space..the baby shower seems so much fun!!!!