Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fourth Birthday

Ok, I know this looks bad. Like I was waiting for the comments count on the last post to reach 100 before I posted again. But really, it’s just been an awfully busy month – dropped Ayaan off to my mum’s place for a couple of weeks, had some small construction work going on at home, went for a week-long training course, and then went back to Jaipur to celebrate Ayaan’s birthday, which was on last Wednesday.

The poor fellow has his birthday bang in the middle of his summer holidays, so more often than than not, we end up celebrating it away from home. This time, I considered having him back in Mumbai in time for a birthday party but his chief cronies from the school and the park were vacationing too so we finally settled on celebrating in Jaipur. The big upside of this plan was that all the administrative responsibility of the actual birthday party organising was happily delegated to the mother, while we waltzed in the evening before...

The day dawned with him getting his presents from us. I had picked up an airport set (on the brat’s request) and a pair of swim goggles for him on my trip. I also threw in a free calculator which I got at a training course. He was absolutely delighted with all of them, including the free calculator.

During the day, he went for his painting class (my mum signed him up for one), where he proudly introduced me as his Mama and announced that it was his birthday. We left behind some sweets to be distributed in class and the drawing he made on the day was a birthday cake :)

Post the afternoon nap, we were all set for the birthday party. My mom invited everyone she knew who had kids so we ended up with a pretty large party of 15-20 kids with their accompanying adults. The back garden was done up with balloons and Winnie The Pooh cut-outs.

There was a Pooh cake. (which he blew out the candles on but then refused to cut since all the clapping freaked him out)...

And last but not least, a magician - who kept the kids (and the grown-ups) enthralled for the best part of the hour.

So fun was had overall and bar one incident of chair throwing, Ayaan behaved impeccably. Or what passes for impeccable behaviour in a boisterous four-year old... :)