Thursday, June 25, 2009

That Time, This Time...

The interesting thing about being pregnant for the second time is that you have something to compare it to. And interesting things always provide fodder for blog posts. So here’s some of the things that have been different for me in the second pregnancy:

General Health

The first pregnancy was completely uneventful. To start with, I didn’t suffer a single day of morning sickness. Now you might think that this might be because I have blocked out unpleasant thoughts thanks to pregnancy amnesia but I remember very clearly the lack of nausea being a source of worry, an indicator that things weren’t progressing as well as they should have been. Well, this time atleast I didn’t have that to worry about since I was plagued by a general feeling of nausea and malaise through my first trimester…

Also, while pregnant with Ayaan, I didn’t have any issues that required me to take any medication other than the standard multivitamins and supplements. But this time around, I got a horrible throat infection and resultant hacking cough that called for two rounds of antibiotics before it went away.


I was quite a couch potato through my first pregnancy. I was working longer hours then and that along with a much longer commute didn’t leave much time for exercise. I did attempt some half-hearted walking on the weekends and signed up for a pre-natal class to learn some exercises, but overall, I would have to say that I spend most of my free time horizontal.

This time, we have become members of a club nearby and the one form of exercise that has always been more of a delight than a chore – swimming – is now easily accessible to me. The work and the commute have been lighter too, allowing me to slip in a morning swim atleast 4 to 5 days in a week. And I can feel the difference. My weight gain has been slower, as evidenced by the scale and the fact that I am still comfortably wearing my wedding ring which came off in the fifth month last time thanks to fat, swollen fingers…

Food-wise too, I am being a lot more circumspect this time. Having treated pregnancy as a license to eat everything in sight the last time and having paid for it in terms of unnecessary extra weight, I am trying to seriously avoid junk food. I carry nuts and dried fruits to work to satisfy snacking urges and prefer a cheese sandwich to a fried snack, even at home. The fact that I have an absolute aversion to sweet stuff this time around also helps.

Physical Appearance

This one is short and sweet. I jumped an extra bra size compared to last time. And my tummy popped out a lot sooner - people were offering me their seats right at the beginning of my fourth month this time around.

Fashion Sense

There’s no easy way to say this. I was a frump in my first pregnancy. My sartorial choices included shapeless tops from FabIndia, oversized salwar kameezes, some maternity wear that my mother picked up from the US (only they were a size too big), some very poorly designed maternity pants I picked up at Mumbai store and whatever I could raid from the husband’s closet. I wasn’t particularly upset about this since there really weren’t any other alternatives available.

This time, I have decided to go in for a much more ‘yummy mummy’ style of dressing. It helps that Mothercare has launched their maternity wear in India – and while their clothes are not exactly at the height of fashion, they are still a huge improvement on what was available in India earlier by way of maternity wear. The current styles in tops too have a lot of options in lycra and empire waist lines, so I have been able to pick up stuff from regular stores that double up quite well as maternity wear. And last but not least, a fortuitous international work trip allowed me to pick up some good maternity wear, like these lovely maternity jeans that almost don’t look like maternity jeans.

So yes, I am comparatively rocking this pregnancy when it comes to looking fashionable and might I even say, hot!

Energy Levels

Much, much lower this time around. When pregnant with Ayaan, I would come home from work and fling myself in front of the TV, where I stayed till I went to bed. Mornings were a leisurely start to the day where I cashed in my pregnancy chips by insisting on breakfast in bed before I moved my bones. This time around, I am up at the crack of dawn to get the brat ready for school and my day ends only once he is in bed. Plus, I am trying to be more active with the regular swimming. So I feel utterly exhausted ALL the time. And the house is a mess. I can’t even summon up enough drive to put away the ironed laundry, which usually piles up in a mountain, to be tackled on the weekend. Forget about laundry, all the books I’ve read in the last month are still lying on my bedside table/ drawer since I haven’t been able to muster the motivation to pop them into the bookshelf.

Need for Information

Last time, I was positively ravenous for information on pregnancy, birth and caring for the baby. I bought the bible of pregnancy of course (What To Expect When You Are Expecting) but I also bought Spock on Pregnancy, a book on pregnancy nutrition, another on breastfeeding and atleast three books on childcare that I can recall. In addition to this, I signed up for Baby Center’s weekly mails – which told me what I was supposed to be feeling in minute detail and gave me weekly updates on what the baby was up to.

The only thing that has survived to the second round is the What To Expect and even that is being read cursorily. Last time, I pored over the entire book just after I bought it and read each month again just when it had started. I think I stopped short of memorising every detail in the book and could have answered a quiz on pre-eclampsia, placenta previa and cocaine use during pregnancy amongst other things. None of which, I might add, had any relevance or connection to me or my pregnancy…

This time, I pick it up once in a while when I am between books, leaf through the questions for the month I happen to be in (sometimes having to catch up with two months at a time) and read the answers only if they apply to me. For example, I know that the question ‘The baby is kicking so much. Could it be twins?’ in the sixth month chapter can be safely ignored.

Bending the Rules

I was paranoid about following ALL the rules the last time around. For example, I think I started wearing flat shoes and stopped wearing underwire bras the day the two pink lines appeared in the home pregnancy test. I stayed away from pork entirely due to the tapeworm scare. I never ate salads outside home for the fear that they might be improperly washed. And forget about imbibing even a sip of an alcoholic beverage, I didn’t so much as take a bite of anything cooked in a wine sauce.

Now, I am a little more irreverent about the rules. I continue to wear my sandals with 1-2 inches of heels, particularly on days when I know I won’t be doing much walking; and I plan to continue wearing them till I find them comfortable. The same applies to the underwire bras. I do eat the salads if I know I am at a trustworthy establishment and am not above gorging myself on a well-cooked pork sorpotel. And my doctor has permitted me a weekly glass of wine/ beer and while I am not swigging the stuff on a weekly basis, I happily have a glass of wine when I am out for a meal with friends.

Hmmmm.... I felt like I had a more examples of how the second pregnancy is different but the one thing that remains the same is ‘pregnancy brain’ {thanks Talena :) }and the rest of these seemed to have slipped my mind. More as and when I think of them.


  1. Bottom-line? ENJOY IT!!

    (And yes, you so are rocking those jeans, you yummy mummy you!)

  2. Ro -- I am the extreme opposite to yours on a few.
    With my firstborn, I was very careful on what I ate, walked regularly, was active and felt good.
    Now, my lunch is french fries and soda, can't go w/0 2 cups of caffeine (tea and coffee)daily, forcefully plonks my son in front of the tv so I could have some shut eye after returning from work and have a 'no-big-deal' attitude.


  3. It was interesting to read the contrasts. Here's to a safe pregnancy the second time around too!

    And you do look hot in the pic :)

  4. interesting read yummy mummy and u know what I was thinking abt the heels when I saw the pic :) and u do look hot there

    this just proves that indeed second one is easier on the mind

    and the wine I had a glass week too in mine (actually doc told me its a good thing)

  5. Ergo, it's a girl.

  6. swimming is such a good idea! totally get the bit where one is paranoid for the first time around. it is said that non-first children are more likely to be entrepreneurs, because parents play very safe and are very protective of their first-born, and by the time the second/subsequent ones come along, they become a little more chilled out about their parenting.

    here's wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy! cheers~

  7. ooh. yummy mummy indeed!

    i was quite a frump - and sadly - still am - during my pregnancy. Made it through wiht large stuff from fabindia, extra large kurtas my mom got stitched for me. Didnt find any good maternity wear - and didnt try too hard, coz i thot its only for a few months.

    Now, i still a frump in large oversized stuff. Avoid shopping in the hope - and motivation - that i'll reduce some weight and fit into my old stuff.

  8. This was a great study in contrasts, Ro:)

  9. just been thinking about doing a similar post :D

    agree completely on the books bit

    u know who buys all the frumpy maternity wear right??

    and u do look hot in those jeans

  10. I like Parul's take on it. And yes the first thing I saw in the picture was the heels - once a judgmental mom, always a judgmental mom huh? (Even when I'm not judging, I wore heels too!)

    I am ditto ditto on almost everything except the exercise (and food) like Upsi I was more active the first time and the second time, running behind Poppin was my exercise. And I've always been careful about food, as in I don't do too much junk ever.

    Yummy mummy is just about right. I have now tonnes of sexy maternity wear now though - what am I going to do with them. I am trying to see if I can remove the elastic around the maternity jeans and use them, they are that cool (very similar to yours in the pic)

    Nice post.

  11. :) This one is a post I can refer to for info and useful links in the future when I am (married and) Pregnant :):)

  12. Anonymous1:10 pm

    made an interesting read...those jeans dont look maternity wear at all! enjoy! :)

  13. Hmm interesting read. I feel exactly the same way on some things and quite the opposite on other things. While energy levels are much lower and I suffered nausea (still suffering on some days) a lot much this time around like you, I was much more enthu about maternity wear last time around and also about eating healthy! So agree with you on the need for information though.

    Btw, those maternity pants are awesome! Seeing them I am almost feeling inspired to go out and do some maternity wear shopping or atleast some clothes shopping in the excuse of being pregnant!

  14. Sexy jeans! And I had no idea that "pregnancy brain" has actually been documented! And as I said in the post of Ayaan's quotes, it seems that it hasn't affected you too badly yet!

  15. wonder what happens the third/subsequent times!

  16. Seem to be more experienced now with the first one behind

    And jeans look good

  17. I can SOOOO empathise with the differences in the 1st and 2nd pregnancy, cos I'm going through the same things myself. In fact, I almost feel like I'm reading about myself. Except for the fact that I got loads of exercise the first time round, and practically none this time around.

    Could you share which club u've joined as we're looking for one to join in the area as well. That was one exercise I really enjoyed during my 1st pregnancy. But we were in Chembur then. We are yet to find viable options in this area. I'm hoping I can still turn this into a case of 'better late than never'!!

  18. [Mamma Mia] Thanks. I plan to :)

    [Upsi] Firstly, congrats and welcome to the club :) And secondly, you just made me develop a craving for French fries :D

    [Munchkin] Thanks. And thanks :)

    [Monika] Much, much easier. You tempted? ;)

    [Dottie] You picked the wrong person. I will stress over the fact that you tagged me for a couple of weeks and then decide it's too late to take it up :)

    [Parul] Tumhaare moonh mein ghee shakkar

    [Blinkandmiss] I like that theory :)

    [Richa] That's what I didn't buy last time - why spend for just a few months. But I always envied the women with the nice maternity wear. So this time I am going to be them and hand the expense!

    [Dipali] I had more. Now if only I could remember them...

    [Art] Do the post, na. Would love to read about your experience...

    [Poppins] Yeah, I wonder what I'll do with these clothes too. But thankfully most of the tops I have bought are not maternity wear per se so they should make the transition to post-maternity wear as well...

    [Serendipity] Happy to help ;)

    [Preeti's chronicles/ Pesto Sauce] Thanks :)

    [Lawyeramma] Go for it. Pregnant or not, retail therapy rocks!

    [Talena] Oh it has. I had so many more comparisons in my head when I was planning this post but the darned hormones buried them...

    [Choxbox] Interesting thought. I wonder...

    [Preeti] Hey mail me na? I don't want to give out my co-ordinates here. The mail ID is on my blogger profile page...

  19. Anonymous7:04 pm

    You look great in this pic, and what a cool post comparing both pregnancies. A glass of wine every week, how fun! :)

    Take care!

  20. No way. No way are you going to tempt me into it a second time. Go away!

  21. The one thing you have this time which you did not last seems to be the charming comments of a pre-school kid. Read the post on Ayaan's comments and he does seem to add another point of view.

  22. oh well! we still fit only in our maternity jeans! hrrmmppff!!

    and have fun girl! :) this made a very interesting read! finding myself some courage here! :p



  23. Ok will do
    Shall be in touch

  24. you look hot in those jeans...

    great blog!

  25. Anonymous2:53 pm

    interesting contrast...loved the last one 'bending the rules' and your slim n trim pic. all the best!

  26. Anonymous12:51 am

    Ro, you look wonderful.Does Ayaan says what he wantsa, a sister or brother?

    You gave me an idea for a post. I have to document the differences between the pregnancies :0

  27. Every pregnancy is different isn't it? And there is a fair difference between expecting the first and expecting the subsequent one(s). You're looking fab in those jeans by the way. Rock on, Rohini!

  28. yummy mummmy, indeed!! you so rock them jeans :) have fun!